Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Poo Poo Face

Oh what a way to be woken up!! I had just put Big Cowpoke on the bus and came inside to find Little cowpoke awake. So, I changed his diaper and got him a sippy cup and put on some cartoons so I could get some more zzz's. It didn't take long before I was hit in the head with a canister of wipes. This still didn't move me to roll over and see what was going on. Not much longer I was woken up by the sounds of Little Cowpoke grunting while trying to climb on the cedar chest onto my bed. Still I did not open my eyes. I should have known better but I just thought maybe he wanted to lay down with me and rest too? Don't two year olds do that sometimes? Maybe? No, instead I was rudely awakened by the smell of, you guessed it, poo poo. Little cowpoke was standing right over me with his pants around his ankles and his diaper half off around his knees with a fresh clean diaper in his hands saying, "I pooped, new diape". I have never jumped out of bed so fast before in my life. Wow, it got me up quickly. I think they should make alarms that have little kids saying that. Another good one is the sound of a child throwing up. That one will make anyone jump like crazy out of bed. I know it works for me. My husband......does any alarm work for him? Well anyway, back to my wonderful morning.

So, after this I decided that I was not going to get anymore sleep. Little Cowpoke and I ventured into the kitchen. I was eating breakfast while I hear the bad sound of water hitting tile and coming fast. The first thing I said was, "Stop that, right now. Turn it off." But the water kept coming, and fast!! While still saying, "Stop it, Stop it!!" and running, I found a sippy cup wedged up in the water thingy on the fridge door. Sorry I can't remember what that thing is called to save my life, it's late. But who knew a sippy cup could get stuck like that and all that water could come out of their so fast? I got the cup unwedged (is that a word?) from the door, and Little Cowpoke just laughed and got me some towels. We cleaned up the water and then decided that since those towels were all wet that we could spot clean the wood floors. So resourceful. But that was it for today. The rest of the day went pretty smooth. Thank goodness. But until next time may you all have sweet dreams and y'all come back now ya hear!


Amanda said...

Yuck. That's all I have to say.

Jennifer said...

HAHAHA - is there anything else that one can say? Dont you just love it when days start out that way? For me though it usually gets worse, it seems like your got better. So I am glad. Be glad that yours didn't paint the walls/toys/beds/blankets etc with the poop - all of mine have been known to have poop parties many many times, LOL.

Wendy said...

Uh huh!!! That's what you get for trying to go back to bed! ;-)

Squatly said...

i don't think i'm ever having children. . . grossness fallows them