Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Yearling, Bad Yearling.

This evening I worked the yearlings. I have been reading about other bloggers playing with their yearlings so I figured I better get out there and get something done with my two girls. Well, Josephine is a sweet heart. She is very smart and very respectful. She gets a bit nervous but nothing that I can't convince her other wise. I ask her to move away from me and she does. I ask her to lunge and she does. We just walked today, but she did really good. Then there is the other....brat. Rude, rude, RUDE! She made me so mad. She would not lunge. Luna kept wanting to come into my circle. She would try to run me over. I would go to whack her and she would act like it felt good. She is BAD. Josephine=easy. Luna=hard work. It's strange because I can sack Luna out with anything and she won't move. She is good like that. I think she is really too dull. Kinda dumb.( And that is not blood on her head, it's some minerals the girls have to lick on.) Even though I felt like knocking her over the head a couple of times. I had gotten so mad at working with her I had to walk away for a little bit. Then I came back with my rope. I took off her halter and made a rope halter out of my super long wonderful fix everything rope. In college we called them "come alongs". I just know it works! That little filly didn't know what hit her. Before when I would ask her to "whoa" she would just walk over me. Now I had some leverage!! She stopped. Luna acted a bit surprised. Then she refused to walk forward. So, I ran out from my rope holding constant pressure and asked her to follow and she reared....I expected that...but she then walked forward. That filly is HARD headed. She finally realized that I was the boss and she was the follower. We finished up with a couple nice walking, smaller, lunging circles. Luna is just a tank. When she gets scared she just wants to run you over, but not any more! Whuahahahaha!! My "Come Along" and Luna came to an understanding. We ended on a good note with some shedding and rubbing down. I tossed a saddle pad on her back and she didn't budge. She could care less what I do to her as long as I don't ask her to move. I can see where we are going to be coming riding time.

Josephine and Luna are night and day personalities. Josephine is a joy to work with, Luna makes me break out my bag of tricks. It's going to be interesting working more with these two. I told Mr. Cowboy that Luna was all his come riding time. I'll have to see what tomorrow brings, I will see if anything from today sunk into Luna's thick skull. :)


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Poor you! It wouldn't be fair if they were both really easy to work with, now would it? They are both so big now! I'm glad you explained the streaks on Luna. I thought maybe you really took it out on her or something. ;P

The Wife said...

There's always one, isn't there! Right now, my yearling givin' me fits is a mastiff dog! He runs me over too.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL...Thanks for mentioning the 'come-along'. Now how could I forget how darn handy those are?

Shooter is in for a rude awakening tomorrow-LOL.

My goodness your girls are big. Beretta is looking like a little squirt next to everyone else's babies.

I've liked Luna from the first pics you posted of her and I still think she is a cutie-patootie, but Miss Josephine is looking spectacular! What a nice, nice filly.

Paint Girl said...

They are getting so big, and are so very pretty!!
I totally understand what you are going through with Luna, except mine is a 10 yr old who should know better!! Luna sounds just like Fritzy. Josephine and Chance sound a lot alike. Very smart and willing to do what you ask.
Hope that little booger Luna remembers something!

Tj and Mark said...

You are guilting me into working with our little guy, Sequoyah. He leads well, haven't tried lunging or the blanket yet. I weaned him late, he is only a month into being separated from mama. At first he was ridiculous, but now he is settling down to a more workable frame of mind.

Both your girls are cute, and Luna might surprise you. Way to go with your bag of tricks.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The both sound very smart...and boy...have they grown up. They are so pretty. And what a challenge. I can't wait to see how they come along well for you.

get it...come along? hehehe!


Stephanie said...

Isn't it funny how they are all different?

The nice ones are such a sigh of relief though. Maybe Luna will turn a corner and get easier for ya. She doesn't sound too bad....

The Wades said...

Maybe Luna will be a super dependable children's horse. I'm trying to be positive here--calm, slow, easy going. That is my hope for you.

They are both such pretty girls.