Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Brothers

I think I have really lucked out with my 2 cowpokes. They are such sweet boys. It is so sweet how the boys treat their little sister. They are kind to her, share with her, give her bottles, let her play with them, and they let her crawl all over them. Big Cowpoke is really a blessing to this family. He helps out so much. He helps make bottles and tries really hard to make her happy. Little Cowpoke will share all his toys with her. They can play together all day and you will never hear a complaint, unless one of them gets hungry.

Here Big Cowpoke is watching a movie. He was just sitting there on his beanbag, when Cowpokette just decided to crawl all over him. He lets her have her fun! He is really such a wonderful caring brother.

Here Little Cowpoke moves over to let his sister sit on the bean bag. Or maybe he just doesn't want to get drooled on? Any way, he is so kind to her too, most of the time.

The other evening Cowpokette was playing with some trains in the living room, when Big Cowpoke came in. They were being really quiet, so, I went to go and see what they were doing. Normally silence means trouble. But this is what I found.

Big Cowpoke was playing with her on the floor.

They played for the longest time. He really is so sweet to his little sister. I am so grateful for my boys. I love how they love their sister. They are so sweet to her, now to each other is a different story. And that is an entire different post.


Jennifer said...

Brotherly love (well sisterly love too) can be the best and the worst kind of love, LOL.

This pictures show the best of it, and I love love love it when they are like that.

If you haven't seen the worse of it, come on over to my house and hand out with the 10 and 12 yr old, LOL. Although they do alot of the good kind of brotherly love as well.

I love it that my kids are the type that no matter if they are angry and fighting with one another, let an outsider step in, then its on. With all of them, LOL. Even Lana will defend her brothers and sisters. (and she is the worst when it comes to beating up on everyone too.)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

My son is happy to have sisters. He really is an amazing older brother. He has always wished for a brother though.

He said last night though that he was glad he at least had his sisters. He would not have wanted to be an only child. He is an old soul..

Danielle Michelle said...

I'm so glad Molly is aright and happy! It's been a rough spring here and I feel we've lost our fair share of animals...mostly poultry, but still.

Love seeing your kids play! THay are so sweet together!

Karen said...

It's always nice when they get along. And then the teen years sneak up on everyone and those days are just a memory.

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.

Ranch Mommy said...

Veru cute pics!! I only have girls and they are best friends too. It's such a blessing to watch your kids become a family.