Monday, June 23, 2008

This is Awesome!

That is what Little Cowpoke said when he opened a box that came in the mail a while back. One of my favorite blogs that I read is called the Rocking Pony. She is so fun! I love her funny stories and her cute animals! Plus she is really talented. She has a store on Esty, where she sells all sort of fun kid things. I have been over to her store many times wanting to order all sorts of fun shirts for the boys. The other day I finally ordered two shirts!! As soon as I opened the box the boys were so excited. Little Cowpoke said, "Dat is Awesome!" Big Cowpoke said, "Cool, I want one like Little Cowpoke's too!" At the time I was dropping off a rental car at the dealership where my van was getting serviced. Both boys took off their shirts and put on their new ones. Then the boys felt in necessary to model by the red Ford Focus. They are so funny.

Such cool dudes. I think I really need to order about five more each. The boys wear those shirts at least twice a week.

And I can never take a single picture with out the boys making at least one silly face. I love their shirts and I can't wait to order more! Also some fun news here at our house, we have some new baby birds living on our front porch. I wanted to knock the nest down but Big Cowpoke wouldn't let me because there were eggs in it. So, I agreed to wait until they hatched and the birds flew away. So, here are our front porch barn swallow babies.

So tiny tiny! There are four of them.

When ever I would step outside to take their pictures the babies would start to scream. I was worried the mommy bird would come and attack me, so I would run back in the house. I hate bird feet! They creep me out. I think that is one of the main reasons we do not have chickens! But just a quick post today. I am so sleepy and need to hit the sack.


kdwhorses said...

They truly look very happy with there new shirts! I have never heard of Etsy, will have to check it out and her site as well!
Ahhh baby birds! We have baby chicks again and we were looking at how many the hen had and hubby looked down and said don't move! Why I ask, and look down to see a huge snake going across my boot! OMG!! He ran and got the gun and killed the snake. The snake looked like a had a chick and we found another one that he must have been working on when we disturbed him! Neither one of us was expecting a snake! That is one of the main reasons after they hatch chicks I go and clean up the shells, etc. Have a great day!

Jenn said...

The shirts are cute and I would be scared of the momma comming to attack me too,but I still would have left the nest until the babies flew away like you did.

Amanda said...

Hooray! Almost time to get rid of the nest!!

Karen said...

How sweet of you to tell about my store.

The nice thing about baby birds is that they grow up so fast. Cute, grown, gone.

Pony Girl said...

Those shirts look really creative. I know a couple of my students who would really dig that shark one!
Have you ever seen the movie "The Birds?" Just wonderin'.... ;)

The Wades said...

Nice mama not knocking down the nest. The things we do for our children. And just think, leaving the nest made for a fine post! :)