Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home Alone

Mr. Cowboy has been away working for the last week. It is his new job. He works in the big city 2 and a half hours away from us. He stays in an apartment there. We are hoping that this new job will move him closer to home soon!! But until then I get to be a single mom. Which is not fun. I have the utmost respect for single mothers. I was a single parent for about a year and a half and it is not fun. It is a lot of work. Then I only had one child and I worked. Now, I have three kids and stay at home. But wow, it still is a lot of work. I could not imagine going to work and then having to come home and cook dinner, get homework done, ride horses, feed horses, bathe kids, and put them to bed all before 8 pm. So, to all you single parents out there, you are tuff and I give all my respect to you!! It's hard work. But this is what I have been doing since Mr. Cowboy has been away.

I have been working with Little Cowpoke at becoming potty trained. It is going well. I have him completely house broken. I am so good at house breaking animals, why not use it on my kids? No, really it all came about by accident. But since Little Cowpoke has not been wearing diapers we haven't had many accidents. When he has to go potty, this is what he does........

Nice right? Perfectly house broken. I do not know what I would do if I lived in town? I may not be able to potty train my boys. Well, anyway onto a day with out Mr. Cowboy. We were invited to a birthday party/play group. I was so excited. But I needed to be able to control the whole using the lawn for a bathroom issue. So, Little Cowpoke put on a pull up. Off we went. I love going to birthday parties. I love seeing and talking to other adults. I was, like always, the last one to leave. After we left I needed to go to the grocery store. So, I picked up Big Cowpoke and off we went.

We went to a small town grocery store that has funny looking shopping carts, which are called buggies, and I now call them buggies. The south is changing my vocabulary. The cart is tall with a shallow basket. They have it this way so the cashier can pull the basket through the check out lane by her. Anyway, those baskets are not kid friendly. So, Cowpokette went in the front area, Little Cowpoke went in the basket, and Big Cowpoke who forgot his shoes sat underneath the basket. We were doing well. I actually had about three frozen things in the basket and I was containing three kids really well. Until Big Cowpoke started yelling, "It's leaking mom!! The stuff in the basket is leaking on me!! I am getting wet!!"

That is when I looked down just when Big Cowpoke jumped up and screamed for all to hear, "He peed on me!! MOM!!" Now, I grabbed Little Cowpoke and took him to the bathroom. Little Cowpoke had taken the liberty of removing his diaper at the birthday party and then decided that he did not need to tell a single person. Luckily I had a diaper in the diaper bag and we contained the situation. I can not say so much for Big Cowpoke's hair. He was wet. We headed for the check out.

I want to know what brilliant business candy selling jerk put the candy by the check out. Every time I get to the check out halos appear above my children's heads. They wanted candy. Big Cowpoke could not have any because he refused to put his shoes on before we left and Little Cowpoke could not have any because he peed everywhere. Now both boys were screaming with huge tears falling down their faces. The lady in line behind us just looked at us. Then I made it worse, I disciplined them for screaming. That made it get even louder. The teenager behind the register said, "Wow, you are going to have a fun night!"

I kindly replied, "This is every night. Would you like to have one until your shift is over. I will come back and pick him up? I will even leave the one that is potty trained!" He would not take my offer. I do not know why? I was being totally serious. But we made it out of the store. Thank goodness. I was grateful that Cowpokette was being so good. But I know she has her wheels in her head turning. I can see it on her sweet face. She is taking everything in, letting is soak, and then I am going to be in trouble. You tell me what you think about her?

Hmmmmmm..........I think I am going to be in trouble.

"What me? I did nothing, it was all my brother's fault. He is always getting into trouble! I am innocent." But just to let you all know, I was not safe from mishaps, because I left town and came home. It didn't take 5 minutes for Little Cowpoke to do this.

Yes, that is corn flakes. The entire bag. He grabbed them out of the pantry when I was cooking dinner and doing homework with Big Cowpoke. I think my eyes in the back of my head may need glasses.


Jennifer said...

your kids been talking to mine? the other morning, they got up at 5AM (um mom doesnt get up that early. AT ALL) and opened the 3 containers of OATMEAL, and took it upon themselves to carpet the entire upstairs carpet with it. Oh yeah, and dump it on the clean clothes as well. Always nice. Mommy was not happy that day when she went to work. Everyone was crying and in their rooms when my sister in law got here to watch them. Only problem was, they know Tia Gloria is a big pushover, so they got pizza for lunch, dessert, AND they got to play outside. Then when they hear me pull up, they run to their rooms and sit there until I come in.

HAHA they think I am stupid, but they dont know that momma has a good memory from when she was little. HAHA just wait, I will get them back, LOL.

Amanda said...

I don't envy you. I go crazy when my hubby is gone for more than 4 hours. I also keep my cereal on top of the fridge for that very reason too.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

You had me roflmbo at the Pee on me story!

Man, I miss potty training days My son peed puddle in the middle of a Lowe's aisle once many, many moons ago. We quickly left!

We have a lot in common. I may have to email you... but not now.. I barely have time for LUNCH! BACK to the barn now!

Have a wonderful day!

Erin said...

That is so funny! Too bad you didn't have your camera handy. :)

Karen said...

What an unfun day. But thankfully they're not all like that.

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Ooohhh... I feel for you! I too have the most ENORMOUS respect for single mums who manage to hold it together. Incredible. You are doing a great job!!! I would sit in the corner and cry, I think... lucky they are all so darned cute! God's way of keeping us on track...

Laura said...