Thursday, October 30, 2008

Backwards Ways and Tractor Days

I can never do things in the proper order. I always forget things too. I think a lot of my brain cells have disappeared with each pregnancy. And it doesn't help that I am blond to begin with. But, before there was pumpkin carving, there was pumpkin picking.
For playgroup we had gone to a really cool pumpkin patch. I didn't buy any from there, Big Cowpoke wasn't with us. So, I waited for Big Cowpoke to be with us and I took all the kids to the local patch. And that is where all the pumpkins were rotten. Big Cowpoke would check them all for us. They also had huge gourds. Look at the size of those things. I have never seen gourds that large before. I wonder if you could carve a gourd? Big Cowpoke would pick up just about every pumpkin and say that was the one he wanted. Finally in the end I just picked some and let the Cowpokes pick some small ones. Cowpokette liked watching her brothers run around. I couldn't get her to look at me. Then I got a group shot. They were all so excited. I think the pumpkin patches are more fun than the pumpkin carving. Now, totally off the subject of pumpkins, we had a huge tractor in our back yard.
What was it doing you may ask???Why it was tilling up the ground. That is what tractors do. And why was it tilling up the ground you may ask?So, we can build our arena! I am so excited. Words can not explain how excited I am. We have all the poles cut and now all we need are the top bars. We are building a 150X200 arena with a roping box. Mr. Cowboy wants to put in some bucking shoots but I told him those will have to come later. Can't say he didn't try. We are trying to figure out how to do the corners. We want them to be rounded. We have measured out the arena and put stakes out, now all we need is to start driving poles. I can't wait. I love arena riding. Some people can't stand it, but for me, it feels safe. Good old safe arena.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orange You Glad it's Halloween?

**Warning*** this post contains a lot of Orange. Read at your own risk!
On Monday night we had the missionaries from church come over and help us carve our pumpkins. Of coarse we got the missionaries their own pumpkins too. Neither of them had ever carved a pumpkin before. Can you believe that! I have not carved a pumpkin in five years. We were way over do for some pumpkin carving.
Here is our loot. The big tall pumpkin is rotten. You can see the big rotten spots on the bottom. We all made mental notes not to ever buy a rotten pumpkin again, even if it is at a discounted price, they stink. They stink like rotten pumpkin. Imagine that. But that didn't stop the missionaries. They just dug right in and got all sorts of messy. Little Cowpoke wanted to help. He was all about putting his hand in the pumpkin. Then there was his big brother. Big Cowpoke picked out this tiny pumpkin. And he was terrified to put his had inside that pumpkin to take out the innards. He didn't like the slimy and gooey insides. He used a spoon to clean out his pumpkin. He did not mind to pose with the goop. He just didn't want to touch it. I think it's so funny that Big Cowpoke will pick up nasty toads and frogs, but he won't touch pumpkin innards.
Here are the master minds behind all the creativity. Cowpokette got in on some of the rotten pumpkin action. She thought she was big stuff. She was trying to pose with her spoon and the huge pumpkin. She is such a ham. I love that cheesy grin. I wonder who she gets it from?No, not him. Not Mr. Cowboy! Oh, and Mr. Cowboy did a work of art, that took forever for him to carve. He even got out some dental floss to try and cut the small parts. Oh dear. He said the only reason he did that design was because we all told him it was impossible. He did his entire pumpkin with dental floss and a steak knife. I told you nothing stops this man, not even washing rocks by hand!!
Here are our works of art. The big tall pumpkin had the rotten part removed and we put some construction paper over the hole. The pumpkins look much nicer all lit up. Spooky!! The two little pumpkins were Big and Little Cowpoke's. Big Cowpoke's pumpkins had really cool eyes. He designed them him self. Then finally at 9:45, Mr. Cowboy finished his master piece.
Can you tell what it is? If not, it's a spooky tree with three bats flying overhead. Mr. Cowboy was so impressed with his mad pumpkin carving skills. I am more of a traditional gal. This one here was mine. That pumpkin was Swamp Thang! I loved its horns. Very creative. Little Cowpoke's pumpkin was simple and beautiful. He was very excited about it. And now for the final photo. Happy Halloween!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

