Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where the horses and their stuff reside.

I was reading through a bunch of different blogs today and I came across one that posted about their barn and what their tack room looked like. I have tried to go back through my history today and I can not seem to find the blog that I got the idea from, but if they read this, I am sorry, I could not remember where I saw it or I would give the credit. I think it might have started over at Pony Girl Rides Again, but I am not too sure. I did take a few pictures of where I hang out every evening. Where we feed 14 horses every day. I thought I would start with a far away shot, so you could see the big pictures.

This is our barn. This barn was built by my father in law, Mr. Cowboy, and my brother in law. They built it back in 1998. When Hurricane Rita came through here, the roof was torn off and ripped apart our hot walker and a bunch of our round pen panels. Since then we have put on a new roof, and the walker still stands in the same place with one arm. Now, just a warning, this is not a fancy place. It has a lot of cob webs, and a lot of dirt. But it works. And it's messy too. I have tried many times to organize and some how it always ends up messy. So, here is what the inside looks like.

I was standing outside the front gate looking inside to the left. We have 8 stalls, five on one side and three on the back side. There is also a sand filled middle part of the barn where we can kinda ride if it's raining. We use this area to tie and saddle horses.

At the end of the stalls there is a gate that leads out to the big pasture, where all the mares hang out. Then we go onto the other side of the barn.

This side of the barn has the tack room, our hay storage, and the wash rack. Right now we only have half our hay storage, normally that thing is filled up. We will get some more with the second cutting. Oh, and that mare tied up there is for sale!!! Please someone buy her!!

This is our wash rack/run in shed/breeding shoot area. It comes in handy for many different reasons. Right now it's being used as a run in shed for Buttercup. She gets fed separately from everyone else. She has short horse syndrome and beats up all the bigger horses at feeding time. Now onto the tack room and feed room.

When you first walk in you face another door that takes you out to the walker and the round pen. On either side of the door are places for us to hang our saddle pads. Then there is our spinning saddle rack that Mr. Cowboy and his dad welded. They did a great job! Lets turn left now.

You can see our freezers where we keep our grain, and on top of those freezers you can see our feed buckets and our supplements. The freezers were treasurs that were turned useful. We also have a lot of headstalls and halters. There have been a few times when we have run out of halters to use. We were switching around pastures and had horses tied everywhere. Turn left again.

And here we have all the halters and the trash feed bag and a shelf for storage. Then another left.

Here is our first aid and fly spray section. Nice and tidy right? It is better then it has been I promise. We put brushes on the self too. I keep mine in a tote, but the community brushes are on that shelf. We also have a fridge and freezer that have medicine, water, and Popsicles, in it. Then there is my tack box.

This is my very messy tack box. I had it in college. We had to have a tack box to store all of our saddles, bridles, and anything else in them. This box started out in Ohio, moved to Utah, and now is in Louisiana. I just can't seem to part with it. It takes up a lot of space, maybe I should consider moving my things in with everyone else's things. Maybe. And one last shot of our feed bins.

I spared you all the pictures of what treasures are all around my tack box. There are a lot. But that is our barn. A quick little tour of our tack and feed room. I guess, this can be an "open" tag. If you want to show us your tack and feed rooms, you are more than welcome to play along!! I will leave you all with a picture of Ozzie. He is my colt that I am breaking out. He is such a sweet boy.

His mother is a thoroughbred, can you tell?


The Wades said...

I think you look super organized! It was fun seeing around your place. I love that kind of stuff. :) Thanks for sharing. If we had our tack room finished, I'd share. There's not much to see at this point.

The Wades said...

How do you write on your pictures? Is it a photoshop thing? Love that.

Pony Girl said...

That was really cool! You would be a good tour guide! Very detail oriented.
I had the idea to post our personal blogging spaces, and Twinville over at Laughing Orca Ranch blogspot had the idea to post our barn/tack room areas.
Is Ozzie the one for sale?
Are there any boarders on your property?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Isn't it amazing the tack and stuff we accumulate? I don't think your places look messy at all-looks like a working ranch to me!!

Ozzie has TB in him?....Nooooo...You don't say-LMAO. He's cute though-got a nice eye on him.

Jenn said...

How do you write on your pictures? I think the one for sale is pretty.

Amanda said...

Hooray for the barn! Hours of dirt and entertainment for small children (and big children alike). And Ozzie my love. Did we move that tack box in the U-Haul from Ohio? I don't remember.

kdwhorses said...

Great! Love it! I agree not messy at all! Thanks for sharing your space with us!

Twinville said...

Great tour!

And Pony Girl was right. I started the Tack Room Tour, but got the idea from Pony Girl's Blogging Space Tour.

Both tours were alot of fun weren't they? :)