Friday, May 30, 2008

Five Years

For the last 5 years Mr. Cowboy and I have forgotten our wedding anniversary. Last year Mr. Cowboy reminded me about it three days after. I am not the kind of person that remembers dates. I constantly get my children's birthdays mixed up. I never know what day it is. I am sure glad I have a calender. This year I took a red pen and drew a large heart on May 30th. I was not going to forget. We have only ever celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We ate the top of our wedding cake. It was so gross and dried out. But we ate it. We even took pictures. But as the years went on, we just plum forgot. Both of us. It's sad when Mr. Cowboy had to remind me of our wedding anniversary. But this year is going to be different. We were going to celebrate. I was just thinking dinner and a movie and a good night's sleep would be nice. But Mr. Cowboy has other plans. He has scheduled a weekend of relaxation. Or so he says. He is not telling me what we are doing. He has told me what to pack for me and him. Then I have to pack the kids for three days. They are going to be staying with my good friend in Baton Rouge. I really have no idea what we could be doing. All Mr. Cowboy will say is that we will be relaxing. Oh I really hope it involves a massage!! But in celebration of our five years of marriage, here are some of our wedding photos.

I wanted a puffy dress. I have always wanted a big dress. I think I could have had it bigger. I love poof. Or is it puff. I am not sure. I just wanted big.

The place where we took these photos was amazing. The outdoor architecture was beautiful.

I think I could have had a longer train too. I would have bought a different dress if I could do it all over again. The wedding thing that is, not to a new man, I will keep my man, just change the dress.

Here we are all married. I was such a chunky monkey here. My mom had to take out my dress an inch on either side! Talk about stress eater! So, next time, I would loose some weight and get a bigger different dress, if I could do it all over again!

I love this one. It's so much fun. I don't like the traditional shots. We are far from traditional. This one fits us. Mr. Cowboy is so handsome and sweet. Well, he was that day.

I know, I know, did he ever let me up for a breath of fresh air! Yeah he did, can't you tell? I was about pushing him away! "Let me breathe! Come on buddy back off!" Okay I was not saying that. I will not write what I was really thinking, I do try to keep this "G" rated. And too, my Dad reads this.

This is Big Cowpoke. He was so excited that mom and Mr. Cowboy were married. The night before the wedding, I had to take Big Cowpoke the the Emergency Room. He had a double ear infection and was on lots of meds that day. So, he really was not too happy to be there at all. He just wanted to be in bed.

He did manage to stop crying. As long as he could pluck flowers out of my bouquet. Maybe this is one of the reasons you get married before you have kids. The kid doesn't smile in wedding photos. But he sure does make it cute!

It didn't take Big Cowpoke long to gather up some cuties to sit next to. Come on little stud muffin, work it. You should have seen his tux. It had a little cumber bun. So cute. Oh, and you could not keep shoes on that boy. That is Country all the way.

Then Mr. Cowboy drove me off to our castle. Well, it was a castle bed and breakfast. That one night was our honeymoon. We are going to make that up one of these days. I want to go to a Dude Ranch. Mr. Cowboy wants to go on a cruise. He is no fun. Who wants to lounge around all day in the sun when you could be branding calves and riding horses? Maybe we can compromise and do both. First the Dude Ranch and then the Cruise to make up for our sore muscles. Anyway, I will be gone this weekend. I will take pictures and tell you all about my weekend with no children. I sure do hope I get a full nights sleep. That would be so wonderful. I don't ask for much. Until Monday then, y'all come back now ya hear!

***All of my wedding photos were taken by Robert Dyer Photography. At the five year mark of our wedding anniversary, he sent us a letter with the option to buy all of our photos and the rights to all our photographs. I jumped on this chance. I was so excited. A bunch of our wedding photos were destroyed in Hurricane Rita. Thank you Mr. Robert!!*****

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blazin Acres

I can't seem to imagine what the cowpokes and I did with our mornings and our evenings before we got Joe. Joe is just about all the cowpokes talk about. After we finish breakfast they have to go out and feed Joe and change his water. They love to change his water. That is the wet and fun part of the job. I even found some cheap kid rakes at the Dollar Store that have wide prongs that can actually rake up the goat droppings. Before I found those rakes I was baffled with the small pellets and how I was to clean them up. Now, the kids do it while I stand there with the shovel. I love having children. But before we got Joe he did have another home. Joe had a Mom, a Dad, and he even had a twin brother. The Cowpokes wanted to see all of Joe's friends so we went to his old stomping grounds, Blazin Acres.

