Thursday, August 6, 2009

White Water Rafting and Plans

On Wednesday of our trip to Colorado, the entire group of guests went white water rafting on the Arkansas River. We had the best guide. His name was Garret. He was hilarious. We told jokes and has special codes for when to row. Mr. Cowboy and I rode with the family from Denmark. Talk about a fun family. We got to learn some Dutch and we even sang their National Anthem. Then our guide went to sing ours and started off with "God Bless America". I busted out laughing. He was so funny. It made the trip really fun. When looking at the picture, Mr. Cowboy and I are on the right side of the boat. He is in the front and then I am behind him. The girl behind me is Anna. She and I were both a bit scared to go on the rafting trip. But in the end we had a blast. We really didn't get too wet. I was happy the water was in the 60's. The water was actually a bit low so we didn't have too many super fast rapids. Which was nice for an intro to white water rafting for me. Mr. Cowboy thought it was a bit on the tame side. I love that picture of us. We all have our mouths open!! Garret has his tongue sticking out too!! And I really like this picture. Just look at Mr. Cowboy's muscles. Howdy Mister!!! Anna and I are big dorks, we were smiling for the camera!! The rafting trip took us 19 miles down the river. It was a really fun trip and I am glad Mr. Cowboy talked me into it.

In the last couple of days Mr. Cowboy and I have been making some plans. We are going to be building some wood fence up on our property. I had two different companies out today to measure and give us a quote. We own two acres around our house and then we have access to three acres across the street from us.

So, we are selling two of our horses. We have 7 horses right now, and I would love to sell three of them. The stud, one mare, and Ozzie. Mr. Cowboy's grandmother also has 40 acres about 25 minutes form us. We are going to take one mare out there. She is an easy keeper and I will go once a week to check up on her and to check on the horse lick tubs.

I am actually a bit excited about getting the fence put up and getting our horses moved around. Mr. Cowboy is then going to build a run in shed with a tack room. The run in shed is going to be in the fillies' pasture. Then we need one more run in shed in the stud's new pasture. I keep telling Mr. Cowboy that "We can Do IT!" He is really upset about how his dad has acted and still is acting. But I think it will be nice to cut the apron strings.

Oh, and one funny thing is that our property line is their driveway line. So, our fence will be right up against their driveway. I hope they don't mind horses too close to their house. But as Mr. Cowboy said, "This is what he asked for, for us to move our horses on to our land." Do you have to ask your neighbors before you put fence that close to the property line? Which just so happens to be close to their driveway and house.


Julene said...

YOU GO GIRL, CUT THOSE APRON STRINGS!! I am proud of the both of you. It sounds like a great solution about all this mess. I have been thinking about you all week. Glad to see you act on the fence work. Let me know how it all goes.

Paula said...

I've been thinking about you also! You might check your county codes in regards to easements but other then that, build that fence!

Karen said...

Law in PA states that you can place a fence just on your side of the line - not actually on it. Lawyers urge you to do so because if you don't, the neighbors will think that the few feet you left on their side is now their property. I think a foot leeway from the line is the law. Go for it.

Can you tell we've had similar issues?

The Wife said...

The only time anyone has ever discussed a fence on an adjoining property line around here, is to see if they want to pay for half. You think that is an option?! LOL! The husband had a fencing business for over 10 years, if you need anything, drop us a line.

White water rafting...scary!! After we got married, we went to WA state for a reception with the husband's side of the family. They tried killing me. We "floated" the river. Yeah, not quite like floating a river in Texas!

Paint Girl said...

Whitewater rafting scares the you know what out of me! I don't think I would ever step foot in that boat! We do go river rafting on our very mild river, you can see the bottom almost the whole way, no white water. I am terrified of water! But it looks like you guys had soooo much fun! Great pictures!!!
I am glad you figured out what you are going to do with the horses. Good luck!! We haven't fenced in our property yet, it is on our long list of things to do!

Melanie said...

Just look at you guys and gals out there on that water!!! I have never had any desire to go white water rafting, which is a shame, because there are several rivers in our state that are ideal for it.

I love the water, and I love to swim, but rapids scare the heck out of!!!!

Good luck with your fences. :)

KD said...

You guys look like you were having a blast !! I noticed that everyone had big giant smiles on their faces.

Good for y'all for making a plan of action to get your horses moved. You can put a fence anywhere on your property, unless you have any deed restrictions.

The Wades said...

Not only did you have a great time, but you got some really fun pictures to show for it. That is a big bonus in my book.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

that was one heck of a river rafting trip.. my niece and nephew were white water raft guides in some pretty wild rivers in Eastern Washington...with some great pix and stories too!

The Caple Crew said...

That's right girl, you put that fence up!
I LOVE white water rafting! We did it for our first anniversary and had so much fun! We should plan a trip one year where the 4 of us can take off and go rafting! Oooo fun!

Danielle Michelle said...

I still cannot believe you were RIGHT HERE!!! Maybe in the future we can plan a trip altogether back at that ranch. Wouldn't that be so much fun!??

Anyway - we are thinking of roadtripping for our honeymoon over Spring break and The gulf coast and Louisianna are at the top of our list. So maybe we CAN catch up in person some spring!

Danielle Michelle said...

I still cannot believe you were RIGHT HERE!!! Maybe in the future we can plan a trip altogether back at that ranch. Wouldn't that be so much fun!??

Anyway - we are thinking of roadtripping for our honeymoon over Spring break and The gulf coast and Louisianna are at the top of our list. So maybe we CAN catch up in person some spring!

Julie Church said...

Kurt would love to do this...I might be calling to gleen the info from your trip! Looks like you had a blast!

Tj and Mark said...

Great Photos of what looks like a heck of a lot of fun. I have rafted a couple of times, and I was so uptight that all of my neck muscles hurt for a week! Of course so did my cheek muscles from smiling. I am always a bundle of contraditions.

Can't help on the property line issue, but your plans sound good. I would encourage Mr. Cowboy to try and have a reasonable talk with his dad when the time is right. Family is still family. Blessings to you and your family.

p.s. wish I could get rid of a couple of horses myself, up to 13 equines. I think I am running a rescue center, except I don't have any donations as of yet.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That rafting looked like fun! I've always wanted to do that!

Go for the fence...good fences make good neighbors, right?


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