Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long Ears

So, my friend texted me the other day and told me that my blog readers were getting board. Well, if I have any blog readers left, here is something a bit interesting! My Father in Law's big mare had a Mule! Yep, that is what I said, a Mule! What is a farm with out at least one mule..... "What don't be staring at my baby!!!" Little Bit, the mare, had her little mule a week ago. These pictures were taken on the day he was born. That sucker has some LONG legs! Belle needed to see what was going on...what kind of horse is that? I think that mule is going to be a BEAST!! Come on, just look at the Momma! And have I mentioned that that mule is only about 8 hours old? Spunky little bugger! I think he would make a cute Hunter Mule!!! Look at those legs!!! Oh, and his knees have since straightened out. Or a Western Pleasure Mule!! I think he would be a cute Western Pleasure Mule!! Look at that little lope!!! He was so brave on the first day. There aren't many newborn foals that will just walk up to the kids and them them pet them!! This Mule is brave! He is so cute! I wonder if Little Bit knows that her baby has super big ears? Here is an idea of just how tall that sucker is!!! And here is my super unsafe child petting the baby mule. Belle loves babies!! She wants some soon. But Little Bit is a good Momma. I often wonder why she ever went through the sale barn. She one one really well put together horse. Her conformation screams Halter! But she didn't come with papers, so who knows what she is. I think she is a Champagne color not a palomino. She has all the freckles that a Champagne colored horse has. But that is about all I have right now! Next up, Little Cowpoke's Star Wars Birthday party!!! That's all Folks!!