Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad Blogger, Broken Bones, and Puppies

So, I have been a really bad blogger......I'm sorry. I really miss it. Here is a quick update!! I've been super busy with photography sessions, and I have lots coming up this week!! It's going to be fun.

Then on Friday evening, Cowpokette broke her arm. She was playing with her brother and some cousins and one of her boy cousins pushed her down while they were running and she landed just right, or should I say wrong. She broke her right arm, right above her elbow in the growth plates. We took her to the emergency room and we ended up having to say over night. She had surgery on Saturday. Cowpokette had two pins put in and a cast put on.

The Dr. was very nice and we go back to see him on Friday!! You wouldn't know Cowpokette has a broken arm. She is such a trooper. She played all afternoon and was up and about. I'm so proud of her for being so tough.

Tomorrow I take Belle in for a pregnancy check!!! I have all fingers and toes crossed for her to be pregnant!! We shall see tomorrow. I am betting YES, but I shall not be disappointed if she is not bred. I haven't gotten my hopes up too high.

So, I am a bad blogger, and my daughter broke her arm, and Belle might be pregnant!!