Monday, July 7, 2008

Horse Power

Mr. Cowboy was a rodeo ruff stock rider. He was really good at it. He rode bareback, saddle bronc, and bulls. He really did well in all three events but his favorite event was bull riding.

That is a really tiny picture. I will have to do a better job scanning it. Even though the picture is small, he did not ride little at all. He was all about going BIG or going home.

It takes a special breed of man to get on an animal that is going to intentionally buck. I am not that breed. I prefer to get on nice sane well broke horses. But I am also not as "sticky" as Mr. Cowboy is. That boy can stay on anything. I have never seen him get bucked off a horse we have been breaking.

Then again, none of our horses ever looked like that one. Thank goodness he has a wife the is patient and teaches the horses a thing or two before a rider gets on them. I wouldn't know what to do if I got on a horse and it looked like this as soon as my rear hit the saddle. I would bale off for sure.

Even though he did ride all three events, he got his kicks from bull riding. You should see the buckle upon buckles that this man has. All this was before I met him. He sure could ride those bucking horses and bulls.

He was so good, that he won the All Around Cowboy Saddle and Buckle in the Little Britches Rodeo Association in 1997. He got a college scholarship to ride bulls in Missouri. He was well on his way. Until he shattered his leg in 17 places, at a college rodeo. The Doctor said he was never going to walk again. But a little thing like never walking again didn't stop Mr. Cowboy. He recovered and walked again, and of coarse rode bulls again. But he only rode for about three months until his face got smashed in by a bull's horn. We have it on video. Oh I wish I know how to put it on here. It's crazy. He even went to work the next day. His nose wouldn't stop bleeding so his Mother made him go to the doctor. Well, needless to say, two metal plates and some wire mesh later, to hold his sinus together he was all patched up. This is when I met him. He was all swollen and was wearing a nose diaper. Let me tell ya, he was good looking.

Since then he hasn't ridden but a handful of bulls. He still is pretty sticky, but with a torn rotators cuff, he doesn't get to ride as much or as often, or at all. Now, he resorts to a different kind of horse power.

Mr. Cowboy tries to get me to sell all the horses so he can get a Harley. I think that motorcycles are fun to ride on, as long as we don't go on the interstate. I hate feeling And too, I am not the hottest thing on the back of a bike.

I mean come on!! It looks like I never feed my husband. Plus the person taking the picture isn't a great picture taker. I wanted to see the bike, not so much of me. Why do people do that? I am sitting on a custom Harley Davidson bike with lots of chrome and what do you get a picture of? The chunky chick on the back.

This picture is a bit better! I like to hid behind my skinny husband. I have not ridden a motorcycle in about three years. I practicality had to beg Mr. Cowboy to take me. He thought I was joking. But finally he took me for a ride. It was so much fun. I bet it would be fun to have the wind blowing through your hair. I bet this is what Cowpokette would look like if she were to take a ride with Mr. Cowboy.

And then when he kicks it up a gear.

She would love a motorcycle ride. Little Cowpoke wanted to ride, but he was too little. While we were riding, he found a little friend that he wanted to take home.

That little puppy was only 5 weeks old. It was so cute. See that lady in the back ground? She is the owner of the way cool custom Harley we took a ride on. She tried to sell it to me. I just can't picture my self driving a motorclyle. Can you talk on your cell phone and drive one of those at the same time?


The Wades said...

I think you look way hot! :) Cute stuff! Don't sell yourself short.

I cannot believe all the physical torture your hubby endured. I laughed at the nose diaper. I didn't even know those existed. (unless you're kidding.)

Train Wreck said...

Awesome photos! OMG on the "accidents" What a strong fella to comeback from both! What a strong woman to be able to help him through it! Your kids are gorgeous! I don't know how you walked outta there without that puppy! You are a strong woman! I would've put it in my pocket!! By the way you are gorgeous!And a great wife and mother! On or off that Harley! Don't make me come over and put some hurt on you! Maybe swap recipes and eat some of that great food while I am there!!

Train Wreck said...

Ps There should be a "add page element" link on your layout page to add video. Check it out so we can all cringe!

kdwhorses said...

Way to go hubby! He did get some serious injuries! There is a video out that we rented called Bullrider-it is the trip to the '04 nationals. Little cowgirl loved it! Adriano comes to our church and she has her picture with him~so she really liked watching him! My hubby used to ride bulls and broncs in his younger days! It was before my time, but I have heard the stories and seen tons of pics! Of course now he has alot of aches and pains from it!
Your hubby is "sticky" That is a good thing and I think a must to be good at it! I am with ya though, I am not going to try it anytime soon! I have one horse here I ride that was coal backed for a time, but hasn't bucked in years. "Preacher" is such a good boy and we have gotton him out of it. Having said that when he would start bucking, just lift his head and he would stop,that was it!
Thanks for sharing your pics!
And I agree don't sell yourself short, you look great on the hog! We never like pics of ourselves! I used to have a hard time posting them on my blog!
Have a great day!

Amanda said...

I"m sure you would find a way to talk on the phone while riding a motorcycle. Do they make little kid trailers for them like they have for bikes? You could make the minivan go out of style!

Tj & Mark said...

Yes, you can talk on a cell phone as long as you go hands free and I took a bunch of pics on the ride my hubby and I took on Sunday afternoon. It was fun, but we did weave a bit more with me jumping around on the back going for a good photo. LOL! At one point my husband yell into the wind, "what the heck are you doing back there?" Hopefully he will do a post on the ride soon. By the way, our bike was well used and super reasonable. We stumbled across it parked in front of a little grocery store. Up to that point I didn't even know my husband secretly yearned for one. Y Keep your eyes open and your heart wide and maybe God will bless Mr. Cowboy with some horsepower on wheels. By the way, WOW, bull rider huh? Crazy.

Jenn said...

There is no way you would get me on some wild bucking anything! The look on the little fella is just too cute ,holding that puppy!

Wendy said...

Yeah mine wants one too. Those are the times when car payments come in handy because I told him we can't afford it until my car is paid off. lol Now, I have a couple more years of breathing easy. I'd be a nervous wreck everytime he took off on that thing. I know I'll have to give in eventually but it's not now so I'm trying to not even think about it.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

My hubby keeps threatening to buy a Harley. I keep telling him he isn't TALL enough to be riding a motorcycle. lolol

Pony Girl said...

Andrea, great post. You always make me laugh out loud! ;)
Your hubby likes the adrenaline, no doubt! I watched some bull-riding on T.V. this past weekend, and was cringing every time a guy fell. One guy fell smack on his shoulder and got up all crooked. I think he dislocated it. I am glad you did not know Mr. Cowboy then. I can't imagine watching my man compete in something like that!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

There is nothing like "getting in the wind". I love the fact that my honey is way into bikes. His garage looks like my barn-LOL.

Roughies! They are a breed apart that is for sure. The old saying around here is that a rough stock rider that hasn't been hurt-probably hasn't been on much rough stock. Sounds like your hubby has been on PLENTY...and has the scars to prove it-LOL. Nose diaper-that made me laugh out loud-hehehe

Great pictures of the she a biker chic in training?