Sunday, June 22, 2008

Off Shore Fishing!

Sorry I have been such a blogging slacker lately! Our summer has been so busy! We traveled to Baton Rouge to meet Mr. Cowboy after work this weekend. We went to the amusement and water park there. It was a blast! I have not ridden a roller coaster in about 10 years! It was so much fun. We are going to go back in about two weeks. But anyway, onto the fun stuff.

While we were visiting my sister, they guys went on and off shore fishing trip. They left really early in the moring and spent 8 hours out in the Gulf of Mexico fishing! Before they left we asked them to take a lot of pictures. I think they took about 15 pictures, and not a single one of what the boat looked like. But they did get a few good ones of the big fish they caught. They started out the trip at about 5 am. I just don't get why men like to get up that early to go fishing? I guess to beat the heat? I prefer to be sleeping!

You can see how tired Big Cowpoke is, and I think Mr. Cowboy is putting on his sun screen. Guys take the strangest photos!! I would like to point out Mr. Cowboys fantastic farmer's tan!!

It was a long ride out to see, so I guess Big Cowpoke got some lounge time. This cowpoke is all boy. He loves to hunt, fish, play in the dirt, spit, and a lot more things that take a bit of testosterone! Mr. Cowboy enjoyed the ride out to see too.

"How you doin?" (say with a think southern accent!) My model fishermen cowboy. I am not too sure I could have looked so relaxed on the side of that boat. I would have been afraid of falling overboard.

Then they finally started fishing! Uncle Anton was fighting sea sickness the entire time. But he pulled through and caught a bunch of fish.

Even Big Cowpoke got his own poll and he caught a few fish too.

"We got one!!" The fish were pretty strong and big, so Big Cowpoke would need help to reel them in.

This is one of the small Mings that they had to throw back. They caught three different types of fish. Red Snapper, Black Snapper, and Ming. Unless you were this next guy who caught himself a sea turtle.

They had to cut the line. It's illegal for a sea turtle to be brought aboard a boat. The poor turtle now has a hook in it's mouth. That one is a biggen. He must have been at least 90 plus years old! When Big Cowpoke was not fishing you could find him hanging out around the boat. He would check out the fish that everyone else had caught.

Then he met a girl. We teased him and told him she was his girlfriend. He got all red and embarrassed. He is so cute. I was told that she fed him cherries. How he already has a way with the ladies!

Here he is looking all cool while talking her the girl and her mother. He has the right idea to sweet talk the parents too!! I love how he is all laid back and playing it cool. You really have to watch those cowboys.

Then it was time to head in, back to the main land. Mr. Cowboy told me that they got grass caught in their motor or something like that and they had to go really slow back to shore. While they were headed back there were dolphins riding in with them.

Uncle Anton got it on video but I do not know how to put his video on here. The dolphins were jumping out of the water right along side of the boat. When they finally made it back to shore, the guides cut up the fish for them. I am sure it has some technical fishing name but I do not know what it's called. Between the three of the guys, they caught about 18 fish.

Here are they proud fishermen with their booty! We grilled the fish in a Cajun rub. It was really really good. I am not a big fan of fish at all, but fresh fish right out of the ocean and onto the grill with spicy Cajun seasoning, could not be turned down. I tried all three fish. I liked the red snapper the best. They all seemed to have a great time.


The Wades said...

I'm so impressed they got any pictures! I cannot tell you how many times my husband has been sent with the camera, only to come back forgetting to take it out of his pick-up. They got some great pictures. Love the turtle one.

Fish sound delish.

kdwhorses said...

Great pics!
Fresh fish-YUM-O!!!
Little cowpoke working tha ladies!!! LOL!!
Thanks for sharing!

Tj & Mark said...

Ahh, I love a boat ride. Tj

Amanda said...

mmmm that fish was good. We had some again last night. I put too much rub on them and i think i overcooked them. It definitely wasn't as good as fresh out of the ocean. Oh well.

Jenn said...

Lokks like they had fun my daughter would have loved the dolphins!