Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Senior Picture Time!!

Well, I said I have been working and I have been.  With a lot of help from my sister I have a new logo and some fun Senior Picture fliers!!

I really love the look of my logo!! It's super fun and the colors are bright. My sister did a really good job designing it.  I really think she should do this for other people.  As a job.  She does great graphic design work.  She also helped me with my fliers.     

I am not quite sure what is going on with my pictures.  I tried the new blogger post thing, and it's not so easy to put pictures where you want them. I do like that you can make the pictures bigger.  Anyway, sorry the pictures are all over the place! Well, I got my fliers in the mail the other day and they look great! I am so excited to start handing them out!  I am also starting a new blog for Andrea T Photography!

I have been busy making headers and all sorts of fun things for my new blog.  I do have to take my computer back to the shop today. There is something doing on with the video card they put in.  When I run CS4 and other programs the driver fails and the screen goes black and I panic.  Then it recovers its self and I regain my regular breathing. 

I really should have just bought a new computer and not worried about having my old one rebuilt.  I am also having issues with CS4 and Windows 7.  I can't run any actions.  I am getting ready to cry!!!  So, hopefully the computer guys can fix what's going on. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Computer and Getting OLD!

Well, my computer has finally been reborn! It took a while to get in the parts but it's finally back up and running. I have upgraded to Windows 7 which is a bit different from Windows XP, but nothing too crazy.  I am so happy to have my computer back.

My computer died at a really bad time.  There has been so much going on here in the Deep South! We passed Mardi Gras, Which involved many parades and the children's ball.  I did a few Senior Portrait Model Sessions (they are so much easier than kids), made a senior portrait flier, had a few deaths in the family and one very tragic accident with an old friend from high school, had a car accident that only involved me.  It's bad when Big Cowpoke has to say, "MOM!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"   Yes, I am loosing brain cells by the day!!  It has been a super crazy week and a half. 

And on top of all of that, I am 30 today!!!! I can't believe it!! I always looked at other people who where 30 and just never really thought of myself as 30!! I know it's not "old" or anything, but I feel like time is passing way too quickly!!!  I feel like I was just 18 the other day.

Sorry I don't have any pictures right now.  All my pictures are in limbo.  They are on my old hard-drive and then I have some other pictures on two different flash drives, and some on an SD card.  I have taken about 1000 pictures in the last week!!! I have been practicing a lot of new techniques and I am loving it!!!!  I can't wait to show everyone!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Last Day at Sea and New Orleans

My sister, Amanda, and I said our goodbyes to Mexico. We watched the tug boat drive away from our ship. We saw the other docked cruise ship still at the port. We decided we wanted to cruise on that ship next time. They had a lot more time in port than we did. That ship was there before we got there and was still docked when we left. It didn't take us long to pick up the pace and head on out to sea. The shore line of Cozumel. I think it would be fun to stay a week just in Cozumel. It's so beautiful there. There wasn't much of a sunset that night. It was raining over on the mainland. We got to watch far off thunderstorms. It was pretty neat. I loved watching the oh so blue water move around the ship. It's so amazing how blue the water is. I kept thinking of what this trip would have been like in a wooden boat from long ago. I am sure it wouldn't have been half as nice. After a not so colorful sunset, I went walking around the ship while Amanda watched the thunderstorm. This was taken through a door. They had some really cool blue lights on out on the deck. The cool elevators! The inside of the ship. The cool stairs. It all really reminded me of a casino. But with out all the smoking! I met my sister back outside. We then went to dinner! We had a great group of people that sat at our table. On the left side we have Amanda, Me, Nikii, then onto the right side in the front there is Kim, Andrew, and Kip. Kip and Andrew are brothers. The first night we ate we introduced ourselves as Amanda and Andrea. Then Andrew said his name, then there was Kip. We told Kip he needed a cool "A" name to sit at our table! It was pretty funny. We had a great time. Our towel animal for the night. I said it was the cat from Alice in Wonderland. I thought he had a sheepish grin!!! The next day on board ship was an all at sea day and it went from cold to colder the closer we got to land. We spent the morning inside the ship. We got a nice indoor window seat. My sister read while I tried to read. I have a hard time just sitting and reading. It's just not my thing. I have to be doing something. So, I took pictures..... Then we ate some lunch and went to watch an ice carving demonstration! The man chipping away at the ice is from the Philippines. He is an expert sculptor. He not only does ice but he does butter, cheese, and chocolate!! I would have loved to have seen him do some chocolate!! YUM! He carved all that in about 20 minutes! It was very impressive! And it was very cold!! I was freezing. Amanda and I then went and watched a newlywed game show that was hilarious. We decided it was best to stay inside!

I forgot a funny story, our pipe from our sink in the bathroom broke at 1:00am. It smelled sooooo bad. We called for a maintenance man to come and fix it. We felt so bad for having to wake him up, but it was yucky. He banged away at the pipes for a while. I fell sleep. My dear sister stayed awake to let the maintenance man in and out of the room. Then the next evening, we had to call them again!! I was flat ironing my sister's hair and the smoke/heat detector went off!! I had some music playing and said, "What is that beeping sound?" It was the alarm. I would have thought there would have been a swarm employees at our door, but nope, we had to call to tell them what was going on. This guy in a red jumpsuit came to the door. As soon as he walked in it stopped beeping.

I think the maintenance people loved us!! We then had one last dinner with our fun table and great waiter! Coco is on the left and Wyann is on the right. They were fun guys! My sister and I finished off the cruise with a night of karaoke and a comedy show. Our last towel animal was a monkey. He was kinda funny looking, but cute! The next day we got off the ship and headed to the French Quarter! We sat at his train station for a good 20 minutes before we realized that we could have just walked the 4 blocks to the Quarter. We are funny girls!! I had only been to the Quarter once before. So, it was neat to go back. We headed to a place to eat some doughnut things. I can't spell what they are, they are benjets. Or something along those lines. I am so not French! lol We saw the church! It's a really beautiful church! We wondered around and listened to some bands! This band was awesome! I could have listened to them all day! They played a 50's style of jazz. They had a cd and everything! They also had a singer! She sounded just like a lady from the 50's. I loved it!! I was really impressed! I also enjoyed all the French Style Iron work!! Go Saints!! And what would New Orleans be with out a Voodoo house!!! My sister and I had a wonderful trip, I am ready to go again!!

Things have been crazy since I got home. I have been trying to get my photography business off the ground, tending to Ozzie, and doing all the normal chores. I am so busy. I never have time to stop. Ozzie isn't doing much better, he still limps and will probably be that way for a month or so. He is hating the stall rest and hand walking. But so is the life of a horse with a torn ligament.

I know can start posting about our super busy Saturday last weekend and our upcoming Mardi Gras!!