Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!

We had a really fun weekend. We visited with family and swam in the pool. We did some sparklers and had friends over for dinner. It was a busy but fun weekend. At the family BBQ they had hot dogs, sausage, boudin, turtle, tongue, and some other white sponge like stuff that I dare didn't touch. It was super hot. I think it was only 100 degrees. We have been with out rain for three weeks. It's so dry down here. We desperately need some rain. There is the food table. The two pots on this end were the turtle and the tongue. I didn't even touch those. But those Cajuns sure did love it!!Uncle Tracy loved it!! The Cowpokes tried it, but it wasn't their favorite. Little Cowpoke played in the pool for a little while. He had a good time playing with his southern cousins. There are a lot of boy cousins. Which can get pretty wild sometimes.The slip and slide was a big hit with all the kids!! Can you see how dead all the grass is? It's so crunchy and hard. That little boy just cracked me up. He couldn't have been much older than 1 and he was running down the slip and slide. He didn't have any swim trunks so they put him in some underwear. He was so cute!!The kids also loved the water guns. See that poor girl? She was one of two older girls that were there. So out numbered. We all were then forced to get into family groups for pictures. This is the loud bunch of "Kids". I missed the parents picture. These are all the grand kids. And then we got a picture of our family. Grandma and her two children. We were the only ones to show up from that side of the family. Belle was hot. She played in the pool with all the crazy kids. But she would look at me with her sad eyes and pathetic face begging to go home. So, we didn't stay too much later than 1pm. It was just getting way too hot. We came home and went swimming and then later that night we did sparklers!!!The kids had a lot of fun. Until Cowpokette was handed a sparkler and was left unattended by Mr. Cowboy. She got scared when a spark landed on her and she then grabbed her face with her hand that was holding the sparkler. I didn't want her to drop the sparkler because she wasn't wearing any shoes, so I told her to throw it. Smart thinking Mom!! So she did what I said to do and the sparkler landed on Mr. Cowboy's truck. Right in between the truck bed and the cab! Mr. Cowboy freaked out!But Mr. Cowboy's truck was fine and so was Cowpokette. She just got a bit scared. I did manage to get my toes burned. And it was after the fact of Mr. Cowboy telling everyone to put shoes on and I didn't listen. I was in my PJ's and just wanted to do some sparklers then go to bed.It only blistered a little bit. I survived. The Cowpokes had a lot of fun! Mr. Cowboy made a sparkler lasso!So, I had to try one too!Yee-haw!!!We finished up our sparklers with a little dancing!! Mr. Cowboy is so strange!
Happy Fourth of July!


Paint Girl said...

Sounds like a great time!
I wouldn't have tried the turtle and tongue either! Eww! Well, I can't say it isn't good since I have never had it before!
Loved the sparkler lasso's!

Broken Y said...

I did the sparkler thing in my jammies also! We spent the day at the lake so I was good and toasted and ready to call it a day!

Glad you had a good time with family! I think I'll pass on that cajun food also! Just the thought makes me gag a little!

Mrs Mom said...

Holy cow-- Dear Husband has told me what goes into Boudan, and there is NO WAY either of us are eating that, tounge, OR turtle! LOL (He keeps telling me that we need to try gator tail.... uhh-- NO!!)

Looks like you all had a blast!! Loved the pics of all of the kids playing. Belle is HUGE already, and a beautiful girl!!!

Squeeze those babies from me please!!

The Caple Crew said...

Turtle and tongue!?! GROSS! these Southern Folk are nasty!

KD said...

WAY cool sparkler pics - your hubby has some hidden talents ! :-) I would've been in the water hose with the kids. We had close to 100 degree temps as well.

The Wades said...

We went to a cajun restaurant one night here in town and foolishly ordered the boudin. I am NOT a picky eater in the slightest--I eat almost anything. But man, that boudin stuff was so terribly nasty!!! I actually asked the server to remove it from the table to get away from the horrendous smell.

Happy late 4th to you. So cute doing sparklers in jammies.

Midlife Mom said...

Looks like you had a wonderful
4th. So much fun to get together with family, the kiddos have such a great time together don't they?! What in the world is boudin or do I dare ask? lol! Doesn't sound like anything I would try!!

Josephine is sure looking good! What an interesting color, can't wait to see what she looks like when she is all done changing color. What fun!

Would love to send you some of our rain. It's raining again today and Miss T HATES going to her lessons in the rain. :o( I tried mowing yesterday and still have places on the lawns that I can't mow or I would sink right in the mud. Sigh.... Feast or famine eh?! Hopefully you will get some soon. xoxo

Karen said...

LOVE your sparklers shots. Your pictures are always the best. And this statement lost me:

"boudin, turtle, tongue, and some other white sponge like stuff..."

Being a yankee, I have no idea what boudin is, we don't eat turtle, and tongue is sold in stores and consumed only by the Amish.

Tj and Mark said...

Love the slip and slide photos! Really captured the moments.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! You Southern folks eat the oddest foods. When I lived in South Carolina I was always so surprised at the foods that would be served during the holidays....and always with sweet...tooo sweet tea. lol!

Your sparkler photos are so awesome! Very creative!
Looks like you all had such a great time!
And poor Bella. Makes me want to give her a big smooch...and a bowl of ice water. lol!
Beautiful photo of her, too.