Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I went over to my friend's barn to finally see my horse. Of coarse my "trainer" wasn't there. He said he got caught in some traffic or something. He was about 45 minutes behind me. While I waited I talked to my friend. Finally the "trainer" arrived. He came over where we were sitting and sat and listened to us chit chat about this and that. Then he got up and went out to the horse trailer. He was out there for a while. So, I decided to get up and see what was going on. You see that stock trailer? That there trailer is the trailer that my "trainer" argued with me about. This is the trailer I asked him why he couldn't bring my horse on Monday with. And all of a sudden here my horse was inside this stock trailer. My friend had told me that he didn't use it the days before because he had put cows in it and they had pooped all over the trailer and the "trainer" didn't clean it out. So, I guess he finally found a hose and cleaned it out. Ozzie was so excited to see me. He looked good. He had gotten fatter. So, at least I know he was feeding him. But a horse will get fatter when you feed him and don't ride him. It then took about an hour to get Ozzie's feed unloaded and to get Ozzie out of the trailer. My "trainer" was arguing with someone on the phone, so, it took him a while to get things done. Ozzie then stood here tied for a while. Ozzie was a bit nervous about his new surroundings. It's good for him to be in a barn situation like this. I even got a picture taken next to him to show Mr. Cowboy how much taller Ozzie has gotten. Ozzie waited patently tied to the wall. Then my "trainer" came over to him and started to tie him around. I wonder if he does this before every ride? I forgot to ask him. I will have to ask him again today. I sat in the corner and took a few pictures. I watched and watched. I do have to admit that my "trainer" has no sense of fashion when it comes to cowboy boots. Yikes. We are not trail riding in Texas with all sorts of prickers, we are in an indoor arena. Do you really have to tuck your jeans into your incredibly too high boots? He finally got on Ozzie. It seemed like forever. This is where he saw me with my camera and tried to "threaten" me again. He asked, "What have I told you about taking pictures of me?" I then replied back, "You told me that in two weeks I could video you and it's been three and a half weeks, so I think I am safe. Plus if you don't like it then I will take my horse home." He shut his mouth and kept riding. Then some guy called him on the phone. They talked for about 20 minutes. My "trainer" kinda turned Ozzie in some circles and walked him around and around. It was terribly boring. That is what I did while I was waiting for him to get off the phone. I have not worn spurs in such a long time. I forgot how fun it was to walk and let them chink around. But anyway. I finally got bored and took a mounting block and set it in the middle of the arena and looked annoyed. He got the picture and got off the phone. I think Ozzie looks a little miffed right here? Look at his nose. Ozzie is really an easy going horse. He just kinda goes with the flow. He never really picks his head up higher than that and he is really slow with his gates. He worked on moving his shoulder. You can see in that picture how Ozzie is stepping out with his right front. He did a little head setting. Which I think he made a bit harder than I had it. I used to just pick up with my hands and Ozzie would drop his neck and bring in his nose. I asked him about that and he had some lengthy description of why he does it differently. For the most part Ozzie looked good, at the walk. The man never asked him to jog or anything. I brought that up too. He went on and on about how he has not ridden Ozzie in about two and a half weeks. He blamed it on the weather. He then said,"How about we start over. We start today with a new month and start over." I am not too sure about that, being that he was a big fat liar from the previous month. I thought about it. I figured that the horse was going to be fed along with the other boarders and I would now be able to go out and ride when ever I wanted. So, I told him okay. But if he messes up just once, then I am taking him home. I also told him I wanted that horse loping by next week. Considering I had him loping when i dropped him off. After that conversation I got on Ozzie. He has all sorts of different buttons and I have to learn a different way to ride. I just let Ozzie walk around. We relaxed and I didn't ask him for much. I personally don't see much a difference between the "trainer" and me. We both were just sitting there. Hee hee hee. I am going to see how the rest of this week pans out. Then we will have to see what the hurricane does. If it hits us we might not be riding for a while. So, I now have my horse in a safe place and where people can tell me if he rode my horse or not. I also found someone to pull my horse's mane. I hate pulling manes. I am going back out there today. I want to jog Ozzie today. There is no sense in Ozzie not jogging.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I have always felt that it is a common courtesy for trainers not to talk on the phone while working under your dime. It is especially true in the case of a riding instructor who is supposed to be teaching you at the cost of $50 an hour. My equitation instructor always chats with my neighbor while I'm lungeing my horse, but the second I put my foot in the stirrup, he gives me 100% of his attention and does not answer his phone. I think he senses that if I didn't get my full hour, I'd call him on it. If your trainer is being paid to work with your horse for a certain amount of time, he needs to give your horse 100% of his attention.

Danielle Michelle said...

Andrea - don't use this guy. Honest. After I put 30 days on a horse we are walking, extended on a walk, collected trot, extended on a trot, loping, stopping and backing like a champ on a bosel. And I'm talking about a green horse...not one you could already ride. Plus this "tieing up" bit? It's a trick used typically as a punishment out here when a horse won't respond to bending and runs off...granted I'm sure it's used for other things, but if the trainer is working on bending then he needs to do it from the side with hand pressure...NOT turning the horse loose. Ozzie definetely doesn't need it.

I think you should tell the trainer somebody else who trains isn't impressed (maybe why he doesn't want to be on video?) and to screw off. I think YOU should work and grow with Ozzie. Open and close gates, learn how to sidepass, work him through his gates and bump him for bending and neck reigning. For a horse that takes things in stride already, there is no sense in paying somebody. THEN if you want him finished specifically for something, send him to a trainer who specializes in that.

