Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hair Do, Horses, and Birthday

So, my computer seemed to fix its self. It just needed some time off. I think the tower gets hot in the cabinet that it is in. We need to put a vent in there. But my pictures were able to upload and everything seems to be working fine for now. I hate taking my computer in to get fixed. It always makes me feel like the girl taking her car into the mechanic's shop. The computer people know you know nothing about your computer, or else you wouldn't be there. Just how all mechanic's assume woman don't know anything about cars. I feel like they are always going to rip me off. But that is just me. I might be totally wrong. It's just how I feel about taking in my computer. But, anyway, here is my hair cut. The picture is really horrible and my hair is super flat. But here goes nothing. Yes, I know, BIG change huh? Ha ha ha! I know, I can't change my hair too much from when I was three years old. But there are a lot more layers and they form around my face. I finally feel like I have a hair style. Not just my straight hair hanging there. And most important I can still pull it back into a pony tail. Trust me, my hair looked way batter than this picture before I walked out into the hurricane winds we have been having. I got about three or four inches cut off. Here is a quick recap of Mr. Cowboy's evening birthday celebration. The boys get so excited about birthdays. Here is Mr. Cowboy's cake. I made a cheesecake and it wasn't very good. The kids all liked it. I think next year I will buy one. I am a big fan of homemade birthday cakes, but I don't think I am going to make that again. And yes, it is true. Mr. Cowboy doesn't like cake. He will eat it sometimes, and maybe one piece of cake to be nice. But I am not going to make an entire cake for him just to eat one piece of it. So, now he will get cheesecake. Mr. Cowboy's candles didn't lite very well. I do not recommend buying these candles. Plus it didn't help that Cowpokette kept trying to blow them out! Thank goodness for strawberries. They really made the cheesecake. I used the left over strawberries to make me a smoothie the next day! YUM! Now, here are Mr. Cowboy's goodies. His last minute gifts. Big Cowpoke wanted to give his Dad something really special, so he gave Mr. Cowboy his derby car. Which Big Cowpoke loves. I thought that was so sweet. Yes, my husband is a dork! Maybe next year I should buy him a hair brush? He has major hat hair. Cool new cowboy wallet! No cowboy's life is complete with out some Cinch Jeans. *Drooling* Mr. Cowboy also got this fantastic birthday card for English Toffee Anytime. It had three samples on the card and a fun message on the back telling my husband to go ride a bull. birthday bull riding done here. But that was it. The fun birthday celebration. We decorated the house and hung up balloons and streamers. The the next day Little Cowpoke took them all down because Mr. Cowboy was not coming home so he didn't get anymore birthday. Kids. And then there is this mare! Yep, still no baby. I am not surprised. And I shouldn't be, being that she is always a month late. So, I guess in Pearl's book, she is right on time. Tonight we are driving to Houston to drop off Big Cowpoke at the airport. He is spending Spring Break with his Dad, up in Ohio. This will be a long week with out my Big Cowpoke. But it's just a week, not like the summer time when he is gone for three months. So, there it is. My new Do, Mr. Cowboy's birthday, and Pearl still holding out.


gtyyup said...

Love your do...nothin' wrong with consistency!!

Yummy looking cheesecake and a fun birthday bash!!

Anonymous said...

Home-made b-days are the best.

Ok, I have to say that Pearl looks so uncomfortable. And big, and huge, and uncomfortable. I hope she has that baby soon. I'm worried for her.

Mrs Parks said...

s t i l l n o b a b y ?

I love your hair :)

Dusty Devoe said...

Love the layered look! Cheesecake looks yummy! Mr. Cowboy looks happy opening his gifts!!!

Danielle Michelle said...

Dude - I'm hating our mares right now. I've got a new belly pic of her too for later today.

As for the haircut - at least you don't have bangs anymore!!!

Also - I have a rockin' cheescake recipe. I don't know if you like to cook, and I KNOW that's not obvious from my posts, but I LOVE to cook and feed people (and myself). I'll try and remember to e-mail it to you. If I don't kick me and I'll remember.

Holly Lane said...

YOu are wonderful. I enjoy your blog so much!! And your hair looks great!

Pony Girl said...

Okay so my hairstyle hasn't changed much either...except I added some long bangs this year. But long layers. Thats my thing and I'm stickin' to it. You'll like the long layers. If you have a big barrel curling iron, or hot rollers, and wrap big sections around them, you'll have a great going out on the town 'do! :)
Looks like you had a really fun bday for Mr. Cowboy. Most people I know go to dinner but don't do anything like you did. I think it's because you have kids. That really is fun, to involve them and make it special.
Glad the computer is back on track. You know, I totally get the taking it in. I haven't had to, but worry for the same "car mechanic" reasons you do!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a fun time - may not have been great burning candles but they sure did look neat!

BTW nice hair cut!

Danielle Michelle said...

Rum has a super tight bag and before she didn't bag up until a few days before! I think she and Pearl really do have a thing going!

I DID hand deliver the first bill - but I'm just not doing that anymore.

Strawberry Lane said...

Love your hair cut and the photo!
Looks like you put on one terrific Birthday celebration!

Margaret Cloud said...

Looks like Mr. Cowboy had a nice birthday. Maybe seeing he does not like cake, next year bake cupcakes, they are not very big. Hope you have a nice Easter.

Mark and Tj said...

Nice hair Andrea. My daughter, who is 25, just got hers cut very similarly. You guys must be cutting edge! Hers was all one length before as well.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great new look! You guys had a fun celebration too, way to go on both counts.

The Wades said...

You look mahvelous, dahling!

That poor Pearl. She cannot be happy with her condition.

Sorry Big Cowpoke will be gone. I can only imagine how hard that is for you guys. Glad it is a week and not three months, too. Three months??? What torture.

The Caple Crew said...

I love the new hair! I still think you should've chopped it off like I did just to mess with your man!
I am so totally with you on homemade birthday cakes, unless it's a big deal birthday like turning 1, 8, 16 etc
We won't be at church on Sunday so call me whenever you get a free second so we can plan some play dates!
Happy Easter girl!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cute do, girlfriend! You'd be pretty bald! You're just a beautiful lady :)

Your Cowboy has a handsome smile. Love his 'come-hither' look in the dark over his candles. lol!

What a great idea for a birthday cake, too.
I only like cheesecake if it has chocolate chips and chocolate drizzled all over it! hehe
Fresh strawberries are just a great bonus!

Poor Pearl. Hope she pops that baby out soon...for yours and her sake :)


Julene said...

I honestly didn't recognize your pic when I saw it. I didn't realize how long your hair is. I love it, it looks so good. I think it looks totally different than before. Happy b-day bro in law, hope it was a good one!

Broken Y said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Cowboy! You are still a young pup!