Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This past weekend the cowpokes and I ventured to the capitol city. When we came over the big bridge Big Cowpoked gasped, "Look New York City!!" I had to laugh, "No son, that is just Baton Rouge." He was so excited to be in the Big City!! We had ventured into the big city to see my brother in law run a marathon. That would be 26.2 miles. He is crazy. We made it just in time to see him cross the finish line. You can see him doing that here. I can't run one mile let alone 26.2 of them. After the run, we went out exploring the big city. We took the kids to the USS KIDD. The man that gave out the tour pamphlets was actually one of the shipmates on that boat. He has some good stories. Then we went exploring. Here is Big Cowpoke and Little Cowpoke hanging their heads out one of the compartments for the big guns. I don't know all the technical names. Big Cowpoke was one of the first ones down the hatch. You could really explore all over this ship. Down in the bellows of the ship there were many different kitchens. This was one of the larger ones. Little baby Alex was really upset. Look at that face!!Then there were beds. Now the kids all fit there nicely. I could not imagine having to sleep there. I would freak out!!
Little Cowpoke didn't mind the tight space at all. Of coarse not, he is little. Then it was back up to the main deck. This ship was huge, and not even as big as some that are out there. Here is my sister and her kidos climbing up the stairs. Big Cowpoke liked pretending he was shooting down all the bad guys. This boat was so perfect for him. He was running around all excited. After this deck everyone went up higher. I did not because I am so afraid of heights it's not funny. So I stood below them taking their pictures. Alex stopped crying to say cheese. Big Cowpoke slowed down for a brief second to take his picture. Ella just stopped to smile. She loves her picture taken, Such a natural. Big Cowpoke found the big guns. The tried moving them all around and was making shooting sounds. Boys. Anton caught this shot for me. The boat has a pirate flag on it. Ella kept calling it a pirate ship, Big Cowpoke called it a battleship, and I called it scary. They tried on helmets.They tried shooting guns. They worked together at moving the big gun. Then I took a shot looking through one of the guns. That is the ole Mississippi river. And this my friends is the USS KIDD. I am not too good at taking two pictures in a row. It was fun being able to see my sister and her family. I love having family close by, even though they are moving away from me. But next time I am going to show you my newest toy. My Christmas gift from Mr. Cowboy. Until next time y'all come back now ya hear.

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