Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mutton Bustin and Rodeo Pics!

Things have been busy here. This is our last week of school (Hooray!!!) and Little Cowpoke has been playing t-ball. Big Cowpoke has just been playing. He is getting ready to go to his Dad's house for the summer. And me...well...I've been taking pictures like a mad woman. Which I am not complaining about, I am really loving it.(Little Stud!)

We also started another rodeo club....like we didn't have enough going on with the first one! We took the boys to their first Hebert Rodeo. It's a different kind of rodeo, where kids don't have to have a horse. In fact, you don't bring a horse at all! The events start out with Spitting. Yes, I said spitting. The kids all get lined up and see who can spit the farthest! Big Cowpoke wasn't in the mood to participate. He is always kinda shy right off the bat. He didn't know any of the other kids and so he didn't want to go out and do any event. It's funny because that boy will ride Peanut like there is no tomorrow...but going out and spitting....well... He sure did it. It didn't go to far...we need to work on his spitting skills. It almost hit him in his foot! It's alright, because after he did this event he opened up a bit more. Look at this kids form!!! Maybe spitting isn't for Big Cowpoke? He looks like it grosses him out. The next event was stick horse barrels...and I didn't get any pictures of that...not sure why, then there was goat tail tying. Little Cowpoke was all nervous about going out there and Velcroing some ribbon on the goat's tail. But he did it. And did a good job! He even took time to look at the camera on his run back home!! He got a first place ribbon! Next we have Goat Dressing. This one is awesome. The poor goats!! ha ha ha ha!! You have a two man team and one kid holds the goat while the other kid puts some underwear on the goat. The fastest time wins. It's quite entertaining! The Cowpokes line up at the starting line!!! And their OFF!!! Little Cowpoke was a bit slow getting in there, but they got it done! Big Cowpoke got that goat up and Little Cowpoke was a champ at putting on those undies! I think the goat might have felt a bit violated!! LOL Poor little baby goat! Little Cowpoke crossed the finish line in style!! That kid cracks me up!! He is such a goof sometimes...I love him!! There was also goat tying and some other events...but now onto the good stuff...The Rough Stock Riding! The main reason everybody was there! The even started out with Motton Bustin! It's where the kid holds onto the sheep with both hands and tries to stay on for 6 seconds. I know this one's out of focus, but it's so cool, just look at the smile on that kid's face!!! There were only two kids in Little Cowpoke's age group that had qualified rides. And Little Cowpoke was one of them. Let him show you how it's done. Here he is, coming out of the shoot. The other Dads will run by their kid or hold onto them, Mr. Cowboy says, "If he wants to ride sheep then he's going to ride sheep. He doesn't need me." Tough Dad. Well, Little Cowpoke held on...even though that sheep got a little crazy! He rode that sheep for at least 8 seconds! I think he even got stepped on...but you know what? He sure had a HUGE smile on his face when he got up! Dad was so proud of his boy! I love their smiles here. I sure hope my girl likes to show horses!! So I can be like Mr. Cowboy and have a kid that LOVES what I love to do! High Fives from the announcer. And a quick chat with the announcer. Little Cowpoke was so excited. These big boys were getting ready to ride the bulls. There were some great rides out there. Whoa!!!! Don't worry, his Dad and the "clowns" got to him! And kid and sheep were alright. And you know what that kid is thinking? "Yeah, I rode you!!" High Five from Dad!! I love rodeo......Then there was the calf riding...oh I mean bull riding... The day ended with a lot of dirt!! My fan club!!! One more day and Cowpokette's cast comes off!! See, time sure flies by!!! And boy do I love that Mr. Cowboy...hot stuff!!


Danielle Michelle said...

LOVE IT! Mutton Busting is my favorite event. Saddle Bronc comes next. I haven't even had my little boy yet and I can't wait until he's old enough to 'get dirty!'

Countdown for the cast event begins! Yeah for a trooper!

Tj and Mark said...

One more week..... WooHooo. Cute photos of good times.

The Wife said...

Spittin' contest! That's hilarious! I think that "bull" down in the front end needs tipped!! They don't let big bulls have stickers like that!

Looks like tons of fun!

Alex said...

it's so funny. we have NOTHING like this in new england.. or atleast not that im aware of! i would love to see my kiddos up on a sheep! Too funny! Big hugs to your girl, i cant believe you made it to the finish line! Bravo and congrats!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like fun! My hubby is counting down until our little guy is big enough to start muttin' bustin.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The spitting contest was nasty! I had to scroll through fast or I might have gotten sick. Ewwww!

The mutton bustin' was cute. Those sheep can give a wild ride. I wonder if the kids could ride after the sheep were sheared though. lol!I just sold my sheep the other day.
I'm glad to see all the kids wearing chest protectors and helmets. That's just awesome! I bet they make a huge difference protecting those young bodies.

And Wow! Those calves sure can give a wild ride....and they have big horns, too! Scary! Good thing they have helmets and protectors on, too.

Great pics!


prashant said...

Countdown for the cast event begins! Yeah for a trooper!
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