Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Alligators

We have a small park not far from our house that has an alligator house. This is Little Cowpoke's "most favoritest park ever". He always asks if we can go to the baby alligator park. It has been so incredibly hot here so I have not ventured farther than our pool, but the other day I gave in and we went to the alligator park. As soon as we unload from the car he runs to the alligator house. Just so he can do this.
This is Gizmo. He is a new baby alligator that just came to the park. Little Cowpoke loves to hold him and squeeze him and call him his own.
Even Cowpokette got to touch the baby alligator. She was not too sure about it. I have never touched it. I think it would feel like a frog, so I am too scared to touch it.
She kinda smiled after the baby alligator left her stroller. I am like her, the farther away the better. The alligator park also has three big alligators and one really old turtle named Rambeaux. That would be the southern way of spelling Rambo.
If he could jump through the glass he would have. His face was smashed up against it. He was all excited about the female alligator swimming.
She is the smallest alligator in the pool. The two males are about twice her size. Cowpokette was not too sure what Little Cowpoke was getting all excited about. She looked and looked. Little Cowpoke was talking about their teeth and how sharp they are.
"Ehh? What was that you said, sharp what?" She was a bit concerned. Little Cowpoke was laughing.
"Teeth you say? That is some serious stuff! I don't want to see any alligator teeth." The nice lady working in the alligator house was telling Little Cowpoke what to do in case an alligator was chasing you. She told him, "When you have an alligator chasing you just make sure your friend is behind you." Sure so the alligator can eat your friend! Nice.
I think Cowpokette was excited about being able to copy her big brother. She is such a funny kid. She is 10 months old going on 2 years old. She bosses those boys around and tries to take their toys. She will be one tuff cookie. We left the alligator house and we played at the park in the 92 degree heat.
We swung for about five minutes then Little Cowpoke declared that he was very hot and wanted to go home. I have never had a child ask to go home from the park. I didn't argue with him. I gathered up our stuff and we left the park. I didn't give Little Cowpoke the time to change his mind.
Today we are riding and washing horses. We have a rodeo on Saturday and Sunday we are delivering three horses to a man and his family. He bought Lucy, the Appy mare, Pretty Girl, and Buttercup. I am excited they have a new home. Selling horses always makes me a bit nervous. I worry that they will get fed properly and they will have the proper tack. My husband says I worry too much. The man who bought them knows nothing. So, I am going to take some post it notes and mark pages in a Valley Vet catalog for things he should get for the horses. I guess we all have to start somewhere. And two of the three horses are really easy keepers, so I think he will be alright. I will post again tonight about my ride and horse wash, then tomorrow, off to the rodeo.
***I found a Western Pleasure Trainer near my house. I met him last night and I so hope he will take Ozzie for a couple of months!! I am going to call him this after noon!! I am so nervous! I have every finger and toe crossed.*****


Laura said...

Yeah, they grow up WAY too fast. Especially when they have lots of older brats, uh, kids to follow around and teach em bad stuff.

She is so super cute!!!!

Mrs Mom said...

Oh now thats Just Not Fair!! Here I am, moved to the wonderful Southland from 30+ years up in Tundra Country, DYING to see a gator. "OH! They are all over down here" I am told. Have I seen one YET? Nope....

I think someone is pulling my leg.

Great pics of the kids!!!

I am with you about selling horses. It never used to bother me, but these days I would worry sick over them... hope that your three work out to have the Perfect Home!! And if the new owner has questions, that He Calls YOU!!!

Jenn said...

I just love the look on his face in that first picture pure joy! That sounds like a great place to take kids!

Laura said...

Hey, I didn't have your email addy, but I moved my blog (long stupid story involving inlaws) but I'm over at now!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Little Cowpoke and Little Cowpokette are just too adorable. Such happy little faces.

I hope all works out good for the new owner of the horses. You are right-people have to start somewhere. I bet he is relieved to be able to call you if he has any questions.

Got my fingers crossed for Ozzie. XX

KD said...

That's cute....he wants to hold him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George. :) Hope the horses do well at their new home. I sold a horse that I raised from a baby this spring. I know his owner and still get to see him, so it makes it a little better.

Carroll Farm said...

HI, just found you through a loop of bloggers. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Great reading. Beautiful kids!
I agree with the horse selling thing. I love to sell them, we are a rescue and have so many, but at the same time I worry about them so much. Our rescues have already been through so much we really scan buyers before our sells.

Pony Girl said...

Great pics of the kiddos, and Cowpokette's great smile, as usual!
I'm sure the horses will have good homes. It is hard though, I would be very picky if I ever sold My Boy (like- he'd only go to a family member! :) That is nice of you to give them a catalog and help them out. Pretty amazing they bought 3 at once, having no experience!
Stay cool, and check the pool. Little Cowpoke might have snuck home that baby alligator!

Karen said...

My boys would love the alligator house.

Yeah for selling horses and finding a trainer! We finally got a good home for our paint filly. It's both a relief and a worry, I agree.

Hadlock Hideaway said...

Woe, that house thing was sure an ordeal. I am glad that it all got worked out in the end, and that you got some extras out of it.

Your kids are so darn cute! How old is your oldest? I have two boys and a girl too.. my girl turned one in April.


Anonymous said...


That is hilarious advice about an alligator chasing you, I loved it!

You guys have been quite busy this summer too.

take care,

kdwhorses said...

How cool-alligator park! We dont' have anything like that here! Great pics of the kids! They are just beautiful!

Congrats on selling the horses! I can imagine how nerve racking it is!

Figures crossed for Ozzie and you as well!

Have a great MOnday!!!

Callie said...

Gators are cool.........I have a huge gator head near my fireplace and one hangin' from a tree outdoors. We've taken a couple of tours when visiting down there, what suprised me were the Nutria. Is that what they are called?

The Wades said...

There's an alligator park??? I think I had better not share this information with my son. He'll be planning out our next family vacation in no time! Cute pictures. :)