Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Parade, 5K, Craft, and Time!

Now wasn't that a catchy title! I have been so busy lately. I have been on a crafting kick here . A few days ago my friend and I made these super easy and cute word blocks! My friend's said Spooky, as you can see. Mine said, "Boo!" Did I scare you?They were fun to make and super easy. Nothing that a little Mod Podge can't fix!! My favorite letter out of the bunch was the "Y" in spooky. The two bows were just too cute! I have also been busy with training for a 5K run. I don't have a run planned right now but I have been working on it for two months now. I am having a hard time getting my breathing right down here in the swamp. It's so humid and my asthma kills me when I try to breathe and run. I have heard that breathing is really over rated.

But today, I actually ran for 8 straight minutes without thinking I was going to die! I am using the training program "Couch to 5K". It's an app on my phone. I LOVE it. I know I am still far away from running a 5K, but I am getting closer. I have found it helps me to listen to awesome 90's rap songs like "Rump Shaker" while I am running/dying.

The Cowpokes and I also went and rode in the Parish Parade. Cowpokette modeling some of the candy we were going to toss at innocent bystanders! Big Cowpoke in all his ghetto fabulousness. See, the ghetto kid in the front, yep, he's mine! There were some other kids on the float too. It was kinda a last minute thing. The kids are all from the Rider's Club we rode with this year. See our "fancy" float? And just look at that hot girl standing there in her over sized t-shirt! Yep, I got all dressed up for the occasion. "Honey, turn on the curling iron, we're going to the FAIR!" It was HOT that day. I think it was 90 degrees and so sunny. My kids were upset because I had them wear shorts with their cowboy hats, but I am sorry, it was way too hot for jeans. Here is CiCi, my barrel riding instructor, and now the Rider's Club's new Vice President! That club was in need of some major help. They were all sorts of confused with their rules.Oh how 8 year old boys are so silly. At least he is letting me take his picture, right? We were the last float and had all the horses following us. Which that was pretty fun! My niece and nephew rode with their Dad. I love that little gray horse. And that girl is pretty dang cute too!! The kids' horses were so very well behaved for the entire parade. Even when we stopped for a half hour while the marching band preformed for the judges. My so suave brother in law rode his BIG Percheron Friesian mare. Yes, our family has class!! Hahahaa! They are Cajuns what do you expect. At least he wasn't picking his nose....... And my little Nephew, who isn't so little anymore, rode his horse Buzz. I think they both were really relaxed. Buzz looks like he is taking a nap while walking! OH, and I so love the lady's outfit in the background!! Doesn't she know she is riding a horse in a parade! This isn't Mardi Gras woman! Put those two girls away!My Cowpokes had TONS of fun tossing candy out to the folks on the side of the road. It's always interesting to see all the different people who come out to watch parades. Everyone always has bags or upside down umbrellas to catch all their goodies! And it's the only time that it is okay to pick candy up off the ground! Parents are brave and they will venture close to the floats to get the good stuff! Not only does the parade bring out the best folks but it also brings out some interesting horseback riders. I loved this mule. He was small, and kinda skinny, but oh so good. He bowed down for the judges. And he only kicked out once because the man riding him jabbed him with his spurs. We also have twig boy riding twig horse. They are to the right. That poor horse wasn't older than 3 and was just skinny. The rider was a bean pole too. Then there is the "horse trainer" in the yellow. See how happy his mule is? That man can ride anything you give him, but you probably won't like how he does it. He is a pretty well known horse trainer in these parts. He will always be at the area trail rides and parades. He is fun to talk to, just wouldn't ever send him my horse or my mule if I had one.

Any way, lately I feel like I haven't had anytime to do anything. I have been de-junking my house room by room. Three rooms down, four more to go! I have been running, doing kids' school stuff, soccer games, riding horses, cooking dinner, playing with weanlings, and somehow getting some sleep in there. I feel like I am running in circles. So much for time slowing down once school started. Is it summer vacation yet?


The Wife said...

You crack me up! Love the letter blocks. Too cute! Keep up with your 5K training, I promise it will get better. I'm training myself. I have a race Nov 21st.

Hope cleavage lady didn't break off in a lope! LOL

"turn on the curling iron, we're goin' to the fair" That kills me!

Karen said...

A 5K! Girl, you've got ambition! You can do it - keep training!

Tj and Mark said...

Breathe in, breathe out. Hey, I think I want to train too. Yesterday I hit the treadmill. Walked jogged 2 miles. Mostly walked, I think I could sustain a couple minutes jogging. Is there a website with the couch to 5K plan?

The Caple Crew said...

i am so excited to make more blocks!

Carroll Farm said...

I love your blocks. They are pretty simple to make, but alas, who has the time!?!

I agree with the slowing down - I have been off work all week and it has been NONSTOP around here. I will need a vacation from my vacation.

Love the parade pics. your little cowkids are great looking and who says that you have to wear boots with pants. my girls do the shorts with boots all the time.

AAAAAHHHH, someone slept with that woman! Oh, it's just Aunt Betty. How many quotes can we get from him...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Couch to 5K??? Try doing that up here at 7,000ft elevation if you think swampland's humidity is rough. lol!
There's way less oxygen to breathe up here. You'd be gasping for breath. lol!

Love the parade and all the horses and cute kids! Looks like fun :)