Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Hot

It's super hot outside. We have been spending a lot of time in the water. Cowpokette loved the day with her Baby. Well that is what she calls him. I am going out of town for a few days and then I will be back to talk about what color Ozzie is. It's weird!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Carrot Snatcher

"Hey Ozzie!! What ya doing? Come on over here!!" "Uhm....I was eating grass, but I can take a minute to see what you are doing.""Good boy! Come on, don't walk so slow!""Is this close enough for ya? What did you want?""Huh, I didn't quite hear ya, could you say it louder into my good ear. What was that? Something about carrots!!""Oh, thank you, dum dar my favorites!"*Munch, munch, munch, munch.* Oh, how I love those lips. The way it wrinkles when he eats. Ozzie is a spoiled carrot eater. He expects the carrot giver to help him break it into smaller pieces. You have to grab the end and pull up against his teeth so it will break. Then he will munch away. Everything was going great until there was only one carrot left. And guess what happened to that one carrot? Someone stole it!"WHAT! Someone took my last carrot? They shall pay! Just tell me who it was!""Ah HA! I found the culprit. Belle stole my carrot!"Belle thinking, "Man, he's big". Belle then replies, "Carrot what carrot? I didn't see any carrot!"Ozzie then sternly replies, "Look Dog, I saw you take it, now give it back! Or, or I will be forced to.....uhm....forced to......Just give me back my carrot.""What's the big deal? It's just a carrot? Sheesh.""Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum!" Then Ozzie gave me the butt, because I was out of carrots. But don't worry, Ozzie and Belle made up and are still good friends. Don't worry Ozzie, I won't tell the Mares you were loving on a Dog! Then about two seconds later a huge black cloud moved over us and unleashed the loudest THUNDER!"EEKKKKK!" The sky opened up and let loose of some serious rain. I ran for the house. Oh, and I have a random question for everyone, what color would you say Ozzie is?That is Ozzie as a five month old. Funky right? So, just let me know what color you think he is.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Riding with Ms. Cathy

So, with us not having a rodeo to go to (see post below), we now had an open afternoon. We had all the kids packed in the truck, snacks, drinks in the cooler, and one Peanut horse in the horse trailer. My sister in law had told me that they were going for a riding lesson over at Ms. Cathy's house, so I called her to see if we could come ride in the lesson too. They were all so kind to let us come on over. We were about an hour and a half late to the lesson, but we still had about 40 minutes left to ride. We unloaded Peanut and saddled him in record time. I don't think Peanut even got a chance to realize he was at a new place. Big Cowpoke warmed Peanut up while his two cousins practiced the barrel pattern. I am really big on warming up horses. Nothing bothers me more than people who get on and just go run their horses around. But, I'll get off my box and back to the cute kids on their horses. Big Cowpoke's cousins just got two new horses, and let me tell ya, they are super cute!! This is Buzz. He is a 9 year old quarter horse and as fat as can be, but he is super wonderful! He has some bridling issues, but really, he is a gem. I mean, just look at that butt! He is a tank. I love stout stocky horses. Well, not for doing equitation, but for working cattle or roping, they are my kind of horse. Then there is this little guy. Gunner is his name, and barrel racing is his game. This little pony can boogie. And he rounds up so nice. And my niece loves riding him. They are still kinda getting to know each other, but once they get in a click, they are going to fly! I mean, just how stinken cute is that pony?! All the while, Big Cowpoke was still warming up Peanut. Have I told you all how much I love that little sorrel gelding? I do, I love him. Even though he loves Pearl and her filly and wants nothing to do with me. I can handle that. The little guy is just so good to my kids. I'll stop talking about how much I love Peanut. But I will go into how Big Cowpoke did while practicing his barrel pattern. He started out at a nice slow jog. You have to warm up your horse. Then, Peanut must bend around the barrel and head on over to the second barrel. Still doing okay. We need to work on sliding Big Cowpoke's hands down on the reins a bit more. Then on to the third barrel. Good spot kido! Now come home! A good warm up. Then it was time to pick it up a notch. Yeah, you did a good job! And did you see his legs? And to think, that kid said he wasn't flexible. Just look at that kicking action. Now if we could get a little of that in between the barrels we would be in business. I never realized just how high Big Cowpoke was kicking his legs until I saw these pictures. Well, after his faster runs, it was time to cool Peanut down. Peanut is really such a good boy. I think Peanut really likes Big Cowpoke. They get along really well. Peanut is the first horse that Big Cowpoke has really been able to ride real well. And you know Cowpokette had to ride too. So, Big Cowpoke walked Peanut around while I held on to her. She didn't want to get off. But she is WAY too little to be riding a horse. So, we just give her short pony rides. At the end of the lesson, Gunner was trying to give my niece a hard time about going round the first barrel, so Ms. Cathy got on him. That little horse can go! It looks like Ms. Cathy likes him too. She got him straighted out and they called it quits. So, with out a rodeo, the kids still had fun. And Ms. Cathy said that she was wanting to do a summer camp but didn't have enough kid horses. So, we offered her Peanut. With Big Cowpoke being gone this summer, Peanut will just be sitting in the pasture. So, it would be really good for him to be used by some beginner riders. Ms. Cathy got all excited. It's just for three weeks and only as a day camp. It will be good exercise for Peanut. And in return, we will get some credits for riding lessons. Everybody wins. So, I am glad we didn't have a rodeo and got to go out and ride with Ms. Cathy.

