Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy Weekend, Foal Update

We have been non stop for the last three days. It has been super crazy around here. We got the whole "turning out my horses" thing figured out and straightened out. I told Mr. Cowboy I would just keep my mouth shut because I was upset and didn't want to say something I would regret. But it's all straightened out. Cowpokette is feeling better. She now is back to sleeping all night and smiling all day. Well, almost all day. Saturday morning I went out to the barn to clean stalls and move mares and babies around and I took some pictures. Here is the filly I call Tater and Mr. Cowboy calls Moon. Mr. Cowboy hates the name Tater, but I think it suits her. Do you see that little stinker? She is opening the gate. She knows when they are done eating that she gets to go out and eat grass. She is a sweet foal. She will let anyone touch her and pick up her feet. When she lays down anyone can practically lay on her. She is really social. She loves that green stuff! She is getting really thick. Nice big rump, huge chest, and nice wide back. Built for speed!! Well, at least we hope so. Then there is this Diva. She is 5 days old in these pictures. She is a lot more reserved than Tater. She is graceful with her playing. She doesn't buck too much or too high. When she rears she acts like it's ballet. I had started calling her Josephine, or Josey for short. But I am not sure about that now. Her sad attempt at bucking. She really is quite the lady compared to our spunky Tater Tot! Mr. Cowboy and I have been throwing around some registered names and we have come up with a few different ones. Mr. Cowboy loves ZZ Top and someone suggested calling her ZZ or Legs. ZZ Top has a song called Legs. So, we tossed around a few registered names with "Legs" in it. The first one, "Review Deez Hot Legs". Her sire's name is Final Review, and that goes back to Sonny Dee Bar, Skipper W, Mister J Bar, Leo, and Impressive. Don't hate me because I have an Impressive foal. I always swore I would never have an Impressive bred horse, but now I do, and I will repent later. Okay, and now I can't remember any of the other names we had picked. I had written them down and I can't find the paper. Drats! That is just the weekend I have been having. I just thought up one, "Impressive Hot Legs". But I kinda wanted to leave out the Impressive part. Being that some people really cringe when they hear that name. Kinda like what I used to do and still kind of do. There are a lot of people who say Impressive foals are crazy. But I know a lot of them that were awesome performance horses and pretty darn good looking too! So, if anyone can think of a fun registered name, let me know. I am stuck. What do you do when your legs are longer than your neck? I love leggy foals. This Little Cowpoke loves foals too. The foals will walk up to him way before they even think about coming over to me. I think it's his size that has something to do with it. He isn't as scary as I am. She is really a fun little filly. She does cut up sometimes, but it isn't long lived. She really is more prissy than Tater. That is way I had liked the name Josephine. Well, I figure she will get a name soon enough. Little Cowpoke wants to call her Juney and Big Cowpoke wants to call her Gloria. I just hope she will be an easy horse to train and will move with beauty and love to show!! Is that a Pirouette I see there? I think I might have taken too many pictures, but I can't help it, and trust me.....I deleted a lot! And then I just didn't post all the others! And as far as her color goes, I looked into the Dunskin thing. The only way she can be a dunskin is if she has Dun in her family lines. Her mother is a Thoroughbred, so no Duns there. And her Sire is a Cremello, but he doesn't have any recorded Duns in his family lines. So, this filly just has a lot of Dun characteristics, but not the family genes to back it up. I will have to see if she keeps her dorsal striped, webbing on her face, bars on her legs, shadows on the back of her ears, and shadow over her withers. With all those Dun Characteristics I was sure I was going to find one Dun in her Dad's family, but nope, not one. So, a buckskin she is.


Sydney said...

Bay horses without the D gene can have a faint dorsal stripe that is darkened when diluted into a Buckskin creme gene CCcr.
There is no way for her to truely have the dun phenotype unless the D gene is present in her bloodlines.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad you got the turnout situation resolved. Those little foals are just too adorable. Hope you find names soon.

KD said...

Both of those babies are adorable!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

If you can stand the thought of a spider, how about Lady Long Legs? It isn't utilizing the sire's name, I know.

Pony Girl said...

I love Josephine's legs! Oh goodness, they are loooooong. I like Josey for her, it's cute. Registered names are a challenge.
Glad to see the foals are doing well and getting some handling! Keep the pictures of them coming, I'll never tire! ;)

The W.O.W. factor! said...

How sweet!! Foals are as much fun to watch as baby calves!! And look at those long legs! She is a cutey!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Josey's Impressive Leggy Final Review!


She sure is one impressive foal. Gorgeous!
She's gonna be a head-turner even if you show her in halter class.

Tater (or Moon, I like that better) is soft and pretty and stout. How about a Double Shot of Latte for her name? Or Luna?

I'd be like you taking all those pics, too.
I can't wait until Val's mare has her foal!!


Sue said...

Love the photos. What a fun Spring to have a couple of foals kickin' around!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Isn't there an old saying about cooler heads shall prevail? You are obviously a much wiser person than me.;) I'm glad you got all that sorted out.

Good thing we have all this DNA testing now...cause I was confused and thought she was a dun-LOL. Shows ya what I know-hehehe

I like the name Review Deez Hot Legs...that's going to sound cool in the show ring. Can't ya just hear the announcer..."and in first place...Review Deez Hot Legs!"

She sure is looking good. A very elegant filly for sure.

Danielle Michelle said...

Sonny's Skipper Dee?

I'm great with registared names! E-mail me mom's names and dad's names on both sides and I'll get you a list! I love doing it!

I keep looking at your gals and my boy is just as big - no wonder his legs are all messed up!!!

kdwhorses said...

Great pics! Love the foals!
And she has got some long legs!

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Very cute babies!!! Keep taking pictures, they grow up so fast!

Mark and Tj said...

Wow. What adorable babies. I am so excited that we are going to have one too. You really lost me with the geneologies and I realized I should send you copies of our registered mares papers, you could probably tell me what we got! Ha, ha. Our new mare has an Impressive on the dam's side. She isn't a San Badger as we thought though, she is "lucky Clabber Chex" and she does have some names I reconize like King Fritz and a Tivio. Anyway, I wish I could learn more about bloodlines. Any good sites or books?

The Wades said...

I love the picture where the legs are longer than the neck. That was too cute.

Stephanie said...

That little Josephine filly is CUTE! That one is your show horse huh?

Got the looks, got the confirmation - cross your fingers girls and in a few years you'll be out there with me.

As far as names go - usually I am full of ideas, today I am just brain dead - sorry. You know I would say buckskin by looking at her - but my Patrick changed colors growing up so maybe she has yet to decide on bay or buckskin.

I know you were hoping for spots - I think the solid bred paint thing will pick up - give it a year or two, hopefully there will be some numbers in those classes when people realize there are opportunities out there for them int eh show ring.