Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Horse Trainer with Bad Bedside Manners

Okay, so, I got this new horse trainer. I was so very excited about him. I have been dying to send Ozzie somewhere to get a bit more "broke". I have ridden him a handful of times and Mr. Cowboy has ridden him about 15 times. All together we have not ridden poor Ozzie very constantly. I have not had time with my three kids. Also, after this last child I have been scared to death to ride a colt. I don't know what it is, but I get all nervous riding a very green horse. I never used to be like that, but I am, and I am not afraid to admit it. Hello my name is Andrea and I am afraid to ride green broke horses. So, I was introduced to this "western pleasure" trainer. I met him and he sounded wonderful. He had an impressive "resume". He talked real big. I was impressed. So, I called him up to see if he had room to take my horse and he did. I was so excited.
You see, I started Ozzie all by myself. I was pregnant and working him in the round pen. I saddled him, I did everything. I was so proud of my little horse. We even took him a few different times to ride at a local arena. So, off Ozzie went to get a quick jump start into some western pleasure training.
Ozzie has been with the new trainer for two and a half weeks. I went on Saturday to go and watch the trainer ride him. He told me that he had been riding Ozzie in a shank bit, which I think is way too big for a colt. And then he went on to tell me all sorts of other things. Here are some things that the trainer said to me. Tell me what you would say back to him?

"Not to sound rude but this horse was not broke. You were brave to have ridden him." My thought to this was, jerk, Ozzie was going fine.

"You know how long it took me to get this horse to walk slow in the round pen?" My thought to this, you are a loser trainer, I worked my butt off with that horse in the round pen. I can get him to walk slow with no problems at all.

"You don't want to pull his mane. We can show him at an APHA show in a pleasure class with his mane long. We will just take some junks of mane and band it and then band it again." My thoughts, Are you stupid. I will not have my horse look like an 80's biker. We will be laughed out of the arena. I refuse to go to even an open show with out my horse banded and with a thinned mane. He obviously hasn't been to any APHA or AQHA shows lately.

"Don't you dare take a single picture of me or I will load your horse up right now and take him home. I am serious!" My thoughts to this, Are you stupid or just wanted for some horrible crime? He was being serious too. He asked Mr. Cowboy to come and take my camera away from me.

Then there were a bunch of other things he said. He rode my horse in the round pen and all he did was walk. He went on and on about how he had to fix all sorts of things. Which I was watching him ride Ozzie and I didn't see anything new. Ozzie and I were doing all that he was doing. Below is a picture of Cowpokette on Ozzie with my "trainer".

Then my "trainer" came out to the barn where I go to ride Chip. He brought Ozzie along for a little ride. Again all he did was walk Ozzie around and do some bending and that was it. Then the trainer had me get on Ozzie and went on about how I can't ride. I then was telling him how sometimes my feet fall asleep in the stirrups and maybe it's because I have poor circulation or something. He then said, "No, it's because your legs are fat." At this point I was a bit mad. He had said some other things too but I am not going to write them because it would take me way too long to do so. I then like the kind lady I am, took my feet out of the stirrups and flipped the jerk the bird and walked away from my horse. Sorry Dad, but he deserved it. I at least kept from telling him off.
It's aggravating because I am paying him $600 a month plus feed, and he is giving me attitude. He also said he was going to have to charge me more a month because I can't keep my mouth shut while riding. Sorry if I ask questions and I don't ride exactly like he does. My goodness. He is a really good rider, but boy does he have the worst bedside manners. He can't deal with people. I think that will not get him anywhere in this world with any horse people. He is going to get some clients that know nothing and have to teach them how to ride. Oh I would love to see that happen. He would have a mental break down. He was yelling at me and I was trying hard to understand what he wanted me to do. I am excited that my horse is doing so well, but I could do with out the bad attitude the man has. I want to keep Ozzie there a bit longer, but I am not too sure I can take his criticism. It is his way or no way. Sigh. Mr. Cowboy says that Ozzie will leave as soon as the 30 days are up.
I don't know, but I do know Cowpokette had fun riding Ozzie. Well, she sat on him and wanted a ride, but she isn't old enough to go faster than standing still.
I wanted to send Ozzie to a good western pleasure trainer, but knowing how Ozzie is not really "beautiful", like a lot of those show horses are, I didn't want to waste the big name trainer's time with my little gelding. All I wanted to do was show Ozzie at some open shows and then maybe letting some of my cowpokes ride him too.


Laura said...

I LOVE your pics of the baby on the horse!! She is so cute, but getting so big!!!!! Awesome.

Laura said...

P.S. I hope he saw you flip him off. He deserved it. Jerk.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

My dear-I am with Mr Cowboy. Take your horse home-NO ONE should ever have to stand for being talked to like that from someone they are PAYING to do a job. PERIOD!

Tj and Mark said...

I say get your horse out of there. Ozzie does not look too happy to me, and if your gut says no, and the trainer acts like an ass, then definitely follow mr. cowpoke's advice and bring him home soon.

O.K. I am less mad now, so maybe these things are some what normal. But I hope not, because we want to send our mule to trainer sometime in the future and your post just scared me. Your post and a lot of other 'horror' stories about bad trainers. Good luck Andrea.

