Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Tree Farm and Burnt Chicken

What a great field trip. Every year the Pre-K thru Third Grade classes at school go to the Christmas Tree Farm. As a parent I get to go too. It's up in the middle of the hill country and the drive is so beautiful. I love the fall. I know it's December but the fall is really late, it is still 80 degrees here. Well, I wanted a picture of the beautiful fall leaves so I tried my best at and outdoors shot while driving. So I stuck my hand out the window and here is what I got.

Now a normal person would have aimed outwards but I wanted a picture of the beautiful oak trees I had just driven through. But I missed it and all I got was the side of the truck. Well I made it to the farm. Big Cowpoke was so very excited. He wanted to take some pictures. Big Cowpoke took this one. This is Jake the Donkey. He was "tied" to the sugar can thingy and trying to steal some sugar cane stalks. Here is Jake at work, crushing the cane and making all sorts of juices come out. Big Cowpoke is good with the camera. A bit out of focus. But hey, what pictures of mine are in focus?Big Cowpoke is happy not to be in school. He was a bit on the crazy side. I was grateful when they all loaded up into the wagons for a hay ride. "Let's Gooooooooo!!" While they were on the ride I got to go shopping in their gift shop. I love their gift shop. It's all Christmasy and Country. I love it. I wish I could make my house like that. It fells so warm and cozy. Then I went and took some tree pictures.

These are the baby Christmas trees that were just planted. They are so cute.

They get to all look up to the large Christmas Trees. This farm is really neat. You get to go up and down all the rows of trees and pick which tree you want to buy. Then they cut it down and you take it home. They will even put it in stand for ya!! After the hay ride Big Cowpokes class went to pick out their tree. Here they are. All excited about standing in front of their tree. Can you see their tree? It's kinda small. I think the teacher is taller than the tree!! It was fun. Then when I got home I decided to make some chicken. I forgot about the butter and herbs I had put in the pot and it all burnt. I didn't notice until Big Cowpoke said, "I don't like that smell, what are you cooking?" Kids are so honest. I ran over to the pan and scrapped out he burnt pieces and started over. This is what I came up with.It still looks a little burnt. But I like blackened chicken. Yum. Then I added some other stuff and it looked like this. But that was not the finished product. Everything is better served over pasta, so I added some bowties and that was dinner. It was good. So much for my diet. This was Big Cowpokes plate. I didn't eat that much pasta. I wish I did. I love pasta. It is so good. It loves me too. It likes to stick to my bones. Making me look bigger than I really am. But that is my made up chicken and pasta dish. The kids didn't like it, I thought it was so so, and Mr. Cowboy said it was great. So, who knows. Do you ever make up dishes. I try to but I am no that good of a cook. So things end up being burnt or tasting like garlic. I love garlic. But that is all for now, y'all come back now ya hear.


Wendy said...

I'm so jealous. I so wish I could go on those field trips. If Gracie can go to school next year, I'll finally be able to go! Yay!!
The chicken looks good. I'm always making up stuff too.

suburbancorrespondent said...

I always forget and burn things. Everyone knows when I'm cooking - there's usually smoke and, sometimes, fire.