It took me a while to get there. I had put the directions into my navigation system in the van, and I, for some strange reason, do not trust that thing. I typed the address into the system and kept my written directions on my lap, just in case. The navigation system did not like me driving on so many "unverified" roads. I have to laugh. I guess Louisiana roads have not been put on the map. The road I live on is called # 8032. Which as far as I know the road has a name. But I did make it there. Between the Cowpokes crying in the back seat, "Are we there yet? Are we at Joe's mom's house? Can we pet the baby goats?" and my navigation system talking back to me I made it. I was so excited when we got there I didn't take that many pictures. I can't believe it. So, I will just have to go back and visit and take some more pictures. Maybe next time we can take Joe with us and practice our showmanship! First I will show you Joe's Mother.

I think Joe takes after his mom. They even have the same white face. Joe just has a brown spot on his foot and on his shoulder. But other than that he takes after his mother. She was still working on getting her weight up after having the twins on her. Man I wish I could have had that problem with my cowpokes. For some reason I get larger. This is not fair. I am more like this girl here.

I think her name is Jade, if I am remembering correctly. She is so cute. But no, she is not expecting. She has never had any babies. She is just a bit on the larger side. I like to say she is big boned, or well insulated for the winter time. She and I have a lot in common. We seem to keep the extra pounds around the mid-section. I wish I could have gotten a video of her running. But now onto Joe's Father. Here he is.

Talk about a stud right? I absolutely love his "goatee". It looks like he has highlights. I do not remember his name. But he was so nice. He came out of his house and stood so straight and proper for his photos. He kinda stuck his tongue out at us. I guess that is where Joe gets it from. But I think his Dad is a very nice looking guy. Then we got to see the babies. I could not believe how cute and tiny they all were.

These babies were only about one day old. Aren't they so tiny? It's hard to imagine them getting 100 pounds. The mom was not too sure about us trying to photograph her kids. Ha ha, get it her kids!! I am so funny. Maybe I should stop blogging late at night to cut back on the slap stick comic lines. Then there were the babies that were about a week old. I think they were a week old. Maybe younger.

I love the look on the mother goat's face. She looks like she is saying, "Yeah I know, I wish I had my horns done like yours, but these "kids" just don't ever let me get any time to get to the salon." Those babies were so cute! I loved the little one with the black ear and face. That one was so cute. I can so see how these goats can get addicting. But I have promised myself that we would only have Joe, unless the Cowpokes wanted to start showing. Then we would have one to show and Joe. Joe will live with us for forever. As long as he stays out of Mr. Cowboy's landscaping. Mr. Cowboy has threatened to put Joe on the BBQ pit if he catches him in the flowers one more time. We won't tell him about the house incidents now will we. Joe has a lot of friends he left behind. Here are two twins that were posing for me.

I think they are so cute. Now, I did not get a picture of Joe's twin. I know, I know. I was distracted with trying to catch a horse. Which I never caught. The horse left me sweaty and hot. After about an hour I gave up. I normally never give up. But I had "caught" her twice and she got away, so I gave up. Those ponies can sure be hard headed. But the two horses they got from us looked so good. I wished I had taken pictures of them. They were all shinny and beautiful. They looked like they were loving life. I am so glad they they found a great home. You should see the two horses come running when the treats come out. It makes me happy when the babies that we raise and love find a wonderful home. Oh, and that reminds me too. Mac, my yearling that I recently sold is doing great. I received a phone call from his new mom and she said Mac is attached himself to her father and follows him all around the place. That is great that they are getting along so well.

