Monday, July 19, 2010

Vote for ME!!!!! Please!!!!

Hey All!!! I need your help!!! To vote for me to win CS5!!! It's over at MCP Actions' Blog!!! Just go HERE, and vote for picture number 2. It's the one with the horse!!! You don't have to sign up for anything, just vote. Also, you don't have to vote for 3, you can just vote for me!!! :) I may not get up to first place, but I would LOVE to win one of her gift certificates!!! Thanks all for your votes!!! This is what the picture looks like!! Thanks again!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

She's Something Else.....

I got in a new softbox for my photography stuff and I wanted to try it out. Well I had one little girl who was MORE than willing to volunteer for model duty. Cowpokette got some old dance outfits from her cousin and has been wearing them since. She HAD to wear this dress and her Sunday shoes for the pictures. Mr. Cowboy won't let me put her in pageants. I think she would really love doing them. But Mr. Cowboy says she would love doing them too much and end up costing him too much money. Daddy is no fun!! "You said what Daddy?" She kept getting way to close to my light, so it washed out her face. I liked her hair in this one. Then I found some cool new brushes online and had to try them out!! I was just messing around. Because I have so much time!! Ha ha ha! I have been riding my horse, Pearl a lot more. I am enjoying that. I make sure I make time for that. I am going to try to get some cute baby Mule pictures tomorrow. I actually heard him make a sound yesterday and I about freaked out!! He is just too cute!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Cowpoke isn't so Little Anymore.

I have three summer kids. One has a birthday in June and the other two in August. So, the summers are fun filled birthday fun. Little Cowpoke's birthday is first. He turned 5!!! I can't believe it. Time sure flies by so quickly. For Little Cowpoke's birthday, he chose to have a Star Wars themed party. So, this is what I came up with for his cake! At first I was going to make the icing black....but then I really thought about it, and that wouldn't have been so smart! Kids+black frosting=disaster! I LOVE Darth and his light saber candle! When Little Cowpoke saw that he freaked out!! My Mom came to visit for the first few weeks in June and she helped me with the stars and the words. I made the totally awesome light sabers!!! ha ha ha ha! There is one happy Star Wars birthday boy. He wore a ribbon on his shirt with a picture of Yoda that said, "May the force be with you!" That is Little Cowpoke's Darth Pinata! He was really excited about it!

I invited some friends from school, but of coarse none of them came. I am "new" in town so nobody ever comes to my kids' birthday parties. But his cousins and Grandparents came and that is all that matters! And my friend came and brought her daughter! The kids all went swimming and then we had hot dogs and potato salad! Then it was present time! My friend got him a super cool Darth light saber!! Let me tell you he was sooooo excited about this! He plays with it everyday!! Before Big Cowpoke went to his Dad's for the summer he picked out this HUGE water gun for his little brother. Little Cowpoke was SOOOO excited for the extra huge water gun! He then got this super cool card from his cousins! It played the "Darth" song and had a light saber that lit up!! So COOL! It was a hit with all the kids. My horrid group shot! I don't think anybody is looking at the camera!! ha ha ha! Cowpokette wasn't really walking really well at this point! She was getting there!! Karen, from The Rocking Pony, mad her the super cute dress she is wearing!! I love that lady! The lit candles! The lit candles with Little Cowpoke and his light saber! Blowing out the candles!!! We then moved outside to do the Darth Pinata. There was a really fantastic sunset! And Uncle Shannon did a great job of holding the pinata! You see my father in law over there on the right? You see his shirt? Yeah...that is was really that hot and humid and nasty outside. He did just come from the barn and playing with one of the colts, but still, it was nasty humid out! What was left of the Darth Pinata! Perfect!!! Then Little Cowpoke got the Green Machine, from me and Mr. Cowboy! These are the coolest toys EVER! They actually can drift!! The boys played with them at a friends house and loved them! They are the coolest big wheel ever! And yes, they fit kids of all sizes! Happy Birthday Little Cowpoke!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Back!

Okay, so many of you, if there are any of you left out there that read my blog, might be wondering where I have been.....well between Cowpokette breaking her leg and me trying to ride horses and get a business off the ground, I have been stressed! So, I took a vacation!

I will post all about it! And Cowpokette is doing great! She still has a little wobble to her walk, but she is walking and running like a mad woman! Ozzie is still "off" from his torn tendon. I hope that will heal....someday.

I am also gearing up for a busy time of the year for photography, Seniors!!! So, I am trying to get all organized in that department too!! So, there really hasn't been too much time for blogging.

Oh, and Karen, over a Rocking Pony, don't hate me because I have put word verification on my blog. I have been getting spammed now for months and I am just sick of it. So, just for now there is the horrid word verification. I hate it, and word verification is annoying, but now I have it! Sorry!!!

But just wanted to let you all know I was still alive. I finally got to ride my old mare, Pearl, for the first time in MONTHS and I am trying hard to make more time for family. So, I might be down to posting just a couple times a week! I have a lot of catching up to do!! You all should see the size of the baby mule!! He is a chunk!! And the paint filly is pretty darn cute now too. She is now weaned!! Time sure is flying by quickly!!

I will do my best at catching up on everybody's blogs!! It will take time but I am going to get it all done!!