Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ozzie Update

Well, he has a torn Suspensory Ligament. It's torn below his ankle in his pastern. It looks all bowed. Especially after the vet shaved it. He is to stay in his stall for 2 months and then he can have short turn out time by himself. The bet took x-rays and an ultrasound. There aren't any broken bones, just torn ligament. Ozzie was a very good patient. He stood like a gentleman. The Vet was very good too. I called my farrier and he is going to be coming out on Monday when I get back to put a special shoe on Ozzie to help relieve some of the pressure on the heel. It was so nice to have a farrier call me right back after I left him a message and then he called the vet to get the whole scoop. Gotta love good communication.

So, Ozzie is on stall rest and no work at all for at least 6 months. Then it's back to basics for him. I am sure I will get a lot of hand walking done with him.

But I now must leave, I am running late to go and get my sister at the airport! We leave for our cruise tomorrow!!! I'll take lots of pictures!

Lame Horse and Vacation Time

So, Ozzie has been off or dead lame for the last two months. He just can't seem to get sound. He flips back and forth with which front hoof he wants to favor. Last week he was swollen and favoring the front right and now he won't put his front left down. It's time to take him to the vet. So, tomorrow, I am taking Ozzie to have a lamness exam and to get x-rays if needed. That horse is so high maintenance! I haven't really ridden him since that last lesson I had with him. He just hasn't been sound. I am hoping it's not serious. But it's been pretty bad. Ozzie spends his days laying down. He only gets up to eat some hay and drink some water. Then he lays back down. I would say he spends about 75% of his day on his side. The other day he was laying flat out and I thought he was dead. I opened the back door and he didn't move. He normally picks his head up and hopes for carrots, but he didn't even move an ear. So I made kissing sounds and clapped my hands and he didn't move. Finally he twitched an ear. Little stinker. But he is in a lot of pain. I need to figure out what is doing on with him.

Other news, I am going on a cruise. I leave tomorrow night. After I take Ozzie to the Vet! I called around for a vet that does x-rays and one vet didn't want to see me until Friday. I told him how bad Ozzie was and he said he couldn't get me in. The other vet I called said, "Come tomorrow at 11:30am". It's amazing how some vets just don't care. And we actually use the first vet a lot. My normal vet doesn't have x-ray units, he is a traveling vet.

Anyway, I am going on a cruise with my sister. Just us two gals! It's going to be fun. It's a much needed vacation. But I am a bit sad that I won't be able to call my kids or husband, because Iphones get charge an arm and a leg on cruise ships. It's nuts!!

Well, I will try to visit blogs before I go, but I have been so busy lately, I haven't had much time. I promise to catch up when I get back!! I will post an update tomorrow about Ozzie's leg. Tonight when I checked on him, he was inflamed in his pastern, lots of heat, and not putting weight on his front left leg. We'll see what the vet says tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Had A Blast!

This past year Mr. Cowboy and I joined a Mardi Gras Krewe. And this past weekend was our annual ball. It was so much fun! The theme for our ball was Greatest Rock Bands of all times. As gifts to our guests, we gave the guys blow up guitars and the ladies some blow up microphones. Everyone got a pair of "Cheap Sunglasses". Our tables themes were ZZ Top. I made the table decorations. It was really fun! I had a barb wire ring with a glittery ZZ Top sign hanging from it! And yes, that is Mr. Cowboy in the background glowing!! The other table was a bit crowded, but the center piece was a picture of ZZ Top. Mr. Cowboy is a big ZZ fan! Oh, and the guys got cool light up glasses and the ladies got light up martini glasses. Laura showing off her husband's cool cup!! I love the look on his face!! ha ha ha!! At the beginning of the ball the Krewe announces the court. In between the Kind and Queens and Duke and Duchess announcement there are jesters that come out and do skits! They are hilarious! So here are some of them! The King of ZZ Top!! His wife the Queen of Boston! They did a really great job doing their head dress thingys!! They put a lot of time and money into those things! Then it was on to some jester skits! There was some Risky Business And let me tell ya, it was risky!! The Duke of Van Halen! Then is wife the Duches of Journey. They were great! Then onto more Jesters! Mr. Roboto! This was great! Yep, those are tassels!! She was awesome! The Princess of Guns and Roses. Then her husband, the Prince of KISS!! And there were more Jesters! The Blues Brothers! Jay, the best Jester of the night! Barbie Girls Skit! It was hilarious! My good friend Rapping it up as Run DMC! She was awesome! Then we finally got to party!!! Rock ON!!!! We had two tables of guests, a total of 14 couples. It was a lot of fun! There was dancing, and laughing, and lots of singing! We were some super hot chicks! Laura and her hubs! Dancing like it was 1999! Mia and her husband, who I was surprised could dance so well!! My beautiful sister in law and her husband. That is Mr. Cowboy's brother! Mr. Cowboy in all his glory! Everybody should have a pair of "Cheap Sunglasses!" Some superfine ladies! Mia and her Husband. He looks kinda scary there but he is really super cool! I think everyone had a great time! Me getting down to some Prince! Our fantastic table!! We had a great time! My friends who now are in the Band with KISS!! The band was nothing with out them! Me and my Stud Muffin, with his brown cowboy boots! He refused to wear the black tux shoes. But that's okay, because I put on flip flops after the dance started! Mr. Cowboy's bro waiting for pictures to be over! Our group shot. Except the person using my camera had no idea how to take pictures so some of our group got taken out. Blah! I need to go and steal someone else's group shot off of facebook. There we go! That is so much better! Our group of the most fun people ever! We all had a great time and I thank all my friends for coming to our Krewe De La Fou Ball with Mr. Cowboy and Myself!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ride 'em Little Cowpoke!

The other day we went for a riding lesson. I had taken Pearl for Little Cowpoke to ride, but she had a big puncture wound that was all pussy. It was hidden under her winter blanket. But when I took off her blanket, the nasty puss was dripping from her wound. It was right by her girth area, so we couldn't use her. So, Little Cowpoke got to ride Hershey. Hershey is a 28 year old quarter horse that used to run High School barrels and now is used for beginner barrel lessons. He is such a big sweet boy. Just look at the size of that rear compared to Peanut's! I tried to get the Cowpokes to ride to the muddy spot in the arena and then turn around and come back to me. Little Cowpoke is a bit of a cheater. He would turn early to try to beat Big Cowpoke. Hershey was kinda a slow mover. But don't worry, Big Cowpoke would catch up. Little Cowpoke had a good ride. Every time Hershey would do something he asked him to, Little Cowpoke would say, "Look!! He's doing it!!" It was so cute! We practiced some barrel patterns. And took a lot of breaks! Then Little Cowpoke wanted to ride Peanut. I am really trying to get him to ride a different horse because in the hot summers Peanut gets really hot and tired. But we let him have a go. I love the look of Peanut's ears when ever Little Cowpoke is riding him. Peanut just looks so laid back and relaxed. Peanut had actually just galloped the pattern with Big Cowpoke and Little Cowpoke hopped right on and walked the pattern. I think Peanut really likes Little Cowpoke. I really love those big floppy ears! Good Ridin Little Cowpoke!