I have come to the conclusion that I should make another trip to Blazin Acres. I need to take Joe with me so the boys can practice their showmanship skills. And then maybe Joe can play with the other goats. That is if goats are friendly like that. I am not sure if they are like horses where the new one always has to find his place, or if goats just like more friends. I will have to call and ask them before I bring Joe for a visit. That was our visit to Blazin Acres. The cowpokes had a blast playing with all the "kids" and I was hot and tired from chasing a yearling filly, and we have all decided we must go back. I had a wonderful visit. Until next time, y'all come back now ya hear.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jockey Lot

There is one thing that I know for sure and that is I love flea markets. I love the great deals on stuff that you never thought you ever needed. And if you go to a flea market you will find something that you will just have to have. I have a favorite flea market. It's not too far away or too large. There is a really awesome flea market in Texas that you have to sleep in a hotel and spend four days just walking from vendor to vendor. Which, someday I will do, but for now this little spot will just have to do. It's called the Jockey Lot.

It is only opened on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't go shopping on Sundays, so that leaves me with just Saturdays. And with rodeos being on just about every weekend, I jumped at the chance to go this past Saturday. I am sure glad I went. A lot has changed at the Jockey Lot. The last time I went they had two really large wings and another outdoor wing that didn't really have any vendors in it. This time when I went there were four wings and a lot of vendors. I was so excited. The boys were excited too. Little Cowpoke kept asking me if we were going to find any space ships. I told him that you never know what treasures you will find at a flea market. And treasures there were. The main reason I go to this flea market is because of the pots.

You can see where the pots are in the back? There are about three more sheds of them. And they are cheap too. Last year they were a lot cheaper, but I guess gas was cheaper last year too. This lady drives to Mexico and gets all kinds of pots. I love those pots. Here are the ones I picked up this time.

These are the smaller ones that I got. I do not like the one on the left, the tall one. It doesn't go with my kitchen colors. I had bought some pots like it last year and they were darker like the smaller two pots. The pots are what I have all above my kitchen cabinets. So, the new tall one will go to the rodeo club to be auctioned off. It will find a good home I am sure.

I know this is not a pot, but he is made of the same stuff. Little Cowpoke picked him out. I am not normally a big fan of small stone creatures in my landscaping, but he was cute. And he will keep the dogs from laying on my flowers.

Big Cowpoke picked out the baby bunny. He said is was so cute. There were bigger ones but he wanted the small one. So, this small bunny is guarding the bushes. And I guess the bright green sunglasses too. Maybe I should be more concerned about toys in my landscaping and not stone creatures.

This one is my favorite. There were only three left and I about pushed another lady down to get it. I can be a bit mean when I am buying pottery. I am not sure what I am going to put inside this pot but it needs something. I don't want frogs and snakes finding it and making a home of it. But isn't it pretty?

Then I got another one of these. Last year they were 10 dollars, this year the price went up a bit. But I needed another one. I was going to put it where the turtle now is living. So, now it needs a new spot. I am sure I will be able to find one. Those were the pots that I found. The lady has so many more. These were just the ones I picked up this time. I am so bad. Don't tell Mr. Cowboy. Then the boys found a vendor that had all sorts of toys. They had the cutest guitar that was kid sized but looked like a big guitar. Big Cowpoke really wanted it. But then he found a play gun that vibrates and makes shooting sounds when he pulls the trigger. So, no guitar. Little Cowpoke picked out an entire set of military stuff. He mainly wanted the gun. What is it with boys and guns.

It really wasn't that heavy, but I guess after dragging it around all day, it might get a little heavy. He was so excited.

Big Cowpoke was so excited too. He was pulling the trigger here. I guess he thought you could tell it vibrated and made sounds in the picture. Let me tell you it was a noisy car ride home. But they are continually protecting me from all the bad guys. The spiders, wasps, and the pesky German Shepherd dog from next door. Oh, and now for my favorite finds.

I got this barrel to put at my front door for umbrellas. Because we use our front door all the time and we always use umbrellas. I was thinking that I needed to buy some umbrellas just to stick them in the barrel. But isn't it fun? Then the next item.

This is a shelf/end table. The lady told me it was a step stool, but I don't think it is. I am not sure what it is. But it's so cool and chipping paint.

