Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We have been busy!

We have made it here to Florida! The Cowpokes, me, and my little helper. My good friend's daughter has come along with us. She has been such a wonderful help. I wish I could keep her forever. I love that she was able to come with us. The Cowpokes are having a wonderful time. We have been keeping very busy. The first day we arrived it was already 9 pm so we just went to bed. Then the next morning we went to the Navy Aviation Museum. This was by Big Cowpoke's request. He has been begging to go to Aunt Amanda's house so he could go to the air plane museum. The boys were so excited.

Here they are in some plane seats. They all were buckled up and Big Cowpoke was ready to drive them all away. In this museum everything is just about hands on. Which is great for the little ones. I also convinced Tori to get in on some of the air plane fun.

Isn't she so cute? She is such a good sport. She climbed right in there and smiled away for all the photos. I had a camera and my sister had her big Nikon SLR, I am so jealous. Some day I will have on like that. Until that day, I will just have to steal photos off of her big camera and use them on blog. Sisters are good for that.

Big Cowpoke had to get his feel of the cockpit. He was all about driving. Now, that would be scary! I know someday it will come when he drives, but for right now, I just can't think about that, I will think about it tomorrow. (Can you name what movie that last line came from?)

There are big guns there too. The boys all love the big guns.

I love it how boys are just drawn to "manly" things. Boys just love dirt, trucks, planes, dirt, guns, more dirt. These two even shared a seat. They must have known the importance of the manly gun.

But girls can join in on the fun big guns too!

We also saw the Blue Angels. They were hanging from the ceiling. My sister told me that the way they were spaced here is how close they actually fly. That is amazing. That makes my hands sweat!

Cowpokette says, "WEEEEEEE!!!" She was such a good baby, she sat in her stroller the entire time. Not complaining once.

Here I am sitting in the Blue Angels plane. You can also see little Alex looking into the air intake. That is not a good place to stand when the plane is really getting ready to take off!

Big Cowpoke doesn't quite fit in there. But that doesn't stop him. We then went to the upstairs part of the museum, where there are about 10 different cockpits for kids or adults so to climb in and play with all the buttons. There are names for places like that. Boy playground heaven.

They were pumped. But the girls had fun too! They climbed in there just as fast as the boys did.

Here Ella looks a bit concerned that Big Cowpoke is in the drivers seat.

Just look at all those buttons and knobs that you can play with. I was even turning the switches. Just one of those things where you have to touch.

Wonder, curiosity, fun. I love it all. Kids are too much fun!

I wish I could keep her. I will love her, and squeeze her, and take her home, and call her my own. (What movie is that from?) She is such a wonderful help.

Then there were some really cool models. My sister took some fun shots of the model ships with all the planes on them. Look at the detail!! I so have camera envy. I will repent later. After a full morning and part of the afternoon of air plane fun, we decided it was time to take the little ones home for naps. They were getting a bit cranky! I was so grateful to have an extra pair of arms to help me with grabbing run away children.

Thanks girl!! I really appreciated all your kid wrangling skills. She is really awesome. If I could only convince her to stay with me all summer long. Whuahahahahahahaa, that is funny! She knows my wild boys, and I am so sure she would run with fear if I ever asked her to stay.


Wendy said...

My kiddos would have loved that! Tori is such a doll. She looks so grown up. She'll probably be an adult the next time I see her! lol

Jenn said...

Looks like you all had fun, my son would love that! My younger daughter's name is Tori too !

kdwhorses said...

WOW you have been busy! Looks like a fun trip and help is always a plus!!
Loved the pics from ya'll trip, great! The food looked wonderful!
Glad to be catching up again with everyone!

Karen said...

Looks like you're having a great time!

Tj & Mark said...

When my kids were wittle, we had a helper who traveled with us too. It was wonderful. Congratulations on snaggin a good one.

Pony Girl said...

Andrea, it looks like you are having a great time, and what a great helper Tori is. I LOVE the Blue Angels! They come here every summer and I have to see them. I get goosebumps when they fly overhead. It is so cool.
Enjoy your visit. Are you going to see any 'gaters??
And I didn't get the movie lines...sounded familiar, but my brain is fried right now. One more day of school and then I can catch up on some sleep! ;)

Mrs Mom said...

Wow that looks like a blast! I know I could not have gotten my kids out away from the Cub (3 yr old) stops whatever he is doing to watch planes fly overhead and is learning to identify which are which.

SO glad you had a helper!!!!!