Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Purse and Riding Ozzie

The other afternoon while waiting in line at the drug store, I saw this little number!! I have seen the zebra print purses but I have not seen this design with the cow print before!! I was so excited. I decided that I needed it. I only own about 5 purses, so, what the hey!! Mr. Cowboy thinks I own WAY too many purses. I tell him that it could be a lot worse!! So, six purses isn't too bad of a number. I also won't tell him that I got a flat wallet with pink and zebra print on it!! Hee hee. I loved the cow print on the purse. It was a trendy little bag yet, still laid back enough for me! What doesn't go with cowhide? Mr. Cowboy even tried out my new purse. He said it made some fabulous earrings!I think it made for a great hat and pair of earrings!! Who knew this purse would be so versatile? Mr. Cowboy, you are so smart! That is why I love that man! Really, it's never a dull moment. Between him and the two boys.....sigh........Now onto my BIG news!! I RODE OZZIE!!! Well, actually first I rode Peanut. I feel really safe aboard the 20 year old gelding that my three year old rides. That to me is safe! Mr. Cowboy rode Ozzie first. Just to make sure Ozzie wasn't feeling too frisky!! I have found that I feel a lot more comfortable when I have a "trainer" in the arena with me. Someone who can help me out of sticky situations. They also give me some confidence. I would not let Mr. Cowboy take any pictures of me riding because I did not want him to get off of Peanut. I asked him to ride next to me for a while and then I got brave and did some trotting circles away from Peanut. We changed direction a lot and trotted over poles. I set up an obstacle coarse and Ozzie did it. I had an L shape for walking through and then backing through. I even made a "gate" with two jumping standards and a rope. Ozzie actually did better through the gate than Peanut did. I really didn't ride too long. Maybe for 10 minutes. But I did ride him all around the arena. He still feels a lot like a baby to me. Ozzie will collect and bend. He has an awesome slow walk. He should for how long he walked with that useless trainer he went to. But he still gets "chargey" with his trotting. This is the first horse I have ever ridden that I am having a hard time slowing down. Half halting, ugh, it's a mess. We work on it, a lot. I think that is one of the reasons why he makes me so nervous. It's that out of control and going too fast that I don't like. But Ozzie still lowers his head when I tap his sides with my heels. I really love riding him. I just have to get my guts back in check. It's just going to take some time. And because Mr. Cowboy took pictures of me and Ozzie, I had him pose with Peanut. That little gelding is the new love of my life!! Such a great attitude. I can ride loping circles with him all day long. With loose reins and then just release my legs and say, "Whoa" and he stops. He is a fun little guy. Some one really took the time with this horse when he was younger, to show him the ropes. He is priceless.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Riding Lesson

The other evening Big Cowpoke had the very first riding lesson in our new, almost finished arena. I was so excited. Big cowpoke? Not so much. He kept telling me he didn't feel well. But I gave him some Motrin and a sweatshirt and tossed him up on Peanut. They practiced the pole pattern at a walk. They went through it a bunch of times. I have been trying to get Big Cowpoke to ride the poles with two hands, and he just wouldn't. But his teacher got him to do it. I was proud of him for doing it even though he did not feel well. I still think Peanut has to be half Arabian. There is no doubt in my mind. His teacher is riding for a barrel racing association down here. She just started college and is working on riding her four horses. She loves rodeo and barrels. She comes out to my house and gives my Cowpoke a riding lesson for 15 dollars an hour! Can you believe that!! That is amazingly cheap! She lives about four miles away from me, so she isn't too far away. She is really nice and great with the kids too. Big Cowpoke said he likes her better than me! Big Cowpoke also worked on sliding his hands down his reins for the end turns. I love how patient Peanut is with Big Cowpoke. They even managed to trot through the pole pattern once. Big Cowpoke did much better with using two hands for the weaving in and out of the poles.Just look at that two handed action! I know, how many pictures can one person take of one boy and his horse doing the pole pattern? But really, I deleted a lot of them. I just think it's such a sweet thing when a horse and a child get along so well. It makes my heart melt. She makes me melt too. She watched the lesson and watched some more. Then if you ask her if she wants to ride, she gets all excited. "Who me?" "Heck yeah I want to ride!!" She gets so excited about riding. But she didn't get a chance to ride. Sorry Cowpokette. Next they worked on the barrels. This is where Big Cowpoke went the wrong way around the first barrel at the rodeoThis time he got it right. I think Peanut is really good at barrels because of all the really slow walking my Cowpokes do with him around the pattern. I think they might trot the pattern once or twice a week. Other than that Mr. Cowboy or I will get on and just exercise Peanut.
The second barrel was looking great!
And the third barrel was fantastic. I really hope that Peanut will be super great, not that he already isn't wonderful, for Cowpokette when she gets a bit older. They tried it a bit faster and I only got one picture. I was really impressed with Big Cowpoke's skills. The riding instructor also rode Ozzie. Ozzie was an angel. I don't know why I get so dang nervous to ride him. But I do. I was thinking of maybe having Mr. Cowboy ride him this afternoon and then I might get on him for some walking and trotting around. I really want to!! I am also going to set up an obstacle coarse in the arena for my Cowpokes to ride through. Just something different for them to do besides drilling them on the rodeo patterns. I am going to have a gate to open, some poles to walk over, barrels to circle, cones to weave through, and if Peanut likes tarps, a tarp to walk over. Ozzie loves to walk over the tarp, se we will see how Peanut likes it. I will take pictures of my obstacle coarse!! And a big Thank You to everyone's birthday wishes!! I really had a great birthday, thanks!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Children's Parade