Here it is folded down. I am not sure how I want to use it yet, but it's going in my bedroom. I love it. I think I may use it to display some pictures and things in the corner. But I will have to clean my room first. This will be incentive to get cleaning. We had such a fun day at the flea market. I can't wait to go back. I am sure Mr. Cowboy can wait until I go back. I tried to get a quick picture on the way out.

And yes I was driving, but I wasn't looking at what I was taking a picture of. I just pushed the button a few times because I was getting onto the interstate!! I know my Dad is just dying right now. Sorry. I have a bad habit of taking pictures and driving. There was one more place I wanted to stop at before going home, and that was the Cowboy Store. It's this way cool home furnishing store that is all western rustic stuff. I love it and wished it had been opened when we had built our house. I drove up and found out it was closing and having a 40% off sale on everything in the store. So sad they are closing, but yeah a sale. This is what I got.

The sign and the picture frame were dirt cheap. I was so excited. Then there is that bronze statue. It's the "Easy 88" by Montana Silversmith. It was just sitting there with no price tag and the man working the counter told me it was $60. Yeah, and on sale!! How cool is that? That is going to be Mr. Cowboys father's day present. I am so excited. The boys were so excited. Those thing are normally so expensive I just drool over them. But now I have one. Mr. Cowboy is going to love it. I did get one more thing but the lady had to make me a special order and I will show that to you later. We had fun at the Flea Market. When we got home, we got a quick bite to eat and then headed over to meet Joe the Goat's family. I will tell you all about that tomorrow! It was so much fun!! Until next time, y'all come back now ya hear!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Night at the Arena

Every now and again my sister in law and I get together and rent an indoor arena. We pack up the horses and kids and head over for a night of pizza, dirt, and riding. We love it. We are able to get the horses away from home and into a different area. The other night we had a great time. We only brought three horses. My sister in law brought four horses. While we were there, I got Mr. Cowboy to ride Ozzie. I have not been able to work Ozzie for about five weeks. We brought him to ride for a little bit and to see how he would do.

Normally a three year gelding that has not been ridden in that long of a time would have been wild and crazy. Mr. Cowboy got on and I was so impressed. I really didn't get to watch because I was getting two other horses ready. But what I saw of them riding was great. Here is one picture I took.

Nice and clear, right? Not really. But man, look at that fetlock drop!!! That is amazing! Just so you all know, Ozzie is really smooth to ride. The more the fetlock drops the smoother the ride. But with that, there are also risks of pulling tendons. I just have to watch him to make sure he doesn't strain those tendons in his legs. But as you all know he doesn't get ridden that much so not too much strain. Hopefully I will be able to ride more this summer and get him really going great. After the ride Mr. Cowboy sat on him for a while to see how long he would stand still.

Here they are just chillen. You can see here how narrow and Thoroughbred like he is. He gets that from his mother. But he really is the neatest boy I have ever had. I also have taught him a few tricks. One of my favorites is when I am on his back I will just touch my heals to his sides and Ozzie will drop his head. I asked Mr. Cowboy to do it and this is what Ozzie then looked like.

He is such a good boy! I really do not know how I lucked out with this one. As you can see Mr. Cowboy is not really paying any attention to me. What I also love about Ozzie is that he will be this good for anyone. I had my brother in law get on him and Ozzie did everything perfectly for him. Now, Ozzie had been standing there for a while and I wanted to see Mr. Cowboy ride him again. So, I begged and pleaded for him to ride Ozzie so I could video them. Poor Ozzie thought he was finished. So, as you watch this video you will notice a few things. First, Mr. Cowboy is posting on the wrong diagonal. I have tried for 5 years now to get him to post on the proper diagonal but he just won't listen. I guess it's a guy pride thing. He does fix it about half way through. The second thing you will notice is that when asked to canter/lope/run Ozzie is a bit lazy and doesn't seem at all interested in going any faster than a trot. Third thing is when loping Ozzie starts to drop his shoulder and tries to run into me. Fourth thing is Ozzie makes two very sad attempts at crow hopping. Mr. Cowboy did not believe me, but I could see Ozzie try it twice. I really think Ozzie thought he was finished. Then right at the end Buttercup entered the arena. You can see where Ozzie went. He then really dropped his shoulder and refused to turn. He just wanted his girlfriend. So, watch and enjoy. This is Ozzie with Mr. Cowboy riding him. I think it's about ride number 13 for them. I have ridden Ozzie 3 times. So, Ozzie has been ridden a total of 16 times. Here goes.

