Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What We Have Been Doing

This is what Big Cowpoke has been doing early Saturday mornings....... While he was doing that, this is what Cowpokette was doing.....Don't ever mow the soccer fields on a really wet morning, you are bound to have grass everywhere. While we were picking grass out of Cowpokette's hair, this is what Little Cowpoke was doing.......Yep, that is me, the "Assistant" Soccer Coach for the Thunder!You are almost done with soccer pictures......And the game was finally over! We have games every Saturday morning for the rest of the month of October.....they are early sleeping in. But we have fun. Big Cowpoke's team is unstoppable. They are undefeated. Little Cowpoke's team is well......bad....they have lost every game so far. But they are only 4 year olds, so we will give them a break!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Crazy and Crafty

Things have been super crazy here lately. Between Rodeo Season ending, Soccer Season starting, School, Homework, Weanlings, and riding, there has not been much time to blog. I thought since school started I would have tones of time to blog! Ha, was I ever wrong. I even managed to blow up a boiled egg the other day! Yes folks! If you forget about your boiled eggs and let all the water evaporate out of the pan, your eggs will burn and blow up! But among all the craziness, I have had some time to do some crafting! The first thing I made was a study divider for both boys. It's made out of a Science Fair Project board, that was cut in half. Then I added some "school" things to help Big Cowpoke with doing his homework. He always complains that he can't find a pencil, or a sharpener, or scissors. Well, now he has them all at his fingertips! He even has a metal ruler that is used at a magnet strip. The ruler is held on with Velcro so if he needs to use it he can take it off. Below that is a little hanger that holds his pencil pouch. The pouch has crayons, glue stick,eraser, and pencils in it. He also has a timer, calculator, cork board, and some post it notes. The other flap has two paper clips to hold a calendar so Big Cowpoke will know when his test are coming up. This was super easy to make and what's even better, is it all folds up on itself. When home work is done the kids fold up their partition, and put it away. It's really nice! The next thing I made was a pretty clip board. Little Cowpoke is my lovely assistant. This is the front side. I mod podged it all together. I made a couple mistakes and I will remember not to do them the next time I make one of these. Here is the backside. I think these are really great presents for teachers! I just printed out some letters off my computer and cut them out and mod podged them on the back of the clip board. And I tied ribbons on the front clip to make it fancy. It was fun, and a really great way to spice up a .97 cent clip board. The last project we have been doing here involves doorknobs. I got these really cool brown swirl doorknobs off of eBay a long time ago. I have been wanting to use them for two things and this is the first thing I wanted to do with them. Make them hangers for the kids' book bags! See my lovely assistant? She is just too cute! But I love how it turned out and now the kids will have a place for their book bags and I won't have to scream at them in the morning to find their stuff. I can't take the credit for this craft either, Mr. Cowboy did it all. He also made a little "Opps!". And to think he told me that I should make sure where I wanted them because he didn't want to make any holes in the wall! Ha! But if you do this folks, just make sure you hit the stud right on! If not you will end up with a big hole like we did. And I guess I also need to get an eraser after our wall! One thing for sure is that Mr. Cowboy is a perfectionist. Just look how great he hung those doorknobs! He is the best! I have just one more project that involves more doorknobs and some rope! I can't wait to do that one tomorrow!!

I promise to be a better blogger and to visit all my favorite blogs more often. I have not forgotten about you, I have just been so busy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Belle and her Party Hat

Put on your Best Collar and get all brushed up because it's party time!!This past Saturday we had a birthday celebration for Belle. It was her first birthday!! I think she was pretty excited about it. Doesn't she look happy? For her birthday, I made her a party hat and some cupcakes. Doesn't she look so thrilled to be celebrating her birthday?! "Is the humiliation over? What more could this strange lady want from me? I think I look stupid in this hat." I made Belle her party hat. I think she loved it. What do you think? I also made her some cupcakes and gave her a candle. Again, I think she was really excited. "Is that it? That cupcake is tiny!" We lit her candle and sang Happy Birthday to her. I think this was her favorite part. Or maybe it was Little Cowpoke's favorite part! He looks pretty into singing in the back there. Ha ha ha. The kids blew out her candle and then it was cup cake time. This made all the hat wearing and singing worth it. Yum yum yum!! What would a first birthday picture be with out cake all over her face? After the cake we all went outside for a photo shoot. One happy bulldog with her party hat and hugs from Little Cowpoke. She was even happier when her party hat fell off her head.
Cowpokette was really excited to wear the party hat. Little Cowpoke took a picture of me and Cowpokette. Then the party hat fell off of Cowpokette, and Belle got it! "Let me show you what I think of this party hat!!"Little Cowpoke tried to save it but to his dismay, it could not be saved. That made for one happy bulldog. I promise I won't make her wear a super tall party hat again. Well, at least not until her next birthday!