Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One More Week

That is what I have been hearing for the last four months, Just one more week. It does get a bit old. Mr. Cowboy has been working and living away from home for four months now and that is just four months too long. I miss having Mr. Cowboy around the house. He actually helps me keep up with the house work when he is here. I will admit that I only do house chores on Friday's because Mr. Cowboy is coming home that day. I don't want him thinking I didn't do anything all week long. I can't have that happen. I miss him coming home and riding horses for me.Mr. Cowboy says he hates to ride horses. I always have to beg him to ride with me. I don't think Mr. Cowboy and I have ever ridden horses together. I would love that. To ride on a relaxing ride with my ever so handsome cowboy beside me. We could ride off into the sunset. Ahhh.
I think Mr. Cowboy just pretends not to like riding. Yep, he is a big faker. I bet he might like it better if he didn't ride in my saddle with the really short stirrups.
I have all my fingers and toes crossed that this really is the last week he has to live far away from us. If it is the last week I will have to get back into the swing of doing my house work everyday and not just on Friday mornings.
I would like to say thanks to everyone and their thoughts and suggestions about Ozzie and the "trainer". Mr. Cowboy and I are going to talk it all over when he gets home. Until then I leave you with a picture of Ozzie and Little Cowpoke the day before I dropped him off with the trainer.

Oh and I have not forgotten about the awards that I received!! I promise to post those soon.


Laura said...

You are a brave strong woman to live with three kids alone for four months. I hope the time is really up for your sanity and your hubs' safety. B/c if he were my hubs coming home to say it was extended, he might just go missing. hehehe

Wendy said...

Oh girl, I feel for ya because I know exactly what that's like. It's not fun for sure. You almost feel like a single parent. Hopefully it'll be coming to an end soon. I heard the same thing for months until he finally decided to go to the shop. And even after all he's been through he still toys with the idea of going back on the rigs. NO WAY Jose!!!! Things would have to get desparate around here! Thankfully, he loves his job so I don't think he's really serious.

Jenn said...

Your pictures are great ! I too have been on my own for months with teh three kids,lots of fun isn't it?

Jenn said...

the kids ,that should be..haha

Mrs Mom said...

Hang in there Andrea... hang in there. Seems like a lot -- LOT -- of us out here can empathize with you all too well!

I like your dream .... riding off into the sunset with your Cowboy... Hope you get to DO that, and SOON!!

LOVE that picture of your big, meanie headed colt there, smooching with Little Cowpoke! Dont ya know you are not supposed to let meanie headed colts that close to kids? (KIDDING!!!)

Chin up girl, and will keep prayers going that Cowboy is home to STAY this time!!

kdwhorses said...

OH girl, hoping it works out and he gets to come home! My hubby doesn't work away from home, but he does work shift work with a rotating schedule. Not the same thing, but still a adjustment. But as women and moms we learn to adjustment and cope. You are doing a great job with the kids, house, horses, etc. Don't be hard on yourself, you rock! We all need encouragement and a pat on the back at times!! :)

About cowboys and lesiure riding. I can say from listening to my cowboy and others here, they don't just ride to ride! They are mounted to work cows, walk fence, etc, etc, etc. Hubby hates to trail ride~but he will go with me and the kids every once in a awhile. I would agree it would be nice to just take a ride together, but it probably wouldn't turn out good. He would start telling me everything I'm doing wrong and then I would say a few choice things and ride off! LOL! That doesn't always happen! Good luck with that!

Have a great day girl!

KD said...

Awwww.... you're making me sad. Hope your man gets to stay home this time.

The Wades said...

I hope he gets to stay home, too! All that housework in one day is just terrible! ;)

I think it's cute you beg him to ride. He probably loves hearing you want him around so badly.

Twinville said...

That's a great pic of Ozzie and Little Cowpoke.

I hope your Mr Cowboy can come home and stay home soon for good.