Every year for Mardi Gras there is a Children's Parade. This parade is made up of floats that are for children only. It's a really great parade to take your kids to. Plus there are less crazies at the Children's Parade. It's a lot of fun. I called my friend and asked her if she wanted to go. We were a bit late heading out but we made it to the end of the parade. We even had a bit of waiting time. Imagine that, waiting for a parade. I left Cowpokette at home, but I was not short a beautiful little girl to take pictures of! The kids sat on this small hill for a little bit, then they walked around for a little bit, and they waited. Big Cowpoke said he was cold. I think he was just trying to get out of having his picture taken. But nothing can stop me from taking pictures!! People lined up the streets and the police motorcycles started coming down the road. That meant the parade was not too far behind. The police motorcycles were really loud. They came down by us and turned right in front of us. Then this one bike had a little mishap. Ooopps!! His bike fell over. Right in front of everyone. The poor guy. And would you know, that not a single police officer stopped to help that state trooper? They all just kept riding their bikes like nothing happened. He finally got his bike back up and checked things out and he was off. Later on he came back and picked up a small piece of his bike. I bet that man will be given a cruiser come the next work day! I was glad for a little entertainment while we were waiting. I also had the cutest baby boy to take pictures of. He is two months old, and is completely adorable.See? I wouldn't lie to you. I could just take him home with me!! I love his cheeks. He really is a handsome man. Then there is this trouble maker. My friend then snagged my camera and took a bunch of pictures. She took some great shots!! Taking a little siesta on the cement.Big Cowpoke took a small breather too. Her daughter peeking around the corner. She was too cute!! I think I look good with four kids!! Don't you? I think I could handle that. Now all I have to do is convince Mr. Cowboy we need just ONE more!! And what is this we see? Is it the Children's Parade coming?Yep, it finally started. We were at the very tail end of the parade. So, as some of the floats were passing the announcer would yell, "STOP THROWING!!" We would yell back, "No, Throw us something, OVER HERE!!!" But I think we still got some nice loot!!Holy Large Scissors Batman!!Even the little handsome man got some beads!! The parade had some great floats in it. I loved this Western Wear Store's float.Little Cowpoke got a stuffed animal and a snake whistle. He was so excited. And for that little gal's first parade. I think she got some great beads!! Then right before the parade ended, we got three Blue Bell Ice Cream sandwiches tossed at us!! How great was that?Finger licken good!! The Parades were so much fun this year. For next year Mr. Cowboy and I want to join a Mardi Gras Krewe. You get to go to fancy balls and ride on the float and throw beads and toys!! I would love it!! It sounds like so much fun!! So, next year, you might see me on the other side of the floats!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Celebration!!

I had a wonderful day yesterday. My Cowpokes tried really hard to decorate the house and try to make my birthday a special one. Big Cowpoke blew up two balloons and put them on some string. Little Cowpoke just kept asking, "Where are all the decorations?" They tried. Then, while I was fixing dinner. Both boys ran into their rooms and found me some presents. Big Cowpoke then snuck into my room and found something to wrap his present in. It was so sweet. We then opened presents. Big Cowpoke was so excited. He wanted me to open his first. Oh, and Cowpokette didn't have her shirt on because we had eaten spaghetti and she was a mess. Here I am with all my loot. I really need to get Mr. Cowboy to stop taking pictures of us from above. I am not loving that camera angle. Little Cowpoke got me a candle and a diffuser. I love those things. I have one in my living room that smells so good. Then I opened Big Cowpoke's present to me. He made me a bird house!! I was so excited. He ever wrote on the roof, "To Mom, Frum Big Cowpoke". Okay, he didn't write "Big Cowpoke", but I wasn't about to tell you his name, hee hee. And that is how he spelled from. I thought it was so cute. My budding photographer. She was holding up the camera to her face saying, "Cheeeeeesssee!" Do you think I do that too much?The cake is always the most fun part. Licking the candles. Cowpokette didn't want to lick the candles. She just dug right into the cake. Then we cut it and ate it all. Well, not all of the cake, just four pieces of it. It was very good. Mr. Cowboy made it with only a little help! Then I got the best present ever! I was so excited about this one. It is from my four sisters and my Dad. I loved it. Does anyone recognize that? Well, it's my blog!!! I write my blog to keep in touch with family and friends. I also do it for a journal. To keep track of what my family does. And my family published me!! I love it. This is the title page. My sister, Amanda, did all the editing and compiling of the book. She copied and pasted everything and then reformatted it to a two column page. I think it looks fabulous!! I had never even suspected they were up to something so grand!! I was, and still am, so excited about my blog being in a book. I really really wanted it done, but I was never going to get around to it. Here is the back of the book. It has a picture of Joe!! I love it!! I love the hinges on the sides too!! And I love the side of the book. It's all just perfect. It's my blog from the beginning of 2007 all the way to my last post of December 2008. One entire year of my family's life. I love it!! Thank you so much!!!I love how my sister did the hinges on the book. It's just so neat!! I love it!! I don't think I have said that enough. Sorry. A HUGE thank you to my wonderful Family!! I had a wonderful birthday.

Today, I am going to some flea markets and I have someone coming over to ride my Ozzie horse. I am really excited. She is a younger girl that just graduated from high school. She did high school rodeo and now does college rodeo. So, I am excited to see what she thinks of my Ozzie. See if he might be a playday prospect.