Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Children's Parade

Every year for Mardi Gras there is a Children's Parade. This parade is made up of floats that are for children only. It's a really great parade to take your kids to. Plus there are less crazies at the Children's Parade. It's a lot of fun. I called my friend and asked her if she wanted to go. We were a bit late heading out but we made it to the end of the parade. We even had a bit of waiting time. Imagine that, waiting for a parade. I left Cowpokette at home, but I was not short a beautiful little girl to take pictures of! The kids sat on this small hill for a little bit, then they walked around for a little bit, and they waited. Big Cowpoke said he was cold. I think he was just trying to get out of having his picture taken. But nothing can stop me from taking pictures!! People lined up the streets and the police motorcycles started coming down the road. That meant the parade was not too far behind. The police motorcycles were really loud. They came down by us and turned right in front of us. Then this one bike had a little mishap. Ooopps!! His bike fell over. Right in front of everyone. The poor guy. And would you know, that not a single police officer stopped to help that state trooper? They all just kept riding their bikes like nothing happened. He finally got his bike back up and checked things out and he was off. Later on he came back and picked up a small piece of his bike. I bet that man will be given a cruiser come the next work day! I was glad for a little entertainment while we were waiting. I also had the cutest baby boy to take pictures of. He is two months old, and is completely adorable.See? I wouldn't lie to you. I could just take him home with me!! I love his cheeks. He really is a handsome man. Then there is this trouble maker. My friend then snagged my camera and took a bunch of pictures. She took some great shots!! Taking a little siesta on the cement.Big Cowpoke took a small breather too. Her daughter peeking around the corner. She was too cute!! I think I look good with four kids!! Don't you? I think I could handle that. Now all I have to do is convince Mr. Cowboy we need just ONE more!! And what is this we see? Is it the Children's Parade coming?Yep, it finally started. We were at the very tail end of the parade. So, as some of the floats were passing the announcer would yell, "STOP THROWING!!" We would yell back, "No, Throw us something, OVER HERE!!!" But I think we still got some nice loot!!Holy Large Scissors Batman!!Even the little handsome man got some beads!! The parade had some great floats in it. I loved this Western Wear Store's float.Little Cowpoke got a stuffed animal and a snake whistle. He was so excited. And for that little gal's first parade. I think she got some great beads!! Then right before the parade ended, we got three Blue Bell Ice Cream sandwiches tossed at us!! How great was that?Finger licken good!! The Parades were so much fun this year. For next year Mr. Cowboy and I want to join a Mardi Gras Krewe. You get to go to fancy balls and ride on the float and throw beads and toys!! I would love it!! It sounds like so much fun!! So, next year, you might see me on the other side of the floats!!


Anonymous said...

Nice photographs. Some of the portraits look better than those done by "professional photographers."

I like your blog too. Don't remember how I got here but think it was from Roger's birthday. And now I see you had a birthday. I'll make you the same offer I made Roger.

If Abraham Lincoln has never wished you a birthday before, then feel free to cut this out and frame it and hang it on your wall on use it as a Screen Saver.

Happy Birthday to You

From Abraham Lincoln

Or, you can send me a check for any amount and I will sign it, cash it and then you can frame it with my signature on the back.


Abe and Pat Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Mrs Parks said...

These pictures are GREAT!!!

Mr Lincoln up there cracks me up :)

Danielle Michelle said...

What a week of parades! That's awesome they have a children's parade - how cool!

I bet you guys have A MILLION beads!!!

Sheldon Jen & Ryanne said...

You are totally right! That little girl and baby boy are absolutely adorable! But then again i might be a little bias! ;)

Anonymous said...

Awwww...I love babies and always wanted at least 3...It didn't work out, but I am routing for you if you want another one...Michelle

Jen and Chris said...

Andrea, let me know if you and Stacy join a krewe, cause I have wanted to (it is just expensive as i mentioned on my blog). But still, if we have friends in the krewe, may be worth it...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You got ice cream thrown at you??! Wow!
How about some moon pies? I love when they throw moon pies! Yummo!

Little cowpokette looks like she can barely stand! lol.

All the kids got some great loot and beads. Looks like a blast!


The Wades said...

I would definitely say your new camera agrees with you! And girlie, you're getting so good at editing them too. I think I need to fly you out to Albuquerque to give me some lessons.