Still Alive Physically, Just Not Mentally

This weekend we packed up our horses and went to the rodeo, but there wasn't a rodeo. Silly me, I had the wrong weekend. Maybe I should be getting some more sleep? Don't worry, Big Cowpoke got to ride, just not at a rodeo. But, right now, I am sleepy and I need to go to bed. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am just plum tired. I have been line driving Ozzie and my legs feel like they are going to fall off. Today, I was about to finish when he darted out of the arena gate and flipped around and got the lunge lines all tangled. I let one go and tried to stop him with just one line, but he was just turning into the barb wire. So, I let him go before something bad happened. He then ran off into the pasture. I was mad by the time I got him back. Since he wanted to run, I lunged him a bit more and then we line drove for an additional 20 minutes. That was after an already long and hot 45 minutes of line driving. I couldn't let him think he could get away with running away. Also, Mr. Cowboy has been working extra late. He has been getting home around 11:30 pm. If he gets home at 7 pm we are lucky. So, between Ozzie and the three kids, and no husband I am pooped. So, I am going to go to bed and I will have to check up on everyone tomorrow.

Oh, I am English Bridle shopping. If anyone has any brands or off brands that they like the best let me know. I want something for Hunter classes. Until tomorrow, y'all come back now ya hear!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Line Driving

Holy Cow, I am pooped. I tried to ride Ozzie yesterday in a small pasture and he was a dork. A really big dork. The horse just doesn't get riding in straight lines. His entire life he has been ridden in either a round pen or a cutting pen. Which is just a big square round pen. Which in that seance it wouldn't be a round pen, it would be called a square pen. So, when I set up some ground poles to work Ozzie over he was a complete dork. Ozzie was a drunken sailor going over them. So, what does one do when one has a drunken sailor horse? Well, one would just buck up little cowgirl and put on her big girl panties and ride the hair off the horse, but I am not that cowgirl. I am a timid mommy of three that doesn't have a death wish. Or any broken bone wishes. Therefore, I derived a better and safer plan.

So, tonight, for an hour and a half, my fat self walked and ran behind Ozzie while we line drove all over our huge arena. He only tired to take off twice. I guess my body is a bit harder to drag than I thought. But after an hour, Ozzie finally decided to lay off my hands and to slow down his stinken trot. Which I was grateful for, because my rear end was tired. I am going to do this all week and then see if I can ride that monster in the arena. Okay, it might be a bit longer than a week, but I am determined to get him going in that arena. With out any freak outs and in straight lines over ground poles.

Oh, and because I can't have a post with out any pictures, the boys got a turtle a while back. He is a store bought turtle and a super great guy. The boys sure like him. I am indifferent. So, now I am going to go soak in the tub. My muscles are killing me from running around the arena for an hour and a half. Well, we didn't actually buy him, my sister in law bought him for her son, and now we have inherited him. He is way fun, if turtles can be fun. A great "Life Long Companion." I saw that written on a tortuous tank. Yeah, I would bet that the tortuous is a life long companion. But really, how much are turtles companions? Just wondering?