I personally think that Mr. Cowboy could slap an English saddle on Ozzie and then get himself some breeches and a hunt coat and could do well in an open equitation class. For a cowboy that never had any riding lessons he sure has great posture. And he has soft hands too. I don't know if you saw him lightly lift up on the reins and Ozzie put his head down a bit. Mr. Cowboy does a good job putting up with me telling how to "ride". I did get after him for not counter bending when Ozzie dropped his shoulder, but that wasn't on the video!! We had a great night! I think Ozzie is coming along nice and slow.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Help Find John Alley!

****UPDATE***** John has been found. There is an investigation going on about his disapearance. Thank you to all that helped find him.

I recieved a phone call from my sister the other afternoon. She was all upset and she told me about her good friend and her husband who has gone missing. He has now been missing for three days. This is what we know.

No one has seen him since Friday afternoon in Milton, FL, and they found his car totaled on Saturday morning in Pensacola, FL. He left his wallet, keys, and phone in the car. We believe he may be hurt and wandering somewhere. He may be headed to Utah or Colorado. I know most of you don't live anywhere near me, but if you have the time to post this on your blog or email this info to friends, I would greatly appreciate it. They have a website set up for him. You can find it at:

If you can, please go to his web site and print up a few flyers and post them at a near by truck stop. Also, here is a link to the news channel that has been broadcasting the story.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Horse Training 101

Big Cowpoke is trying his hardest to ride his new horse, Pretty Girl. This new horse has some issues. Pretty Girl is about 21 plus years old. She is old and set in her ways, but that doesn't stop one cowpoke. Pretty Girl is extremely herd sour. She doesn't run back to the other horses but she likes to be able to see them and she will do a pivot turn to look at them, which scares my timid rider. Then when he rides her he will try to turn to the right and she will want to go to the left and it starts a small battle. If Big Cowpoke is feeling brave he will take his reins in two hands and use his opposite leg and move her shoulder back to where they were going. But most often he starts to cry and says, "Why is she doing that?" I have ridden Pretty Girl and she tries it once with me and then gives up. I am a bit quicker to solve the problem then my little cowpoke is. So, I know it can be over come. But until Big Cowpoke is comfortable "fixing" the problem we shall make his arena a bit smaller. We now ride in the round pen.

First Big Cowpoke tries to get Pretty Girl to walk off. I use a lunge whip. I like the lunge whip, it's easy and it works, so we use it. But as you see here Pretty Girl is not amused with the small child and his whip. She is so funny. I told Big Cowpoke to move toward her hip and she should walk off.

She started to walk and decided to stop again when she realized he had no idea what he was doing. But Big Cowpoke sure tried. I then went in with him and we got her going. After a quick warm up, Big Cowpoke jumped on.

You can see some safety issues here. I was telling him, "Don't ever let go of the reins! What are you doing it's not safe." You can see how concerned he is. Pretty Girl doesn't seem to excited to get going.

He finally got her to walk off. She tried a few times to turn around with him, but he was brave and got her turned the way he wanted to go. Big Cowpoke got her to trot for him and they even loped a bit. He is so much more brave in the round pen. Last night we took them to an arena and rode and she tried the whole "want to go her way" stuff and Big Cowpoke just cried. I don't think he is ready to go out into the big arena yet. After the ride we turned her out with the other horses. But Big Cowpoke wanted to give her an apple. He ran back to the house and he got her an apple. When we went to give it to her, all the other horses wanted an apple too!

They all came running!! See Ozzie? He wanted to know why I was giving treats to another horse!! But I kept all the other horses at bay while cowpoke gave Pretty Girl her apple.

