Monday, November 9, 2009

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"

While at the Cub Scout Family Camp Out, the boys got to do some archery and BB Guns. Those two activities always have super long lines, so we went to those first. The name of the camp out that weekend was Haunted Camp out. The boys were loving it. Big Cowpoke and his friend got to go first in the archery. See the thing around Big Cowpoke's friend's neck? Each kid got one of those, and for every activity they completed they got a bead to put on their necklace. A little help from Dad. While Dad was helping Big Cowpoke, Little Cowpoke was giving his name to the Boy Scout. It was so cute to hear my four year old spell his name for the Boy Scout. Then he proceeded to pick his nose and eat it. Those nasty boys!! Then it was Little Cowpoke's turn. He must have been the cutest boy doing archery ever! Getting some help from Dad. Get ready and aim! Fire!!! One more time just because I love his tongue hanging out!! Use those muscles boy!! And fire!! I don't think they even came close to a target, but Little Cowpoke was so excited. BOO!!! He found three of his arrows! Then it was on to waiting in another line. Big Cowpoke's most favorite thing ever.....the BB Guns! Get it ready! Aim and attempt to fire, with a sticky trigger. Then he couldn't decide if he was right handed or left handed..... Weird.....but he did manage to hit the target! Three times!!! Not too bad for not having any help or practice!Then Mr. Cowboy got mad. He couldn't find me. He was wondering why he was helping the boys do all this stuff and I was no where to be found. But really, how was I going to help them shoot BB Guns. I have never done it either! Little Cowpoke's first time ever shooting a BB Gun. He was so excited. The boys both did really well. Then it was off to some other games to earn some more beads. But that is another post. I am so far behind on my blogging!! We have done so many things!!

And since I haven't had any pictures of my weanlings in a while, here are the two girls in their new pasture!! Josephine, the darker one, is one month younger!!! Oh and these were taking with my phone, so they are dark and fuzzy looking. Oh how the angle of a picture makes such the difference in horse pictures! Luna/Tater so doesn't look that ugly!! Ha ha! No neck, no rear, and HUGE belly! There is one thing about that palomino filly, she sometimes doesn't want to eat her grain. She will nibble at it and then just walk away and act like she is sleeping. Weird right?


Mrs Mom said...

RALPHIE!!! I love that movie..hehe.. Have to watch it every year when it comes on at Christmas.

Hope that you guys are not getting drowned out there by Ida... we're waiting here to get some tomorrow. It's already dark, gloomy, and kinda almost creepy outside.

The fillies are getting big! Looking good girl!

Danielle Michelle said...

I do love that quote...that and, "you're killing me smalls!"


I'm a dork

Your gals look great. Mine is so fuzzy for the winter he looks like a teddy bear. He's also still on mom. Bad me. We just didn't have the room and we're making it now!

Midlife Mom said...

Great pictures of the fillies!!!! Just so adorable!!! We haven't had a baby here for years and I miss it.

What a fun day shooting BB guns and bows and arrows!!! Nose picking, it's just a guy thing! lol!

The Wife said...

Reminds me of my campfire girl summer camp. Love archery and shooting! Looks like the kids had tons of fun.

That's my favorite movie too! Have to watch it every year!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh I LOVE that movie. We always watch it at least once over the holiday season.

Looks like the kiddos had tons of fun at camp. Booger eater-LOL. My middle brother was a booger eater too. Boys! LOL

ROF-Don't let fugly get a hold of that photo of your baby...Heeheehee. I kid! Bad angle or not...she is a cutie. Wanna trade for a big ugly blue horse?;)

Tj and Mark said...

It sure looked like a lot of fun for your boys. And, like all the others, love the movie your title was taken from. Brings a smile. Your girls (horses!) are getting big. I think they look great, but I understand about photos. Tater's color is really nice. We are bad and haven't weaned our guy yet. He just runs around with the herd and gets no pampering. But he does lead and you can touch him everywhere and handle his feet, so I should get some points for that!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I loved it when my boys were in Cub Scouts. They had so much fun. Your boys are so cute!

Those babies are huge! and built!! Nice!!! You must be very proud of them. Never mind the poor angles on Tater, She's still a looker!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Those little boys look like they had a blast at the haunted camp boy scout bash.

Your horses are growing up, and of course they are very cute.

The Coolest Curiels said...

WOW! That is an awesome post full of excitement! lol I love the pics you took of the cubscout family campout! Are you like a professional? They look SUPER good! And I love your little story line...too cute! So you raise horses huh? That is amazing!