Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Festivites

The day started out with house chores, yes chores, because it was Saturday and the kids have to do their chores before they get to do anything fun. But they got those finishes and got to start on their pumpkins. We use a peanut butter jar lid to scrape out our pumpkins. It works like a charm! It gets all those nasty strings that do not want to come out. And of coarse all good fun ends with a mess!! After the mess was out of the pumpkin and onto the table, we then went to carving. Both boys wanted flames of some kind. I helped Little Cowpoke with his pumpkin. I am not a great carver. I do not have patience for this kind of stuff. I am not a builder type person. I like to get in and see results quickly, and that pumpkin was not going quickly. But Little Cowpoke thought it was SOOOO cool!! Well, it was all cool UNTIL, Mr. Cowboy came home and helped Big Cowpoke with his pumpkin. Then my flame eyebrows and pointy teeth were dirt compared to what Mr. Cowboy can do! Big Cowpoke loved it and Little Cowpoke cried. Then it was time for my pumpkin!! I picked out a really cool striped pumpkin this year. When we cut into it, the pumpkin was super juicy and smelled like a honeydew melon. And it was super thick!But it didn't have any strings in the inside and smelled a LOT better than the other pumpkins! We had all the windows and doors open to let in the beautiful fall air and let out the stanky pumpkin smell. Then I have to admit, I picked out what kind of face I wanted and walked away. I had to get things ready for that night, so Mr. Cowboy took over the carving. Look, he actually SMILES!The finished product! I love the mouth! It was perfect!!Little Cowpoke felt better when we gave his a carrot for a nose. I am still loving how Mr. Cowboy carved my fabulous pumpkin! The rest of the afternoon was spent getting our Trunk Ready for the Trunk or Treat that we were having at church. We got the dogs dressed up to. Sheriff Brodi and Convict Belle. I love Brodi's arms!! Hahahaha! They make me laugh. Bell was excited to wear her costume........cough cough. Her costume was a hand me down from Bear, our yellow lab. Bear was a puppy when he wore this so Belle's beefy chest didn't really fit in it! Mr. Cowboy's sporting his 2 dollar costume! He was a skeleton cowboy. He wore black jeans, his black cowboy shirt, black duster, a black shirt around his head, and a mask we got at Wally World. He topped it off with his cowboy hat and a pair of black gloves. It was perfect. It went with our trunk theme. The Cowpokes got dressed up too! I don't have a good picture of any of them. Sigh.......I'll have to play dress up with them and get some better pictures. From left to right we have Speed Racer, a Witch, and a Jedi Knight (with a gun?). Then the construction began on our trunk. We had hanging bats, two scary hanging skeletons, spider webs, a giant spider, rats, our pumpkins, scary music, a fog machine, and a cool cow skull seat for our skeleton cowboy!The kids were all super excited!I think it turned out GREAT!! You can't see all the small details, I should have taken better pictures........Then night came.....There were a few kids that were too scared to go by our van. Mr. Cowboy thought that was great.The kids got WAY too much candy! Which made them act way weird! Goof ball! And last but not least, a final picture of Big Cowpoke, the Jedi Knight with his cloak on! The kids all had a wonderful night Trunk or Treating!I didn't dress up, I am a party pooper!


Once Upon an Equine said...

Awesome pumpkins! Love the striped one. We do church Trunk or Treat too; always a great time.

Karen said...

Love the giant spider on the van! That's an awesome trunk-or-treat display.

The Wife said...

Looked like an awesome time! Never been to a trunk or treat. Your van looked great! And all the kiddos and Mr. Cowboy, of course!

KD said...

Cool! Our church calls is Trick or Trunk - same thing. Your trunk was decorated so well and Mr. Cowboy was skeery! The jack o lanterns turned out really well and looked spooky when lit.

Paint Girl said...

The pumpkins turned out amazing, loved them all lit up! What a great idea, a trunk or treat! I have never heard of that before and your trunk looked so cool!!
Looks like the kidlets had so much fun!!

Tj and Mark said...

Wow. These are the days of your life, Andrea. Savor them.

Danielle Michelle said...

I'm so glad I'm not he only one who dresses up the dogs!!! lol

I just didn't get any pics this year!

I love the van!

Pony Girl said...

I missed halloween this year due to travel, so it was fun to live it vicariously through you! I loved Brodi's costume w/the arms, that had me laughing out loud! Too cute! :)
I love your pumpkin too, clever face!!

Carolina girl said...

Oh my! The dogs costumes were too funny! Love them!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

YOu guys always have so much fun! Such creative ideas around your place. I'm impressed!
We didn't even get to carving our pumpkins until AFTER Halloween, and the best part was roasting and eating all the pumpkin seeds. They didn't last long, though! Yummy!

We've done the trunk or treating before and it's so fun!
The last two years, I just drive my kids around the mountains, and the folks out here are so happy to see the few kids they get to visit, that they literally dump handfuls of candy in their bags or ask the kids to take multiple handfuls. We only visited 10 homes this year and came home with the grocery store fabric recycle bags stuffed FULL of candy...times 3!
And it was all good stuff, like chocolate bars...many full size.
I need to go on a diet now! gah!

I'm glad you all had such a fabulous Halloween! The dogs' costumes cracked me up!