P.S. has the trainer looked at himself lately.. He is FAT, poor Ozzie to carry his lard ass!!!!

P.S.S Excuse my cussing today, but I am a mama tiger over friends getting a raw deal.

Original L said...

Hi! First time commenting here. I say ditch the "trainer," and FAST. There are so many things wrong about him I can't go over them all. One major unprofessional part is calling you names. All that criticism of your riding and Ozzie's training is hogwash - no trainer is better than him. You started Ozzie by yourself, and he sounds well started to me.

Original L said...

Oops, I mean, "HAVING no trainer is better than him."

kdwhorses said...

I agree with everyone-take him home after 30 days! What a freking jerk! You are a better woman than me, I would still be reaming him out! LOL!

I am waiting on the numbers of the trainer my good friend used. I will get them to you.

Mrs Mom said...

Andrea- please- Go. Get. Ozzie. NOW. Screw the thrity days. That colt needs to COME HOME. NOW.

Thats what my gut says.

Cowpokette is just toooooooo cute!!

And you take that back. Ozzie is TOO a handsome fellow!!

Your feet might be falling asleep while you ride if your back is out. Mine do, too. A visit with the talented and wonderful Dr. B has me back in action though.

As to the fear of green colts after the baby being born.... that hit with my first one, and still persists today. I have to make sure that EVERY aspect of the environment is as controlled as possible before I will crawl up on a greenie. The thought in my brain? "If I get hurt, who will take care of the boys?" So, err on the side of caution, and listen to your gut! ;)

So go get Ozzie, bring him home, and QUIT thinking that YOU are not skilled enough to get him what he needs for you to show! I bet you can.... I really really think you CAN do this!!

Tj and Mark said...

Andrea, I am with Mrs. Mom, you can continue training him yourself. Bring that sweet, cute, lovable boy home...now.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Ummmm.... this "trainer" doesn't sound very friendly. I have found that to succeed in anything, you need to remove the toxic people and surround yourself with POSITIVE people who will help you reach your goals.

Mrs Mom said...

AMEN BETH!!!! ;)

Amanda said...

Yeah. What they all said. I think you should bring Ozzie home since he's not learning anything he didn't already know. Who cares about the money at this point. I'll train Ozzie and I won't tell you your legs are fat. Besides, mine are much bigger. :)

Callie said...

Ok, He sounds like a jag-off. And apparently Ozzie must not be that green or you wouldn't put a baby on him. I'd pull him out and BTW I've just given you an award. Come and pick it up! :)

KD said...

Goodness - bring Ozzie home. You said he wasn't doing anything different than you already taught him. A girlfriend of mine sent hers off for training and 60 days later, nothing was different. At least the old guy wasn't rude to her. I guess it's hard to find the right trainer.

Karen said...

I'd bring him home and not let that jerk touch him any longer.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Call me hypersensitive, but if someone said those things to me, I'd have a real hard time getting over it. If your trainer is upsetting you, he's also upsetting your horse. I don't see anything good coming out of this partnership.

Pony Girl said...

Andrea, I would recommend taking him out of training. A good trainer not only trains the horse, he helps the owner/rider learn and understand what he has done with the horse and helps you to ride it better, too. He should be explaining to you what he is doing and why, and how you can get the same results. He should NOT yell or criticize you. He should also not have that green horse in a shanked bit yet, either. There is plenty of work to be done in a snaffle before that point. Trust your instincts and walk away. Hopefully you can find someone else, maybe one of KDWhorses suggestions will work out!! If not, keep working with Ozzie on your own until you find someone who isn't going to mess with either of your heads!
Good luck!

The Wades said...

I think I agree with everyone!!! I especially loved TJ's first comment! (You go, TJ!)

I say you go yank your horse and while doing so, take a hundred and twenty-six pictures of the meany head's reaction! That would make a great post! OOOH, do it! I can't wait to see the bloated man turn bright red. I don't think he could catch you. :) Oooh, I just turned ugly. Sorry. GET YOUR HORSE! :)

Way to fire us up!

Twinville said...

Ozzie planly does not like that man. YOu can see it in his ears, eyes, face and body posture.
And don't you think he's a little too heavy for Ozzie right now?

That guy is rude. He deserved more than just the bird. Someone like that deserves to be told off. When you go get Ozzie the last day, you slam him good, girlfriend!

Twinville said...

Oh! And I forgot to say that Cowpokette is just darling! :)

And Ozzie is a cutie, too.

Train Wreck said...

Ok I have to say, He may be a good rider. That does not make a trainer. He is working for you! you are paying him. Under no circumstances should he be rude to you. He needs to listen to you. Respectfully! A professional trainer is just that professional! PG is right he needs to help you understand your horse, especially if he is teaching him anything. Sounds like he is testing your knowledge. If he thinks you don't know what you are doing, he can do nothing with your horse and charge you for it. He is an ass. I wonder if he is doing anything, and how he treats your horse when they are alone. Get him home! If hte horse is doing what you want him to do, you are the only trainer he needs for now.