PC Trouble

You know those Mac and PC commercials? I think I could be on one right now. I have been having the hardest time getting my computer fixed. It probably would help if I knew what I was doing. But I found three worms and now there was something about a virus. So, sheesh, I am giving up and I am going to take the computer in to be fixed. I thought I got rid of all the bad stuff and now my printer won't work. I can't re install it because the computer won't read the disk. I can't put my SD card into the computer either. Well, I can put the SD card into the computer tower, it just won't read it. Sometimes, if I wait a long time, it will think about reading the SD card. Normally it would just pop right up with photo shop. Sigh. So, I am going to stop messing with something I know nothing about and I am going to take my sick computer tower into the PC Tech guy. I hope he can fix my dear sweet computer. I hope my pocket book can handle my dear sweet computer being fixed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ride 'em Cowboy

Little Cowpoke would ride a horse every day if I would let him. He is always asking if he can ride. When my Nanny comes to the house to watch the kids, Little Cowpoke always comes with me to the barn. He helps me do everything. He always wants to curry the horses. He wants to get the dirt off Peanut. He is such a great helper. He also tells me that he will ride Peanut first. He always wants to ride first. But since Peanut is fairly new here, I get to ride Peanut first. So, after I rode Peanut, I met Little Cowpoke back at the barn for his ride. Here they are. Walking away from the barn. This little sorrel is such a good boy. His barn sour issues seem to have been put aside. Peanut really likes Little Cowpoke. I love Peanut's ears. When the kids get on him to ride, his ears are always really relaxed looking. Also, Little Cowpoke doesn't ride "all by himself". I walk right in front of the horse. I am never more than an arms length away from him. I am such a nervous Nelly these days. We walked Peanut through the "trail" of "treasures". Peanut is very good at responding to Little Cowpoke's neck rein cues. Little Cowpoke and Peanut did the imaginary barrels. Because we don't have our barrels out, we just go around the dead grass where the barrels used to be. Then we practiced saying "whoa". Then Little Cowpoke wanted to do poles. I don't have any poles so we just went around the cones. So, around the cones they went. I keep trying to get Little Cowpoke to make a bit larger turns. Peanut really just goes where Little Cowpoke wants to go. After about 20 minutes of imaginary barrels and poles, it was time to stop. Little Cowpoke wanted to play soccer. He jumped off Peanut and then walked him back to his tie post. Great ground manners Peanut. Let's see how Little Cowpoke felt about his ride. Way to go Little Cowpoke. We tried to trot again, but Peanut would not trot. He did walk a bit faster. Little Cowpoke thought he was trotting, so I just smiled and agreed. After untacking Peanut we had to give Ozzie some love too. Ozzie is so sweet. Right now Ozzie is taking a small break. He started bucking a lot while I lunged him. So, now I am giving him a month off. He would only buck while he was saddled and bridled. I think he might be having flash backs to being tied down with the crazy trainer. Ozzie is only 3 years old. So, I think he needs a little break. I will come back to him in December and get him ready to go to the trainer in January. He is going to the cutting trainer, Corey, for two months. He is going to ride Ozzie and use him as a turn back horse. I wish I could have Ozzie go off to a ranch somewhere and be used as a trail horse for 6 months. Ozzie is a good boy, he just needs miles. And I am too big of a scaredy cat to ride the miles he needs. But anyway, back to Peanut. Here is his goopy eye before I cleaned it. We have given him antibiotics and it didn't clear it up. So, on to the vet next week to see what he can do for old Peanut. His other eye is starting to get a little green too. Hopefully the vet can get it cleared up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

High Ho Silver, or Sorrel!

