Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning started at 7:30 am. Which isn't too bad compared to the early mornings I remember from when I grew up! The kids found their Santa presents and were all very excited! Big Cowpoke got a gaming chair! He was very excited about it. Little Cowpoke's Monster Truck played some rockin music and Cowpokette got to cooking! Big Cowpoke then read an official letter from Santa Clause! I am so proud of how well Big Cowpoke is reading! He doesn't like to read at all. After we dragged Mr. Cowboy out of bed the kids finally got to do their stockings!! We have a tradition where we do our Santa presents and our Stockings first. Then we eat breakfast and get dressed. After we are full, then we do the rest of the presents! It kinda makes the day last a big longer!! Oh how beautiful I am in the mornings!! Whuahahahaha! Well, here are just a few of the 200 plus pictures I took that day. I love getting the kids' reactions to their gifts. And then I send pictures to people with their "thank you" cards. That way they can see how excited the kids really were! The Cowpokes' favorite presents! They were from their Aunt and Uncle! My sister made these great "ABC" books for the kids! I love them! They have pictures of them in it. It's such a cute idea! Belle was loving the fact that we were all on the floor with her! She came into heat on Christmas Eve, so she was a bit on the lazy side. She is so pathetic when she is in heat! Little Cowpoke made me the sweetest box for Christmas. He painted it and then put a special heart in it for me! There was a poem in the box about how much he loves me! It was so sweet. Little Cowpoke gave me hugs after I opened it! He is so sweet! Brodi got a new dog bed! The Cowpokes played Star Wars the Clone Wars for hours!! The kids all did really well. They all opened one gift at a time and saw what each other got before doing another one!! Then onto the last present from Big Cowpoke's Dad. He got a HUGE remote control Jeep! It is super nice!! The Cowpokes always ask for remote control things! This one has some really cool driver and navigator! Can you see them yet? Yep, it's a Clone! I bet that bumpy ride was far from a futuristic space ship! But they handled the ride pretty well. Big Cowpoke even did some stunts!! The truck would go super far away from Big Cowpoke and still work!! Not like those cheap ones you get at the store for 20 bucks!! He drove it right into the fillies' pasture. I told him he better get it out before Luna tries to play with it! But that is about it! I have lots more pictures of kids opening up presents, but I'll save those all for our "Thank You" cards!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and now a Happy New Year! How time flies!

Happy New Year!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Those are some excited faces. Happy New Year!

The Wife said...

What fun! They must have been really good this year!

Rising Rainbow said...

Happy New Year to you too, Andrea!!

Julene said...

Looks so fun! It felt like we were there! Too bad we really coudln't be together on xmas. Maybe next year. It's fun to have your own tradtions too. I can't believe you make your kids wait to do presents. I don't think I could wait that long to see them open stuff. I totally forgot that mom and dad made us to that. Great post!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awww...I miss having a little on on Christmas. They are what makes it fun.

Hope you have a wonderful year in 2010.

Paint Girl said...

Look at all those presents!! Lots of happy faces!! I love Christmas!!
So happy you had an excellent one!!
Happy New Year!!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

THey made out like little bandits! What a great Christmas!

Callie said...

Looks like Santa found all to have been good boys and girls, LOL!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Gosh, what a lovely Christmas! Thanks for sharing it with us. I think everyone was very happy with all their fantastic gifts.

Ever since I can remember, and with my own kids too, we would pass out all the presents and then take turns opening them. It is so enjoyable to see what everyone gets, and yes, it stretches Christmas out just a little bit longer.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! What a load of loot! lol!
This year we went very simply with gifts, and because both my husband and are only-children, my kids don't have Aunts and Uncles and extended family to send them any gifts.

My Dad and Stepmom were here, but they each only gave the kids just one gift each. So all together my kids just got 3 gifts to open up on Christmas Day and a few little stocking stuffers.

Our Christmas was fun, but also peaceful and not as frentic with all the ripping, tearing and piles of gifts. They have too many already anyway.

We are planning on taking a couple boxes of their older toys to a women and children's shelter later this month, too.

Your daughter is just so precious in her footy jammies. I love when they are little like that and can wear them.
That kitchen is huge! My daughter has one that was passed on to her from her brothers and it is barely even half the size of that one! lol!
We keep it on our kitchen and my daughter 'cooks' while I do. hehe!