Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lame Horse and Vacation Time

So, Ozzie has been off or dead lame for the last two months. He just can't seem to get sound. He flips back and forth with which front hoof he wants to favor. Last week he was swollen and favoring the front right and now he won't put his front left down. It's time to take him to the vet. So, tomorrow, I am taking Ozzie to have a lamness exam and to get x-rays if needed. That horse is so high maintenance! I haven't really ridden him since that last lesson I had with him. He just hasn't been sound. I am hoping it's not serious. But it's been pretty bad. Ozzie spends his days laying down. He only gets up to eat some hay and drink some water. Then he lays back down. I would say he spends about 75% of his day on his side. The other day he was laying flat out and I thought he was dead. I opened the back door and he didn't move. He normally picks his head up and hopes for carrots, but he didn't even move an ear. So I made kissing sounds and clapped my hands and he didn't move. Finally he twitched an ear. Little stinker. But he is in a lot of pain. I need to figure out what is doing on with him.

Other news, I am going on a cruise. I leave tomorrow night. After I take Ozzie to the Vet! I called around for a vet that does x-rays and one vet didn't want to see me until Friday. I told him how bad Ozzie was and he said he couldn't get me in. The other vet I called said, "Come tomorrow at 11:30am". It's amazing how some vets just don't care. And we actually use the first vet a lot. My normal vet doesn't have x-ray units, he is a traveling vet.

Anyway, I am going on a cruise with my sister. Just us two gals! It's going to be fun. It's a much needed vacation. But I am a bit sad that I won't be able to call my kids or husband, because Iphones get charge an arm and a leg on cruise ships. It's nuts!!

Well, I will try to visit blogs before I go, but I have been so busy lately, I haven't had much time. I promise to catch up when I get back!! I will post an update tomorrow about Ozzie's leg. Tonight when I checked on him, he was inflamed in his pastern, lots of heat, and not putting weight on his front left leg. We'll see what the vet says tomorrow.


KD said...

Were you really posting at 2 AM this morning? Maybe it's just my time setting.

Hope Ozzie is okay - let us know. You gals will have a FUN time on the cruise.

Karen said...

Poor Ozzie - I hope it's nothing too serious. He really turned out to be a nice little horse.

Have fun on the cruise!

Sydney said...

Poor ozzy. I hope it's not serious.

RaeAnn said...

Have a great time on your cruise!!! I love just getting together with the girls!!!
Sorry your pony is under the weather, hope he is back up on his feet soon!!

Incredible Mardi Gras pics!!

Tj and Mark said...

Have fun! So sad though about Ozzie. Waiting expectantly for his update.

Stephanie said...

Poor boy! I'm for him and you! You were making progress. Keep us posted - I got my fingers crossed for ya!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Could it be Founder? I hope not. Poor guy. Hate to hear about a horse in pain.

I'nvious of your cruise trip. Didn't you just get back from you ranch vacation? You're quite the jet setter. lol!
I've not went on a vacation in years and years. Noone to care for all the animals and kids...and not enough money.

Hubby and I had planned to go on a cruise a few years after we were married, and then I became prego with my twins and the doctor said I was high risk, so we had to cancel the cruise vacation and was never able to reschedule it again.

Hubby and I will be married for 20 yrs this May. I'm hoping we can something more special than just eating out a restaurant this time.

Have a great time and take lots of pics.


Paint Girl said...

I hope it isn't anything serious with Ozzy.
How exciting that you get to go on a cruise!! That will be so much fun!

The Wife said...

Ugh, some vets tick me off. The evening Priss sliced her legs to the bone with barbwire, we tried gettin' her in to the local vet. He wouldn't call us back. Finally got someone else to call him and he answered. He said he was tired and to find someone else!!! We finally loaded her up and drove her over an hour to a vet that would meet us at their office.