KD said...

Girrrrrl! I thought you were gonna fire him !?

I do have to admit that I want a pair of tall buckaroo boots that I can tuck my pants into. :) I purchased some off E-bay recently but they're not tall enough - they are similar to what your "trainer" is wearing so I'll just leave my jeans on the outside for now.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

That dude is seriously too big to be riding colts. He is ginormous!! Maybe that is why he doesn't ask Ozzie to jog or lope...he's afraid he will fall down.:o

Personally, I wouldn't give him another month. You had the horse riding before he even got him and now all he does is walk?? WTH??

PS...Ozzie looks like a very flexible horse, he doesn't need to have his head tied around every day and the bump and flex thing...I can teach a horse in a single lesson. For it to be effective...he needs to be asking for transitions along with it.

Now I know you are a sweetheart and probably want to give the guy a chance to redeem himself, but I say pull Ozzie and let the other guy have him for 30 days. At least Ozzie will get some real experience. Ozzie looks like a natural WP prospect, he just needs some miles on him. Thirty days with some cow work on him will make him that much nicer and broker and you can go back to the WP thing easily.

I'm glad that he is gaining weight though, another 50-100lbs and he will be filled out and have some strength. I am turning into an internet expert...quick...slap me!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh and I wanted to look very nice riding Ozzie. Great equitation position!!!:)

Amanda said...

Sorry I've been behind on commenting. The dial-up will do that to you. All I have to say is that man is FAR too large to be sitting on my boyfriend. He's going to break his back! He's a turd and I don't think you should give him any more time. Blah!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'd have to agree with some of the other commenters. This horse or any other one never needs to be "tied' that's just cruel and it's not accomplishing anything. I may not be a western rider or trainer but wrong is wrong, in any discipline. If a horse needs to bend it should be taught an entirely different way. I would take this horse home and fire this "trainer".

kdwhorses said...

Okay here goes~I agree with what everyone else is saying. Fire the trainer and let the other trainer ride him. WTH~he didn't ride for 2 1/2 weeks! Man I felt bad for missing 3 days on Grey because of the mega rain we got~crap and I'm not even a trainer! I rode Grey for 2 days slow and then started trotting and loping, what is his problem. Is he scared???? Girl Ozzie has a great set and he should be standing on his back by now! (hehehe) Holy cow! It burns me up he is doing this too you. Girl, cut your loses and get out NOW! What is it going to be like this next time around? I hate to say it, but I don't even like the way he looks in the pictures. He looks like a meanie pants! And he is a rather large man to be training such young horses. And the phone thing, you are way nicer than I am~I would have taken his phone and thrown it out of the pen. It is my time and he owes you that!

Tall top boots~can't say anything wear them all the time and love them!! Saved my legs a many of times!

BTW-Looking good sitting on Ozzie man!

Palomino Girl said...

I would be interested to know what made you send your horse to this trainer in the first place. Does he have a good reputation? Does he have some good horses? I have only sent one horse to a trainer, and while he seems like just some cowboy who's gonna put a lot of wet saddle blankets on your horse, he is actually extremely knowledgeable and does all the things Clinton Anderson, Pat Parelli, etc. do, but without the fancy names or tools.

Another thing, you should be able to trust that you're getting your money's worth. If he doesn't ride for 2 weeks, he should tell you that upfront and either give you a dollar credit or a riding credit. That's pretty sad you have to have "spies" make sure your horse is being ridden!

Trust your gut! You obviously know your horse, and you click with him better than this "trainer." That should be enough of a clue for you!

Twinville said...

Oh wow. It's so good to see Ozzie again...and you, too.

Maybe I'm just being suspicious, but did you ever see Ozzie without the saddle on? Did you take off his saddle afterwards or did the 'trainer'.
Why did Ozzie show up in his saddle already....and dripping sweat down his sides...before even being ridden in that arena??

I can tell you are a sweetheart and you love to give people chances...and maybe you just don't like too many changes.

But PLEASE dump this loser. He has done NOTHING but cause you stress and unhappiness...and most of all disapointment.
Did you pay for his services for last month?
What did you get in return, if you did?

I agree with what other have said...he is too big for Ozzie. And he'll probably break his back(if he hasn't already) if he takes even one round at the trot or lope.

Get your control back in this situation and don't let this weasel bamboozle you.

Do it for Ozzie.

Carroll Farm said...

Not all female dogs are mean. our pug is just a doll, loves the attention and the attention for her babies. Lola (beagle) is the ONLY dog i have seen get this bad.

Pony Girl said...

Hmmm....I'd have to agree with the others here. I just get a bad vibe about this situation. I don't think that trainer is professional or qualified, no matter how little or much you are paying him. I don't like the tying of the head, either.
However, you looked super great on Ozzie!!! I think you could finish him just as well as this trainer could! ;)

Karen said...

I know you want Ozzie trained, but I'd really find someone else. You had him doing better than that at home! He's not teaching him anything new, just re-teaching what you already did. Plus he's rude and untrustworthy. If he can't give your horse time and training when you're there what do you think is going on when you're not there?

Sorry, don't mean to chew you out. But it just sounds like a bad place for Ozzie.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

If you can not communicate easily and openly with a trainer-- you should not be using him. If you have doubts-- you should not be using him.

Why do we as people, do this to ourselves?