Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Late Night T.V.

So, last night I got all snuggled into bed and started flipping through channels to see what was on. And I came across RFD-TV. I like to watch the horse shows they have on there. It's interesting to watch the different training techniques. Plus, I could watch horses all day long. Well, I started off watching Clinton Anderson working a 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding from off the track. That was pretty interesting. Plus, how can you not like watching Clinton Anderson? And his accent.......sigh.......but anyway after Clinton Anderson, was Chris Cox."Hey, How YOU doin?" I could watch him all day long. Any man that can ride a horse and wear Cinch jeans like that man can does, will have my attention. You see, Mr. Cowboy looks pretty darn good in a pair of cinch jeans too! But back to my late night t.v. watching. I sat back and watched Chirs Cox talk to a bullrider instructor, the name escapes me. They chatted for a bit about how well bullriders have to be balanced and sit right, and blah blah blah. Then they introduced us to three bullriders. Their names totally escape me. I am sure if I could have woken Mr. Cowboy up he would have known them all. I recognized their names, I just can't remember them. Well, anyway, they all chatted for a little while and then they did a bullriding demo. It was neat to watch. Then after that was all said and done. Chris got them to get on a horse bareback and on a lung line. All three bullriders rode bareback pretty well. I was impressed. My butt probably would have hit the ground. I haven't ridden bareback in years. Maybe I should take that up this summer? Well, after they were done lunging, they went to a Hunter/Jumper barn. This is where it got entertaining!! Oh dear......There was none of that fancy rope work at the hunter/jumper barn. No sir! They had the barn's trainer do a quick jumping demo over some fences (with out a helmet) and then the three bullriders got a turn to jump too, with their cowboy hats on! That was too cute. The first bullrider to go was such a good sport. He got left behind and his hands were all over the place. The poor horse did really well though. Such a cute jumper. The same went for the second cowboy to jump. Then the third cowboy asked how he could keep his hands more steady. The jumper trainer gave him some pointers and off they went. Oh, dear, it wasn't much better. But I give those cowboys credit. They were sure trying hard. And you know what? I would never get on the back of a bull, and they were more than willing to try riding a big horse in an English saddle.

One of the cowboys said, "Wow, that's a lot harder than it looks." Then the last cowboy to go asked if he could do it bareback. He said he doesn't ride bulls with a saddle so he wanted to see if he would do better with out a saddle on the horse. The hunter/jumper trainer said sure. So, the cowboy went for a line of three jumps. And he did so much better than when he had a saddle. Now that was impressive!! I defiantly would have slid right off that horse.

Then Chris Cox was given this huge gray horse to ride. That horse was super springy. It looked like a jack rabbit going over the jumps. Chris rode it in a double bridle and probably jumped 3 foot 6. The horse really didn't round pretty over the jumps. My guess is that it some big time show jumper and wasn't used to jumping small jumps. But Chris did awesome! I was impressed. Then the show ended. It was entertaining. It was fun watching bullriders ride horses in English saddles over jumps. And Chris Cox wasn't too bad to watch either. Hee Hee.

I don't know if you can watch old episodes online, but if you can, last nights was great! Well, for the entertainment value. I am not sure I learned anything new, but it sure was fun to watch.


Stephanie said...

That does sound entertaining!

I don't hardly to get to watch any of the late night equine stuff anymore, cause of my work schedule (I actually need to go to sleep early) and also because since hubby's been laid off - he's home all the time and launches into a load of moanin and whinnin if he has to watch a horsey TV show.

I like Clinton Anderson. Seems like all those TV guys do some screwy stuff (like the starting a horse in one day - or standing on them and doing weird stuff) but in general. I like his techniques and find most of them fairly safe and doable for a beginner if they start at the beginning.

I used his techniques to start my Patrick horse in the round pen. And it was like Pat watch each tape before we started working on it - it all went perfectly.

Holly Lane said...

Wow I wish I got RFDTV I am too cheap to pay for a tv subscription. But I always watch when I am at my friends houses. I bet this was funny to watch!

Cynthia said...

Yup, them thar are some purdy good lookin' cowboys! Cinch jeans don't hurt neither!!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It is always too funny when they have riders switch disciplines...always proves that just because you are considered "good" at one thing, doesn't mean you are goint to be good at another.

LOL-I bet they had to look hard to find 3 bullriders that could even sit a horse. You would think that it would just be automatic, but I have seen bullriders and some bareback riders who just about fall off the horse when they take their "queen run" after they have won a performance.

Palomino Girl said...

If I could pick any trainer to work under, it would definitely be Chris Cox. He has such an open mind when it comes to horses! I just love his philosophy and his manner. I don't know that he's as good at training people as Clinton Anderson is, but he knows his equine!

Clinton is coming to a town very close to mine to do a riding clinic. It's $3,000. I'm thinking about selling the baby so I can go! Any takers?

gtyyup said...

That sounded very entertaining! We haven't had TV for 3 time to watch it. But, this is the type of stuff I'd watch if I had it available.

I'll just live vicariously through! Thanks!

Train Wreck said...

RFDTV is a great program! I love Mr. Andersons accent too! mmmmm dreamy, Haha I don't remember names either! Need to keep a little notebook at your nightstand. I'll bet your husband would want to know why you were writing bull riders names down!!

kdwhorses said...

We just got Dish and we LOVE RFD-TV! Sounds great! Of course it's better when they wear those jeans! :O Hello, cowboy butts!

Rambling Woods said...

I've watched bull riding from time to time..