He really likes her and she is a really neat horse. I just wish we could get her out of the barn sour thing. My husband says she is too old to fix that and that she is grumpy and old and she will never change. I think she can change, because when I ride her she tries it once and then doesn't dare try it again. So, I think it can be fixed. She also is really "cinchy". She will pin her ears and flare her nostrils while you put the saddle on and when you tighten the girth. So, I have to tack her up for the kids. We have had her back checked and she is fine. I also have her on joint supplements, msm and other stuff, so she will not be sore and stiff. That too is why Mr. Cowboy thinks she is just old and cranky. I think she is workable, what do all you horsey people think? But after Pretty Girl got her apple and was finished eating, the kids and I retreated back to the barn. The horses had to all go and sniff the ground where she was eating.

I love how curious they all are. And wow there are a lot of horses out there. I think we have a total of 18? It is really an addiction. I love them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Emerald City

I have a best friend named Karen. She and I met in college. We were line dancing buddies. We had some great times. We, since college, have done a lot together. Despite us being about 1500 miles away from each other. We both have three kids. Her kids are 6, 4, and 2 months. Mine our 6, 3, and 8 months. We talk all the time. She is the best. I just wish she lived closer. She lives in Ohio and I am way down south. We hardly see each other. But that doesn't keep up apart. You see we both went to college to major in horses. I know weird major. But it's a real major. I have a degree with the title of: Equestrian Riding and Training Western Emphasis. There are not a lot of jobs needing this degree when you have three kids and are a stay at home mother. So, for fun I just train my own horses. And with all the time I don't have, it seems like none of them ever get broke. Like this feller here.
This is Emerald City. He is named after my friend Karen. You see they both have the same birthday, March 21st. My friend loves "The Wizard of Oz". So, we decided to name him Emerald City. I call him Ozzie for short. Ozzie is a three year old. And he may have the body of a three year old but he has the mind of a 20 year old. He is the laziest thing I know. There is a funny story behind Ozzie.

Three years ago our paint stallion, Red, jumped the gate to our mare's pasture and bred three out of our six mares. He was only out for the night, I guess it only takes one time. That is what I have heard! But my mare is a Thoroughbred and I did not want to bred her to a paint, I wanted another Thoroughbred. So, we gave her a shot to abort the foal. She got all sweaty and did all the things that she was supposed to do and then 6 days later she came back into heat. So, I took her to the Thoroughbred Stallion and bred her. She then went out of heat and at 18 days later she was confirmed bred. Exactly 342 days later she had a stud colt and I named him Ozzie. He looked just like his dad. But one thing didn't match, and that was his DNA. When I went to register him with the Jockey Club his DNA didn't match the stallion's DNA. I had them do it again, and it was still a negative. So, now my race horse was a solid paint.

Ozzie went through some tuff times. He went through Hurricane Rita, and came out with a puncture wound in his right shoulder. At 18 months old he had an abscess on his neck that we had to drain once a day. Then at 2 years old I decided that he needed a little brain surgery. Ya know......uhm.....make him a gelding. Make him half the man he used to be. He was a crypt orchid. He had "one" up and "one " down. So, it was a long expensive process. He was so great after surgery. He let me hose him off. Then I decided to break him. I was huge and pregnant. We did a lot of showmanship and a lot of round pen work. Mr. Cowboy then rode him for about two weeks and we then turned him out in a 50 acre pasture with the cows. I did not have any more time to play with him. He stayed turned out until about 5 months ago. We brought him home and I started back of where we left off. He didn't forget a thing. I took Ozzie to an arena for his first time and he acted like he had been there 1,000 times. He didn't raze his head to look at a thing. How did I get so lucky. This horse was supposed to never exist and here he is. Ozzie, the sweetest horse I think I have ever trained.

He is not the most beautiful boy. He is a funny brown color. He has wild hair that is so darn thick I am not looking forward to pulling it so we can show. He is registered with the American Paint Horse Association. But he is solid and there are not many classes for that around where I live. But after all Ozzie has been through he is a really wonderful gelding.

He looks like a Thoroughbred. He is tall and narrow. But don't let looks get in the way. Little Cowpoke and lightly tug on his lead rope and Ozzie will drop his head down so Little Cowpoke and rub him between the eyes. Ozzie is my western pleasure project. Mr. Cowboy wanted to make him a roping horse. After Ozzie's fourth ride, Mr. Cowboy threw a rope off of him and Ozzie just stood there and fell almost asleep. I have not found anything that really fazes him. Except for two things. One thing is.......

