Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Goodbye.....

Today I loaded up the kids and headed back to the Houston Airport, for the third time in two months. It was time to take Big Cowpoke back to the airport so he could fly back up to see his Dad one last time this summer. He really did not want to go. He was crying and all sad. But I reassured him he was going to have so much fun and the time would fly by. He felt a little better and went with the flight attendant on the plane. Oh, how I love that boy! This time he is only gone for two weeks. So, not too long. I can't wait to get him back. As much as I don't like school starting, I just want my boy back. So, things have been a bit crazy here. This past weekend the kids had a riding lesson and rodeo. We are also trying to get the house and kids ready for a week with out us. And I have been driving back and forth from Houston. I will feel a lot better when I am in the mountains.........kidless.....and riding horses.........SIGH.........Oh I can't wait to go!!

And all the vacation pictures I have been posting have been from our one trip, last month, to Utah. I have a bunch of pictures and I am going to try to schedule posts while we are gone. Five more days!! AHHHH!!!! I feel really unprepared. I wanted a cowboy hat but Mr. Cowboy said I look funny in a straw hat. And I do. I am glad he was honest. And I need one more pair of jeans to wear while I am there. I really want a pair of Cowgirl Tuff jeans. But I am having a hard time finding a dealer near me. Oh well. I guess I can get a different pair.....sigh........"Hello, my name is Andrea and I am a Jean-aholic. OH, and I found a pair of Ariat boots I REALLY wanted. Okay, they look way cuter in person. And they are not SO gold! I love how you can wear brown and black with them. And they are square toed and fun!! Plus they were comfy. Mr. Cowboy almost bought them for me but they didn't have them in my size. Sigh.....the story of my life. I couldn't find any jeans in my size either. Why is that? I think someone should tell the jean manufactuers that there are WAY more woman out there that are a size 10-12 than size 0-2. Well, at least in my little jean world.

Oh, and I almost forgot......I have a lady that wants to come out and look at buying Ozzie. "What??!! Mom! You can't sell me!!"
She called just before our crazy busy weekend and she wants to come this week in the evening sometime. I have my fingers crossed she actually comes. She sounded really nice and like she knew what she was doing.

But I am off to bed now, I am tired from doing nothing all day. How come driving always makes you tired?


Carroll Farm said...

I thought I was the only one up this late..

I know what you mean about sending kids off - we send Heather and then worry about her the whole time she is in OK. We have found with her it is easier to let her go for a longer period of time and only have to say goodbye once (plus her mom is always late on her end of the payment).

I look funny in a cowboy hat too - I stick with ball caps. And I totally agree - way more women a 10-12 than a 2. When I find jeans that I like I always end up buying 2 or 3 pair!

Good luck, I can't wait to hear about your trip!! I am SO jealous!

Paint Girl said...

I bet you will miss your big cowpoke!
Your trip sounds like so much fun! One of these days I will get to go on one of those! Maybe if my OH ever marries me, we can take a honeymoon on a dude ranch! I know that probably sounds funny, but I thing that would be the dream honeymoon!
I have seen those boots, and they are so cute! I don't have any squared toed boots yet, something on my wish list! I am one of those 0-2 size jean wearers, and I can never find anything either! Seriously! I don't have a butt or much hips, so what they have in my size just does not fit! The jean fittings so frustrate me! I sometimes feel I need to get custom jeans to fit my body, but then I would need to have some money for that!

Karen said...

Have a great trip! And I hope that Ozzie gets a great home.

Mrs Mom said...

I feel the same exact way when we have to send my oldest back home to Tundra Country. I bawl my eyes out AFTER I get him on the plane.... *sigh*

Fingers crossed on Ozzie too!!!

Kidless? Woman, you are making me wonder what THAT would feel like! LOL Wrecking Crew lately has been Velcro Boy- literally attaching himself to my leg as I try to do things. It was fine when he was smaller--- but now? Not so much! LOL Kinda hard to move around with 40# of muscly strong three and a half year old on you!!

Squeeze those babies from us!

Mrs Parks said...

I love that picture of Ozzie!!
I am so excited for you to have your fun-filled vacation with your cowboy, and a just a little jealous too ;)

Broken Y said...

Sweet Boy! He'll have fun and your time will fly!

A whole week . . . how fun!!!

My personal favorite pair of jeans is from a store called Maurices. I don't know if this is a national chain but the jean is the Maurices Morgan New Boot Cut. They were still a little too flared in the leg, but I just took em up a bit. I have a thick thigh and these fit great, not too tight, not too loose! I love the boots too! Oh, oh! City Girl Turned Country might be able to get you some Cowgirl Tuff jeans - she has shirts she sells from Cowgirl Tuff!

To answer your question about misquitos - where we used to live, we were surrounded by irrogated land so it was wet all the time and the skeeters were the size of wasps. But our new place is just rolling pasture and we have very few! Thank you Lord!

Looking forward to the pictures! I have you on my bloglist now so I'll keep up with you!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

You're going to have so much fun on your vacation. I know how you feel having had three kids myself. Getting away for a week will be heaven. Enjoy yourselves and hope you find your jeans.

Melanie said...

Are you going to have a good time or what???? And I think that those boots look fabulous-and the picture doesn't distort them at all. :)

PS-Thanks for clarifying your vacation oics for me. I have been absent too much to accurately follow along. :)

KD said...

Here's wishing Big Cowpoke a great time with his dad and you two a FAB-ulous time on your own! I am SO looking forward to your pictures of your vacation.

Tj and Mark said...

ok. Love the boots. I gotta go get a pair now. Wear a beat up ball cap. Whenever I wear one I feel like a real rancher! LOL. Enjoy your trip. I am so excited to hear all about it. Kind of sad Ozzie is leaving. I kind of liked that bugger. Blessings to you and yours, Andrea.

Stephanie said...

Way cute boots - really I LOVE them. Bet they are drop dead gourgeous with jeans cruntched up around them huh? I can see it in my mind.

Hello - My name is Stephanie and I am a bootaholic. You'll know if I am ever rich, cause I will have to build a new closet for all my boots.

BTW thanks for the shampoo offer - but I am adjusting well to my Mane and Tail shampoo. I just like the other stuff better...

Pony Girl said...

Those are cool boots! I hope you can find some jeans. I'm a jean-o-holic, too! :) So you'll sell Ozzie to the right person?
I hope Big Cowpoke has fun visiting his dad. He'll be back soon! He is getting so BIG! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Not finding clothes/shoes in my size.....yup, that's the story of my life, too!
Cute boots. I hope you find a pair in your size somewhere else.

You've really been MIA, haven't you?
I'm still trying to play catch up after what happened to Rojo. I still cry when I think about him or look out at his paddock.

I can't wait to read more about your latest vacation to the dude ranch after you get back home.