Ever since we got Peanut we have been trying to get to know him. I have found out that he is hard to catch. But he will follow Ozzie in, who is easy to catch. Ozzie and Peanut are pasture mates. They get along really well. Ozzie is a picky hay eater and Peanut will eat anything, so there's hardly any wasted hay. Perfect. Once you catch Peanut he is very easy going. He has wonderful ground manners. He walks behind you and will stop when you stop. Perfect. He loves to be brushed and is very easy to tack up. Perfect. When you go to get on him, not so perfect. He doesn't like to stand still. He has been a bit better with in the last four rides. So, I think it's defiantly an easy fix. Mr. Cowboy hopped on Peanut to try him out in the field. When we tried him out at Mr. Dallas's barn, Peanut was a bit barn sour. He would try to turn back to the barn, but he was easy to get to turn the other way. Peanut and Mr. Cowboy only had one moment of trial. Peanut wouldn't turn to go out in the field. Mr. Cowboy gave him one big kick on the shoulder that Peanut was dropping and now they are best friends. Peanut has not shown one bit of barn sourness since the kick. I am hoping that Peanut just needed a quick tune up. Out in the field they go. I do not know if any of you notice, but Peanut is not the world's most well put together horse. I have been trying to tell what breed he is. Mr. Dallas swore the was 100% quarter horse. I am not totally sold on that. Because of one thing. The first thing I noticed was his tail. He carries it super high. It reminds me of the Arabian horses I used to show in Saddle Seat. And Peanut kind of has a hip like an Arabian. He also has this super fantastic head set. It just screams Arabian show horse to me. We put a tie down on Peanut. I do not think he needs a tie down, but Mr. Cowboy said that Peanut was a roping horse and roping horses have tie downs. I think. I am not sure, I am not a roper. I have never ridden a roping horse. So, I just smile and agree. Plus, Peanut seems to listen a bit better with the tie down on. They trotted around the pasture and had a grand old time. Peanut has two speeds to his trot. He will do a fantastic slow jog, which I love, and he will extend out too. Take a look at that tail! You can ride Peanut with a super loose rein. He doesn't feel like he is ever going to just take off into the sunset. Which I like that part too. Peanut is a bit lazy and he needs some help getting up into a lope. But Peanut will do it. He will lope around for as long as you want him to. Peanut also will pick up both leads. Which is a plus. I can't stand cantering around on the wrong lead. Mr. Cowboy looks like he is on one of those bad "cowboy" movies where the riders ride with their hands up by their noses!! I had asked Mr. Cowboy to try to ride like he didn't know what he was doing. That way we will be able to put the kids up there and know the horse will behave. Now we don't always ride like that, just when I want to see what the horse will do. And Peanut did nothing. Peanut also has breaks. I love good breaks. And he backs up like a dream. You just lightly lift up a bit and he will fly backwards. Peanut also will stand. At first he didn't want to stand still, but we have worked on it and with in four rides he was standing calm and still. Good slouching Mr. Cowboy. I am telling you, he could be on one of those cowboy movies. But Peanut doesn't mind anything. He will go where you want him to go and he stops when you ask him to stop. Peanut also has four white feet. What is that saying, "Never buy a horse with white hooves." Well, I guess I don't go by the rules. Peanut is a keeper. And yesterday, Little Cowpoke rode him around imaginary barrels and he weaved him in and out of some cones. All out in the field. Little Cowpoke wanted to trot. We couldn't get Peanut to trot for Little Cowpoke. But that is okay with me. The slower the horse goes with my babies on him back the better. Peanut is defiantly a keeper. And the Cowpokes really like him. As far as his breed goes. I am going to guess he is half paint half Arabian. But that is just a guess. Peanut also has a green goopy eye. We have had him on antibiotics for five days now, but it isn't getting any better. I may have to call the vet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stroller Derby 500

Cowpokette took to the starting line and was off. But she was left in the dirt. But she was not going to loose. She made a quick turn back and made it to the finish line before Little "Speed" Cowpoke.

Both Cowpokette and Little Cowpoke had such a fun time with their strollers. I am not sure who won the race. I think Cowpokette might have cheated. I do think she was so sweet when she thought Little Cowpoke fell down. She wanted to give him a hug. Girls are so fun. She loves baby dolls, strollers, necklaces, and fingernail polish. I love it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Up Close and A Beautiful Dress

I was over at my sister's blog yesterday and she had a link to another blog for a contest! This contest is located at the blog, Grosgrain. She makes the most beautiful little girl dresses. And she gives them away in contests. The dress that she has right now, is beautiful! Just look at it!! I borrowed this picture from her blog. She made this dress!! And she is giving it away!! What an awesome Halloween costume!! Or if your little girl likes to play dress up, this dress is perfect!! So, head on over to her blog and sign up for the contest, do so here. I do think my little Cowpokette would look beautiful in the dress. She would have to grow into it, but I could wait. I love poofy dresses. I have always dreamed of poofy dresses. I got married in the most poofiest dress I could find. I had to have poof. But only the dress was poofy. I did not have poofy hair, just the dress. I hope one day Cowpokette will want to wear a poofy dress. She is such a ham. I was practicing my up close and personal shots the other day. Little Cowpoke always wants in on the action. Oh, my, goodness. I think my baby has a mustache. I must say this is a bit too close. Oh, hello there Brodi Dog. I love dog noses. That nose gets him into a lot of trouble. And not so close up, Cowpokette is starting the Stroller Derby. Oh, the races are on! Watch for up coming video of the Stroller Derby 500!