Monday, April 5, 2010

Science Fair, Leaves, Barn, Horses, Busy, Busy Busy

Things here have been very busy. Both Cowpokes had Science Fair projects due today. Little Cowpoke and I worked on his during Spring Break last week. Big Cowpoke went to visit his Dad for the week, so I put together as much of his as I could with out interfering with his work. Big Cowpoke put the finishing touches on his late last night. Little Cowpoke made three different bridges and did an experiment to see which bridge would hold the most cars. That was his paper bridge. He really liked counting the cars and seeing which bridge would hold the most with out falling over. Big Cowpoke did his project on Mold, and how it grows on bread. I didn't get a picture of their posters. I will get pictures when they bring them home.

On the Barn front, we got our barn ordered! Hooray!! I am so very excited! We went back and forth on how we were going to do it and we are going with an all metal building. Then we are going to order some stalls from Ramm Fencing and Stalls. This is what the colors of our barn are going to be. Barn red with a light stone colored body. I am really excited for it to get here. We are going to have three stalls, with dutch doors that go to the outside. We will also have two 12 foot wings coming off the side of the barn. Mr. Cowboy is also going to be building me two run in sheds in our two pastures. They are going to be Barn Red. We are going to use those for stalls too. That will give us 5 stalls.

We also just got a lease on about 7 acres down the road from us. I am so very excited about that. We are going to be moving our stud over there and move some mares around to help the grass grow. I am really excited about that.

Ozzie Update, he is still "off". His pastern is a little swollen still. He doesn't have any heat in it any more so he is aloud small amounts of turn out time in small turn outs. Today is his first day in a little big larger area than a round pen. He was happy to be able to eat some grass.

Finally, the Cowpokes helped rake Great Grandma's leaves the other day. The Oak trees here loose leaves in the Fall and in the Spring. Fun fun! The Cowpokes did a really good job. Great Grandma was really happy to have it done. It was hard work, but they hung in there and got it done. It helps when you have a boss woman telling you what to do. But when all the hard work is done, they got to play a bit. They all had a lot of fun playing in the leaves. Don't shoot!!! Cowpokette even got some play time in with her Maw Maw. And Little Cowpoke was silly as always. And Big Cowpoke modeled for me. I was practicing using a reflector. Since then I have learned not to blind my subjects!! ha ha ha!


Sheila said...

YEA on the barn! How exciting! FYI...we have a metal pole's great...but just so you know...if you run into it with the frontloader on the WILL put a hole in it! Yep...we know that for sure! :)
Awesome pics of the kiddos!

Tj and Mark said...

Poor Ozzie. I have heard of these kinds of injuries taking 6 months or more to get better. I hope he is handling his confinement ok. Cute shots as always Andrea and I kept wondering... Isn't this spring? What is with the leaves? Must be a deep south thing.

Danielle Michelle said...

I'm so jealous about the barn!!! We're in the windy season here and all my horses have a are a two sided break and cover to get out of it. My contractor husband will be busy when we finally have our own place!!!

THe pics are great! I love the spring 'fall' pics! I miss Oak trees like crazy. We have Aspen. And conifers. And Aspen. And the apple tree in the backyard. And we don't rake - the wind takes care of it!

Glad Ozzie is healing. It's always such a bummer when something like that happens!

Sydney said...

Light discs are awesome.
Gotta try Arnica gel for Ozzies leg. Lemme tell ya that stuff stops swelling.

The Wades said...

I didn't think about what Tj was saying until I read her comment. Perhaps they were leaves left over from last fall?? I think we're guilty of that here.

Good tip about the reflector. Cracks me up. What cutie pies.

Pony Girl said...

You've been busy!! SO excited and jealous of your barn! :) Can't wait to see pictures of it all put together.
Glad the kiddos got to visit with their maw maw and help rake some leaves up.
Let me know if you try arnica and if it works...I've always been curious about that stuff!

Carroll Farm said...

I am jealous of the barn, that would be a lot of fun! Great leaves pictures. I only half wish that we could have leaves around here - then I would have to clean them up...

佩昭彥怡 said...

Man is not made for defeat. A mean can be destroyed but not defeated...................................................

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love the new barn colors!
So funny to see you guys playing in leaves. Reminds me of Fall!
Hey! What happened to summer? Did I miss it? lol!

Great pics!