Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Wishes

Is it too early in the winter to be wishing for warmer weather?
I am off today to do my Christmas shopping. Mr. Cowboy had told me that he was going to build the Cowpokes a club house and swing set for Christmas and we wouldn't buy them any presents. Well, the other night Mr. Cowboy told me that he just wasn't going to get the swing set built. *surprise surprise* So, now I am off with the last minute shoppers to find the perfect gifts for the Cowpokes.

Oh, and those two older Cowpokes are such big stinkers. They found Mr. Cowboy's Black Friday shopping deals and they found the presents that their Uncle and Aunt had bought them and shipped here. They dug through them all!! So much for surprises on Christmas.


Paula said...

I decided to hit one favorite blog a day and get all caught up! NO it is not too early to wish for warmer weather. I never wanted it to get cold. I want global warming right now!

I love the calendar! I think I will give that a try!

We haven't had slush just yet. We have alot of clay so when the rain comes we slip and slide. Literally no traction!

I love the family portrait! The red shirts are great and it just has alot of color!

Have a great weekend my Cajun friend!


Tj and Mark said...

Maybe it is not to early for you to wish for warmer weather. But for me, I have to wait till February. Otherwise the wait is just too long. LOL I hope you enjoy the crowds of last minute. I do. Every year I wait just to go out and feel the bustle.

Danielle Michelle said...

Hey - I'll trade you weather.

I plan on getting the Christmas pics taken this weekend, so you'll see just how furry the ponies are. My colts ears are almost buried in this hair. He's like a teddy bear.

I totally remember going through my parent's closet when they were gone to find gifts. Hiding spots must be creative - like buried in the yard somewhere. Or better yet - a neighbors house.

Sydney said...

its so friggn windy and cold here! We went from 60 to 25 in less than a week D: I want spring. How many more days??

The Wife said...

hehe, I used to go thru the closets looking for my gifts.

I agree about the warmer weather. I don't do well in the cold.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oddly enough, I was never a "snooper" as a kid....I make up for that now-LOL. But my brother was always snooping for presents. He was the ornery one who woke me up on Christmas Eve to show me that mom was Santa Claus.

And don't you guys have like 2 days of cold weather down there?

Mrs Mom said...

LOL I hear you-- our youngest, Wrecking Crew, went through the closet at Grannys and found goodies. Rotten lil bugger!! Cub was helping me cook at the time, so he didn't get into trouble. But Wrecker? He is always into something!

Hope you had a good day shopping!!! Squeeze those beautiful babies from us!

KD said...

stinkers...but very cute ones!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! You better watch out, you better not pout! Santa Claus knows when you've been good or!

Kids are great!