Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pumpkin Chucking and Craft!

I know, one last Cub Scout Camp Out post, I promise, then it's more fun pictures of ponies and kids. Saturday evening there was a pumpkin chucking contest. But before all that fun, the boys did a Monster Craft after lunch.
Big Cowpoke put muscles on his monster. At first I thought he had drawn boobs on his monster, but he told me that it was his Monster's six back. The boy is obsessed with muscles right now. He asked for some weights so he could work out! Ha ha ha!!! Later in the evening it was time for the pumpkin chucking!! The kids brought their own pumpkins and tried to toss them into a canoe out on the lake. Little Cowpoke was very excited about tossing his pumpkin into the canoe. Big Cowpoke didn't want to participate, so he went off and played somewhere else. It was a pretty far toss for a little cowpoke. But he tried his hardest. And into the water his pumpkin went. It was alright, Little Cowpoke was very excited about throwing the pumpkin. It didn't matter if it got into the canoe or not. Good job Little Cowpoke! Then Mr. Cowboy helped a boy in our Pack to toss in a bigger pumpkin. It was a big one, they had to both hold onto it and toss it in! And there it goes......... And in the canoe it went! Yep, they made that big pumpkin into the canoe! After the pumpkin tossing there was a Pack that made a pumpkin launcher! It was so cool! All the kids sat around and cheered on the pumpkin launching!! It was so fun! All the while, Big Cowpoke was playing with tree bark and made himself a little boat. I know now what to get the kid for Christmas, sticks and tree bark! Ha ha ha!! After the fun we had the option to go to an outdoor church service or go for a little hike. Big Cowpoke went with a friend to the outdoor service while Mr. Cowboy and I took Little Cowpoke for a walk. This was the church service and my sad attempt at getting some sun rays in the picture. I need to learn how to do that and get the f stop thing going. I will get it down though. Then there was our walk. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. I am so pretty when I don't get to take a shower! Just look at that camping glow! He seems to glow a bit more then I do! We came across some cool looking boxes! They were up in the trees! They are bat boxes! I am glad nothing came flying out of them!! YIKES! Pretty berries. Wild flowers. Wild boys! The boys had more energy the entire weekend! Pumpkins floating out on the lake. After that long walk Little Cowpoke was thirsty! Then we went to a fun bonfire and sang our Pack Camp song for everyone! It was a lot of fun. There was a haunted house put on by the boy scouts, which was fantastic!! The boys LOVED it. We then went back to our camp site and made smores. It was a perfect way to end our weekend camping trip! There was never a dull moment, that's for sure!


Danielle Michelle said...

I love the picture of the pumpkins floating in the lake!

So is LA where the pumpkin chucking 'thing' is popular? There's something in the TV soon about that. I should have figured!

The Wades said...

What a great post! That must have taken over an hour if not more! You rock. Gorgeous pictures, cute family. Thanks for sharing.

And so you know, I always think you look cute. :)

Train Wreck said...

Wow girl that looks like a camp you would see on tv! Perfect. How fun, and what great memories, and photos to remember.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! Such a wonderful camping trip together! Thanks for sharing all the special photos. I enjoyed seeing all the fun you guys had.