Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ozzie and Josephine

The two are just about as goofy as two horses can get. They have such fun personalities. I bet you can't tell they are half brother and sister?Josephine is getting so tall. She still is a yearling, and Ozzie is 5!! So, do you think she will pass him up? I took a bunch of pictures of them tonight, but only have time to post one. We did the rodeo thing today, and my Cowpokes got all the patterns wrong. Just something in the air!

Luna is doing great. She was running around today like a crazy yearling! It's amazing how great she is doing!

Cowpokette is going to be 3 on Sunday! I can't believe it!! Gosh I love that little girl! I'll show her pink birthday pictures soon! She had her bestest girlfriends come over! They were so cute!!

But that's about it! Just a quick update!


Sydney_bitless said...

Shes gonna surpass him for sure! look at where her stifle/elbow and knees/hocks are. They are already above his by a little bit.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awww...'Our' girls are growing up. How time does fly.

That's awesome that Luna is healing so well. Amazing!

Alex said...

So glad Luna is doing well! Have a fun birthday~ time sure flies!!

Tj and Mark said...

Enjoy the Pink Party, time does fly. My daughter is now expecting our first grand baby! Our yearling too is a moose although I can't call him ours anymore because we did a mule training trade with our daughter in law, so he officially belongs to her now!

Danielle Michelle said...

Yeah for Luna! I'm so glad. I was thinking of you!

Happy b-day to the birthday gal! 3 is super great age!

Sailing with bare feet said...

Such beautiful animals ! I have wanted a horse since I was like 12.
Maybe someday :) You can visit my blog here