Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ozzie and Josephine

The two are just about as goofy as two horses can get. They have such fun personalities. I bet you can't tell they are half brother and sister?Josephine is getting so tall. She still is a yearling, and Ozzie is 5!! So, do you think she will pass him up? I took a bunch of pictures of them tonight, but only have time to post one. We did the rodeo thing today, and my Cowpokes got all the patterns wrong. Just something in the air!

Luna is doing great. She was running around today like a crazy yearling! It's amazing how great she is doing!

Cowpokette is going to be 3 on Sunday! I can't believe it!! Gosh I love that little girl! I'll show her pink birthday pictures soon! She had her bestest girlfriends come over! They were so cute!!

But that's about it! Just a quick update!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Luna and Painting!!

So, it's been a, life sure goes by quickly!! Things have been so busy with school starting and people wanting pictures done, and soccer practice!! I am Little Cowpoke's soccer coach!! I am having a lot of fun coaching! But anyway, last week I got some pictures of Luna's leg. And actually, this week, you wouldn't even know it was broken!! She is healing really well!! Which is great. This his how she was for the first few days. See how low her elbow is? It's not supposed to hand down like that!! And actually, these pictures were taken at about day 4, so she is actually holding her hoof up a bit more than before. She actually had it dragging the ground. But on day four she started doing this..... Putting some weight on it!!! You can see how her elbow is a bit swollen. Her leg and elbow never got more swollen than in that picture. I hosed her off every day and let her eat some grass. I am so glad that she is doing better!! I bet she can't wait to go back out with her best friend, Josephine!! Luna is still a little tank!! Just look at that booty!!! The girls are now a year and a half old!!! Almost saddle time!!! AHHHHH!!! See time flies! But on another note, I got new muddy boots!! Super cool, no? Ignore all the horrid pictures in this post, they were all taken with my phone! And again on another side note......

Little Cowpoke and I went painting!! We have this awesome place here that teaches you how to paint a picture!!! Here is Little Cowpoke painting his guitar picture!! The final product!! He did such a great job!! And here is the entire class!! We had a kids painting party! They all had really cool guitars!I then did a girls night out with my Ponkeno group. We got to invite other friends too!! So I invited these two crazy girls! No, Jen isn't trying to strangle herself, and no Laura isn't sleeping!!! I know horrid picture, right? There are their beautiful paintings!!! Here is mine! I am so hot!! whuahahahaha!!! Here is a close up of my painting! And here is all three of ours! I love how different they all came out!!! And our class for the night! It was so much fun!!! I want to go back, but I can't decide which painting I want to do next!! Plus, I gotta find a place to but the two I already have!! But that is about it! That's all that I have been doing!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Luna Update

Well, the Vet came out, and it wasn't my favorite Vet. He is a younger guy than the normal Vet that I use. They all work in the same office. But for some reason this vet likes to act like he knows everything. It aggravates me. But that's besides the point.

He came out knowing I wanted an x-ray, and then told me they don't have an x-ray machine strong enough to shoot through the shoulder. Sigh.....but he looked at Luna and his assistant looked at Luna, and they both think she broke her Humerus bone. They think the elbow is fine and she still moves her leg to get flies off of it. They both think that she will heal up just fine and walk normal some day. I don't know about that.....but I am willing to give it a try.

I was going to take some pictures of her today, but I will wait until this afternoon. I have been giving her some bute and I hose off her leg just to cool it off for her. So, we are going to wait 6 weeks and see what that brings. The Vet and Mr. Cowboy agreed that we can always put her down later and it's worth a try.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Luna Broke Her Leg

Well, I left for soccer practice this evening and everything was fine. I got home an hour later....and Luna was dead lame. We drive by the yearlings' pasture every time we go to or from home, so I always look over at them just to make sure they are alright. Well, this evening, I noticed that Luna was all by herself. She normally doesn't go anywhere with out her best bud Josephine. I turned to Mr. Cowboy and said, "Luna is lame!! On her front right!"

Now, this was all said while driving about 35 mph and heading for home. So, Mr. Cowboy said, "Oh sure! Whatever, what are you some kind of horse whisperer now? There is nothing wrong with Luna!"

He was all sorts of mad at me when I told him that she wasn't alright. He was agitated about having to go and look at her with me. I ran to the barn and got a halter, while Mr. Cowboy....started the lawn mower!!!! The man thought I was joking!! MEN!!!

I grabbed a halter, hoof pick, and some grain for the other two horses out with her, then fussed at Mr. Cowboy to get his butt over to the pasture with me. He thinks I baby my horses and over exaggerate every little thing.

Well, I was hoping that Luna just had an abscess or something like that. But when we saw her, her front right leg was hanging about 3 or 4 inches lower/longer than her other leg. Her elbow was not in the right spot at all.

We wanted to load her up in the trailer to drive her to the barn. The barn is a long walk down the road. But she wouldn't load, which wasn't a big surprise. So, I walked with her. It took me about 25 minutes to get her to the barn. It normally takes 2 or 3 minutes. I let her take lots of breaks. My FIL gave her some bute, and we put some hair and water close to her. The poor girl just wanted to lay down, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

I brushed her and sprayed her with some fly spray so she wouldn't have to worry so much about the mosquitoes. I have this small ray of hope that she might have just dislocated her shoulder??!! Maybe??? Probably not, she most likely broke it.

Luna was going to be Mr. Cowboy's project and a future playday horse for the kids. She was so laid back and easy going. A bit of a pain in the butt to lundge, but all in all she was a good girl.

I am going to be calling the vet in the morning, to see if he has a portable x-ray machine. I want to make sure it's really broken before she gets put down. Mr. Cowboy is also hoping it's just dislocated. But I am not too sure there is much they can do in either case. Dang babies, why do they have to be so rowdy.......