Wednesday, April 23, 2008

*****DONKEY UPDATE******

Poor Molly, the mother, is not doing really well. We do not think she is going to make it. It's really sad. Molly is such a good mother. We think she may have an infection. We have talked to a few different vets and there really isn't anything you can do, except surgery. Molly is my father-in-law's donkey, so, he is the final decision maker with what to do. I would have picked her up and taken her to the vet's office. But that is just me. Just to make sure she doesn't suffer. I am hoping she will make it through the night. If not, the baby will have to be bottle fed and kept in a stall so the coyotes will not get her. Wish Molly good luck to night! I pray that she pulls through. She really is such a sweet donkey.

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Danielle Michelle said...

How's Molly doing? I love the baby. I totally understand the whole "owner" situation. I always speak my mind about stuff like that and then nobody listens and something goes wrong or dies. I want to scream, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!"
I hope all is well, but sinc eyou didn't blog today I'm worried you are taking care of an orphaned donkey...