Monday, June 30, 2008

Clouds, Birds, and Horse Lumps

So, I have a bunch of randomness that I am going to post about today. I have been super busy lately. For the past few days I have been getting Big Cowpoke ready to go visit his Dad. It is always so sad and stressful when I pack him up and take him to the airport. Not only am I sad to say good bye but his little brother doesn't understand where Big Cowpoke has gone and why he isn't coming home. Many times Little Cowpoke has asked, "We go get "Gah"? "Gah" is what Little Cowpoke calls his big brother. I am not sure why? But he misses his big brother. But while he is gone, I try really hard to stay busy. I have checked up on my baby birds. My have they grown up fast. They have their nest right next to my front door. They are my attack birds. When people come to the door the swoop down and try to get the person.
Aren't they just the cutest? Well, I guess, they can be cute. If you don't mind cleaning up after them.
When do they leave the nest for forever? I can't wait to knock that sucker down. I probably will have to put up a bird house to try and detour them from building a new house on my porch next year. I will have to do all this while Big Cowpoke is gone. Maybe he won't notice. While he is gone I am not only going to take down that bird nest but I am finding some time to ride.

I got Lucy out of the pasture and tied her up to the trailer. You can see she doesn't have much room to move around. That is due to all of the treasures that are piled beside her. I guess I could also tack her up in the barn but all my saddles are still in the horse trailer from our last outing. While I was brushing Lucy I noticed a lump. It's a strange lump. The lump is on her rump (I sound like Dr. Seuss). Here is what it looks like.

See, weird right? I do not know what it is. You can push on it and she doesn't mind it. It's kinda like a puffy thing. An interesting note, when she walks that leg is funny. When she brings it forward she kinda throws it down. Like she is stiff in her hocks or her stifle. I am not sure. I do know she kinda just thumps her leg down. Not much movement in her fetlock. I am thinking she might have arthritis, but what is up with that lump? So, can anyone out there solve Lucy's mysterious lump?

She is such a funny horse. She really loves people. I think Lucy loves treasures too. There even is a kitchen sink. That has been there for years. I am not too sure what one might need that sink for? I know what a sink is used for but what would someone want with that old nasty sink? Maybe in case the bugs want to wash their wings? Well, after we got all tacked up I headed over the the pasture to where I was going to ride. And while we were walking we passed up some more treasures.

Yep, that is a bucking bull there. With a wheelbarrow that has had a flat for........well.....about forever. Lucy is such a good sport. She doesn't mind those scary treasures. She just walks right on by. I warmed her up behind my house and then Lucy and I went on a short trail ride with two other riders. We rode down the street. She is really good. I should have taken more pictures of our ride, but somehow it's hard to hold a camera and ride at the same time. I will have to perfect my photo taking skills while riding a horse. Maybe when I have ridden Lucy more than three times. Our riding times have been limited with all of our afternoon thunderstorms. I will leave you all with some pictures of what our afternoon thunderstorms leave us, besides a lot of rain. They leave us with some really beautiful sunsets.

It kinda looks like a mushroom cloud. But that sunlight shinning through was amazing. The photos really don't do it justice.

Until next time, y'all come back now ya hear!


Julie Church said...

I find it educational to read your entries. You use words like "hocks" and "stifle". Words that me nothing to me normally make total sense when reading your blog. Love it!

The Wades said...


Girlie, I already invited you out for a branding on your anniversary post (or around there.) Let me know when you want to come play. :) There's always lots of work to do.


The Wades said...

I hope time will fly between now and when you get your big cowpoke back! Also, loved the Dr. Seuss. Fun.

Pony Girl said...

You crack me up. Treasures? Hee!
(We've all got them!)
No idea what Lucy's bump might be, wish I could be of more help. Does it feel like fluid? Hopefully someone will have some advice for you. It does seem weird that she walks strange on the same leg as the lump. It's probably connected somehow. I hope she's okay!! Gotta pull for my Appy friends!

Carolina girl said...

Wow! Beautiful cloud pictures!

Karen said...

I'm so glad we're not the only ones with treasures hanging about everywhere.

The bump is truly a mystery. I'd think a bite of some kind, but one never knows. I have a bump mystery going on at my place as well.

And those clouds! Awesome!

Amanda said...

I have bumps on my rump, but sadly I know what they are, cakes, ice cream, bowls full of pasta, etc. Love the cloud pictures!!

Jenn said...

Great pictures, I hope the lump isn't anything too bad !

Train Wreck said...

Hello, just came over to thank you fro stoppin by my page!!

Is the lump hard or squishy? If it is squishy you might be able to lance it to see if it will drain. If it is hard it could be that something punctured the skin, then healed over? If it gets any bigger in size I would definatley call a vet! Stop by anytime! I will do the same!

kdwhorses said...

Girl you crack me up! Treasures! We all have them, as much as I try to get ride of them! LOL!
How is the lump doing?? I agree with Train Wreck, if it is soft-I would pop with a needle or do a small lance and see what comes out. If not I would defintely go to the vet! Let us know!