Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's Been Going On

Things have been really crazy here lately. It seems like life just won't slow down for a minute. And then in just another couple of months it will be Christmas!! AHHHHHH!!! I am not ready for that. Well, here is a sneak peak of what I have been doing. Taking pictures of Cousins. Went to a corn maze! Visited a pumpkin patch! I can't believe that Halloween is this Saturday!! It really has crept up on me! We are going to do a Trunk or Treat at church. The kids are really excited about it. We have all sorts of "Spooky" things to decorate our trunk with!

On the horse front, Ozzie is lame. With all this rain we have been having his hooves are soft and it seems like he got an abscess. I can't find it yet, but he sure won't walk on his hoof at all. I pulled a calf muscle while running the other day and thought I was going to die. So between Ozzie and I, we make a great team. So, no riding or running for me.

But I just wanted to do a quick update on what we've been doing over here. Busy, busy busy. One of these days it will slow down.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Already!

This week went by really fast for me!! I had a lot of things going on! The kids had a lot of tests this week in school. There was a photo shoot on Monday with the kids and their cousins, cub scouts on Tuesday, tests on Wednesday, Riding lesson with the kids and me and Ozzie on Wednesday, Thursday fun craft night at church, and today.....Camping with these three studs! Hubba Hubba! That last stud can sleep with me in my sleeping bag!! I hear it's supposed to get a bit chilly at night! Oh, uhm.....back to what I was doing......the fun crafty activity we had at church! We actually had a bunch of people show up! Jennifer and I have been planning this fun craft night for a month now. We had 15 woman sign up and we had 10 show up! I think that is pretty darn good!! We all made some really cool word blocks! Mercy went to work right away! They all had a few different word choices! They could do Spooky, Boo, Thanks, Joy, or Noel. I think everybody had fun. We started at 7 pm and we actually didn't leave the church until 9:45pm! I think it was a successful event! And I even got a picture of me working.......I do not like pictures of myself. Plus I have this horrible hair cut that I HATE! It won't ever do what I want it to and one side is cut different than the other. I can't wait for it to grow out. The fact that it rained on me before this picture didn't help either. Everyone worked together at figuring out where to put their bows and which letters looked best on which blocks! These two ladies are super great at tying bows! They tied all the bows!! Here are some of the finished products! I made a "Thanks" block for a girl who just had a baby! Which by the way is the most adorable little baby girl!! I really love the way it turned's kinda sad I am giving it away......Barton made one for a lady who couldn't make it. He even signed the back!Maybe I should sign the back of the "thanks" I made!! Hahaha!It's amazing how everyone's turned out so different! And I really liked them all! Jennifer did two different set of blocks. This one is the one she did for herself! It turned out super cute. And yes Jenn, I had to use this picture!! But never fear, There is a good one of me too!! I think this activity gets two thumbs up!! Now, I am off to a two day three night camping trip in a tent with two boys and my husband.....ugh......Lord please don't let it rain on us!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Country Girl

I love my little Cowpokette. She is a really fun girl. And best of all, she is a Country Girl. Cowpokette loves her girly dresses and bows, but when it comes down to getting in there and dirty, she can hold up with the best of 'em. Cowpokette loves her boots. She loves her muddy boots, her cowboy boots, any kind of boot. "Boot" is one of the words that you can actually understand her saying. I just love my Country Girl. But what's a Country Girl with out her dog? A good old Country Dog. It just doesn't get better than that. She's got her boots, she's got her dog, what more could she need? ( she has a horse too) Cowpokette can keep up with the boys! Nothing stops her!! But the best thing, is at the end of the day, Cowpokette has her Daddy. Cowpokette has that Daddy right where she wants him, just like a good Country Girl should.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Old Door Knobs and a How To!

Since I had an entire box of old door knobs, I came up with some more uses for them. Besides the way cool book bag holders, I made an art project display with the old door knobs. We have this really long wall in our hallway and I needed to do something with it. So, I decided I would use it for some of my Cowpoke's beautiful art work. I wanted to have four knobs and have three places to hang art work but Mr. Cowboy said the studs weren't measuring out right. He insisted on having the knobs in a stud. Because you know how heavy art work can be........Anyway, here is what you will need! You will need one old door knob and a double sided screw. Now, if your old door knobs have screws still in them then you will need to take them out. Like so! You will need a power tool to do this. I am not sure what Mr. Cowboy used to get the screw out of the door knob, but he did it. You will then need some extra sexy red and pink heart shaped pj pants and a power tool. This is where Mr. Cowboy said, "Stop taking pictures of me in my pj pants! You call me Mr. Cowboy and here I am wearing heart pj's. " I told him not to worry because he was using manly power tools. The manly power tools and the scary death grip on the door knob defiantly over rules the heart pj pants. This is the tool he used for that. He used a tap to make the rivets inside the door knob the same as the double sided screw. And then there you have it, new screws inside the old door knobs! If any of that made sense. I am not very good at explaining things that I really don't understand myself. After all the screws are in the old door knobs you then can find a place to put them! Measure, measure, measure! Mr. Cowboy is a perfectionist so he measures and marks everything out. Me, not so much, I eyeball everything. If I think it looks good, I go with it. More measuring. Mr. Cowboy had to get the height correct. And I had to get a full shot of those pj pants! It probably would help if we didn't do these art projects at 10 o'clock at night. The pre-drill the holes. It makes it a little easier to put the knobs in. Then take your knobs and push and twist them into the wall. (Yes Cowpokette is still up at 10 pm, it was a bad night!) It was pretty hard to get them into the stud. Mr. Cowboy had to use his muscles. While he is doing that I took a picture of my other project I did a long time ago and never took a picture of. My pant hanger picture holders! I love them, and you can get a wonderful step by step over at my sister's blog, Amanda Creates! Her frames are way cute! Anyway, after all the door knobs are pushed and twisted into the wall, then you can drape some rope around the knobs for a "clothes line" effect. I used clothes pins to hang the Cowpokes' art work from the rope. Now their art projects are no longer on the fridge and now on display in the hallway. They love it and get so excited to hang up their projects to show everyone. So much fun with old door knobs!!