Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning started at 7:30 am. Which isn't too bad compared to the early mornings I remember from when I grew up! The kids found their Santa presents and were all very excited! Big Cowpoke got a gaming chair! He was very excited about it. Little Cowpoke's Monster Truck played some rockin music and Cowpokette got to cooking! Big Cowpoke then read an official letter from Santa Clause! I am so proud of how well Big Cowpoke is reading! He doesn't like to read at all. After we dragged Mr. Cowboy out of bed the kids finally got to do their stockings!! We have a tradition where we do our Santa presents and our Stockings first. Then we eat breakfast and get dressed. After we are full, then we do the rest of the presents! It kinda makes the day last a big longer!! Oh how beautiful I am in the mornings!! Whuahahahaha! Well, here are just a few of the 200 plus pictures I took that day. I love getting the kids' reactions to their gifts. And then I send pictures to people with their "thank you" cards. That way they can see how excited the kids really were! The Cowpokes' favorite presents! They were from their Aunt and Uncle! My sister made these great "ABC" books for the kids! I love them! They have pictures of them in it. It's such a cute idea! Belle was loving the fact that we were all on the floor with her! She came into heat on Christmas Eve, so she was a bit on the lazy side. She is so pathetic when she is in heat! Little Cowpoke made me the sweetest box for Christmas. He painted it and then put a special heart in it for me! There was a poem in the box about how much he loves me! It was so sweet. Little Cowpoke gave me hugs after I opened it! He is so sweet! Brodi got a new dog bed! The Cowpokes played Star Wars the Clone Wars for hours!! The kids all did really well. They all opened one gift at a time and saw what each other got before doing another one!! Then onto the last present from Big Cowpoke's Dad. He got a HUGE remote control Jeep! It is super nice!! The Cowpokes always ask for remote control things! This one has some really cool driver and navigator! Can you see them yet? Yep, it's a Clone! I bet that bumpy ride was far from a futuristic space ship! But they handled the ride pretty well. Big Cowpoke even did some stunts!! The truck would go super far away from Big Cowpoke and still work!! Not like those cheap ones you get at the store for 20 bucks!! He drove it right into the fillies' pasture. I told him he better get it out before Luna tries to play with it! But that is about it! I have lots more pictures of kids opening up presents, but I'll save those all for our "Thank You" cards!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and now a Happy New Year! How time flies!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve Cookies

Every Christmas Eve the Cowpokes make Christmas Cookies. This year I made homemade frosting to go on top of the sugar cookies. It was so good. Cowpokette thought so too. But here are some of the pictures from us decorating. Little Cowpoke isn't in any of them because he fell asleep. We tried to wake him up a few times but he was out for the count! Yes, Big Cowpoke is wearing an apron! Belle was really hoping that some of the cookies would fall on the floor for her! Some of the finished products! That last one is my favorite!! The kids had fun. Then they picked their favorite three cookies to leave out for Santa. Then it was off to bed! Well, at least for the kids it was. It was time for the "Elves" to get presents under the tree!! But first, Mr. Cowboy had to give his Belle Dog a hug. Mr. Cowboy then put together a Kitchen Set for Cowpokette. All the reviews on the set said it would take about 2 hours to put together. But not for Mr. Cowboy. It took him all of 45 minutes! He is a super star!! I wrapped and wrapped gifts until 2 am! I was so happy when I was finally finished. There it is, the glowing living room! The Kitchen, stroller, game chair, and monster truck! Those were the big things that the Cowpokes wanted this year! Actually, Little Cowpoke wanted a black monster truck. But this was as close as I could find. He loved it anyway! The stockings were hung!! Mr. Cowboy's stocking is the biggest! Belle and Brodi each had stockings too! And there are all the presents! It looks like a lot, but we don't cut the bottom branches off our tree so the presents don't fin under there. It makes it look like there is a ton of gifts!! We are sneaky!! Well, it was definitely time for bed! Santa came and ate cookies and had left a bundle of gifts for the Cowpokes!