Buttercup. This is Ozzie's girlfriend. She is the meanest girl out in our pasture. Don't let her size or cute face trick you, she is a beast. Where ever she goes, Ozzie follows. He gets so sad when they are separated, I need to fix that! Then the second thing is......

Joe. Ozzie is so scared of Joe. He will walk way around him with his head down and nostrils flared. I don't know what it is but Ozzie can not stand him. I like Joe, and Joe likes me to scratch him right on the top of his hip. I swear he is like a dog! But I think Ozzie will get used to Joe. They have nothing but time, to get to know one another. And hopefully one day I will get to finish working Ozzie. I am already impressed with his ability to only have to be ridden every so often. Most colts need about 5-6 days a week. Not Ozzie. He will pick up right where you left off. I mean how many people can say they have only ridden there horse 5 times and can do counter bendig circles? Ozzie loves them. He is a strange horse. I am so glad after all he has been through he made it. I think his name suits him, Emerald City. The place of hopes, dreams, and magic.
Lazy, that boy is, pure lazy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Froggy Fears

I know I have dappled a bit into my fear of amphibians. My cowpokes will catch them and show them to me and I do my darnedest not to freak out. I fear that if they do know I am scared that one day they will throw one on me and then I will just die. I do not know what started my fear of frogs, but I really do not like them. I would rather have a pet tarantula then a frog. When I first moved to Louisiana my husband took me to his grandmother's house. We were having a get together for some reason. I remember my nephew holding a bull frog and chasing me with it. That bull frog was about a 10 pounder. I was so scared. I threatened his life if he touched me with it. I did not think it was funny. I do not mind dirt, mud, spiders, roaches, but frogs, they rank right up there with snakes. Let me show you all why these little frogs creep me out so much.

Here they are. Just sleeping on my back door. This is how they get into my house. When I open the back door and run for my life onto the porch, they some how get in the door. Maybe it's because I leave it open because I am too scared to shut it? I will take the longer trip around the house and go through the garage, just to avoid them. I don't know if you can tell but there are six frogs up there. I was brave and moved the screen door.

Two jumped onto the sliding glass door and the four stayed huddled together. I mean yuck. They just stay there. And they are everywhere. When I flip the top of the garage door key pad the frogs jump out at me. When I open the trash can lid they jump out at me. I am very jumpy when I have to open doors around here.

This is frog number seven. He was hiding on the other side of the door. It gives me the chills to just look at them. They are very quiet during the day. But at night, those things are noisy. While we eat dinner you can hear them jumping on the window. It sometimes sounds like someone is knocking. And when they jump all around the leave their foot prints everywhere. It's worse than children's fingerprints. Well, a close second. I can't totally hate these frogs because they do eat bugs. But still they freak me out, with all their sliminess.

Just look at their toes. Just imagine one jumping on your back while you are typing on the computer! *CHILLS* Oh, I do not like them Sam I am, I do not like green frogs and spam. Sorry I couldn't think of anything to rhyme with "am" that had to do with frogs. Spam is gross too. It is kinda like the green tree frog. Spam is slimy and cold, and makes funny noises. I bet it can turn great colors of green too. But, anyway, back to the frogs. These frogs get everywhere. Big Cowpoke found one in his bedroom. Little Cowpoke had one in his pocket. And I find at least one or two a week on my floor. But when I find them they look like this.

This poor fella didn't make it. And he didn't make it into my vacuum. Little Cowpoke picked him up by his leg and took him outside for a proper funeral. If you count cremation by toddler's foot a proper burial. Just look at those legs. It's just not right. Speaking of legs, I do have to say that my cowpokes love fried frog legs. Gross right. But they will eat an entire platter of them. Me, I won't go near them alive let alone fried on my dinner plate. But I am all frogged out for the night. Are there any bugs or creatures that you are just scared of? One creature that just gives you the heebeegeebees (is that how that is even spelled?) But that is all for now, until next time y'all come back now ya hear! I am going to be posting my latest horse projects tomorrow. I love a good horse project.