Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"SHHHHH......Don't Tell MOM!!!"

This morning, I woke up to the alarm like always. I went into Big Cowpoke's messy room and started to get him up for school. I needed to get a uniform shirt from his closet, when Little Cowpoke walked in and said, "Move Mom!! There is a baby turtle right there!"

Knowing how my boys can tell some great stories I kindly replied, "No Dear, there are not any baby turtles in here." I was still half asleep and not paying any attention to Little Cowpoke. Then, Little Cowpoke pushed by me in the closet and opened a box that was on the floor.

Now, it is not unusual for Big Cowpoke to have boxes in his room. That child is a garbage junkie. He loves to play with his army men in old boxes. He also says he collects things (junk) and keeps them in boxes. So, to see a large box on my son's floor is not unusual. But as Little Cowpoke opened it he pointed to a rock inside the box, "See, I told you we had a baby turtle!"

I looked and sure enough, the sneaky devils had found a turtle and brought it home. They gave it a home with food, water, and hid it in Big Cowpoke's closet. The thing I think is funny, is that they have had this turtle for three days now and neither one of them told me.

Saturday night the boys were "doing" things. I just thought they were playing nicely. Big Cowpoke even asked me what do turtles eat. I just thought he was being a curious boy. So, I told him that turtles like to eat fruit, plants, and other veggies.

Here is the little turtle that Big Cowpoke found on Saturday while we were at a basketball game, and then hung out in my car for hours while we were at a Mardi Gras Parade. The poor thing. This is the little habitat that the Cowpokes made up for their baby turtle. I think they tried really hard to make the baby turtle feel at home. They gave him an apple. Big Cowpoke even cut up some pieces of the apple for the turtle to eat. Big Cowpoke took a cup and cut it small enough for the baby turtle to drink some water. They also decorated his home with some green foliage. Big Cowpoke even drew the baby turtle a picture to make him feel more at home. How sweet is that? He drew a picture of the baby turtle's family so he wouldn't miss them. He is very thoughtful. But there were some things just not right for this baby turtle. He couldn't get to the water and he was not eating the apple. When I found him he was closed in the dark in a box, and hiding in the corner. I brought him out into the kitchen and I have been giving him some water and doing some turtle research. Big Cowpoke was all worried I was going to throw the turtle into the pond, but I reassured him that I would find out what kind of turtle he was and see if we could keep it. So, this morning I have been trying to find out what kind of turtle Big Cowpoke picked up at the basketball game of Saturday. I think we have a Mississippi Mud Turtle. I want to know why all pictures of turtles have to make them look slimy? Yuck!! I am partial to animals with hair. But the Cowpokes really like this little turtle, but to me it sounds like it's just not the right kind of turtle for us. I would rather have a box turtle that doesn't bite! I really can't believe that the boys didn't tell me for three days, that they had a turtle hiding in their closet. I am grateful that it wasn't a snake!!!


Mrs Mom said...

At least he didnt shove it in his jeans pocket and forget about it... My brother did that with frogs caught in our pond. Unfortunately, *I* was the one doing the wash that day. And *I* got the supreme joy of reaching in to check pockets (so I didn't catch holy what for from our mother,) and *I* found the frog. Long dead, smushed, and just plain GROSS.

I have never checked a pocket since. Ever.

Hope that Turtle Man works out to be a great "pet" for you guys!!!

Danielle Michelle said...

I love Mardi Gras! So jealous I can't be out there this year!

So what's the turtle's name?

Karen said...

I love it! They did an incredible job of taking care of it, too. I cannot believe it's been 3 days without them telling. You're in for a long road of "can we keep it".

kdwhorses said...

AWWW how sweet! Savannah is always keeping things~and yes I mean alive things! I have to watch her. But isn't that a great thing about country kids!!??

Sue said...

I have all girls so I don't get to enjoy those kinds of surprises! But it does sound like something I would do..even today ;)

Anonymous said...

box turtles do bite. I have one, I know.
MS muds, need an aquatic environment. they cannot eat on land.

Also, perhaps you need to go over the risks of salmonella.

if you are interested in a turtle, do some research.

Anonymous said...

That is such a great story and that Big Cowpoke was in on it. You will have some great memories.

Stephanie said...

Awww that's so cute!

Maybe they earned themselves a turtle but your right get one that doesn't bite. We have snapping ones around here that are really mean! They are carnivorous eating small fish bugs worms and what not. And they have serious claws and can claw the crap out of you. I know I've been clawed more than once trying to save the silly things.

Too cute!

ezra_pandora said...

I think I'd be returning that one to it's habitat and maybe visiting the local pet store. We have a hermit crab, that's an EXCELLENT little pet. Clean, quiet, doesn't shed, isn't slimy, doesn't bite. lol

Sneaky little boys.

Mrs Parks said...

ooooooooooooo boy, do I have a turtle story for you!
BRB, i'm going to find the link :)

Anonymous said...

I see someone mentioned salmonella and it is a problem with turtles. I just had this conversation with a wildlife rehabber who had gotten a call for an injured turtle. But I have to say that your boys are well raised. They didn't hurt it, they tried to feed it and keep it safe. So many kids are mean to animals. So good job Mom and Dad..but I wouldn't advise keeping it. ...Michelle

Mrs Parks said...

Okokokokok, I'm back!
This story is one of the highlights of my life and I may even have to repost it.


Grey Horse Matters said...

This is too funny. Hiding a turtle from Mommy, hope next time it's not a snake. And there will be a next time, this is just the beginning!

The Wades said...

Great, great story! You'll be telling that one for years. I'm with you--that picture he drew to make the turtle feel less lonely is priceless. Sweet boys!

Anonymous said...

Your boys are so cute! One thing is certain they are going to keep you on your toes!

Julene said...

This is still the cutest story I have ever heard. The turtle family portrait is the best part of the whole thing. Such sweet boys!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, what stinkers. That's something I would have done as a little girl. My boys wouldn't do that I think. When it comes to critters, they know to come to me and we'll figure out what it is and what it needs, etc.

If it is a mud turtle, it's not going to survive for long in a cardboard box. It needs access to some pond water to keep it's skin moistened and help it digest it's food.
Also, like others have said, those boys need to wash their hands as soon as they are done handling the turtle.
Probably better to release the poor thing back into it's habitat, though.


Carolina girl said...

So this is what I have to look forward to....my son hiding reptiles in his closet. Yikes! I love that he drew a picture of the turtle's family to put in his little house. How sweet. =)