Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crawfish Boil

On Easter weekend here in the south, I think just about every family in the bayou has crawfish. After church we visited with Mr. Cowboy's Grandmother and Aunt. Then we came home and went next door to eat crawfish with the in laws. Mr. Cowboy can down crawfish faster than anyone I have ever met. He can eat 10 lbs in no time. Grandma Touchet sat next to Mr. Cowboy, she is too funny. I think Cowpokette looked like her. What do you think? Similar? I think so. The kids always find ways to entertain themselves while the adults eat the spicy crawfish. Their is the trash can where all the eaten crawfish bodies are tossed! That posses for hours of fun. There are Louisiana mud puddles. Those are a guaranteed fun!! Nothing like mud between your toes. Then there are the big boy toys. The four wheeler rides! The kids love to ride with Paw Paw on the four wheelers. He is their favorite. The only two words you can really understand Cowpokette say are "Momma" and "Paw Paw". It's funny. And when Paw Paw is done giving rides, Cowpokette has no trouble getting her Dad to take her for a spin. What is it with men dressed in camo riding four wheelers that is so hot? And then you through in his daughter and sigh........it just melts me. And if the crawfish weren't enough for ya, and the entertainment wasn't good enough for ya, then you can always just stick your fingers in your ears and scream. Well, at least that is what Little Cowpoke did. Goof Ball. He was running around saying, "I can't hear you!" He got a small group of followers too. Monkey see Monkey do. It was too much fun, I tell ya. I think that we should do that more often. And if you don't feel like screaming, then you can just make funny faces. That works too. See, fun for the entire family! Gotta love southern crawfish boils. Then when all the food is gone and we run out of gas in the four wheelers, we just hang out and shoot the breeze. That is what I like. Adult conversation. A stay at home mom misses that from time to time. Can you tell that these two are related? Or this one? Or this one? I think they all have the same eyes and noses!! But that is just me. I guess that is what happens when you are family. You kinda look like each other. See I think Mr. Cowboy looks just like this next picture! Grumpy!! Whuahahahahahaaa! I crack myself up. Belle is much cuter than Mr. Cowboy. Oh dear, there I go again. Okay, I am sorry Mr. Cowboy. Not that he ever reads this. I have high speed Internet with slow speed husband. But we love him anyway. Here is Brodi dog doing his best Elvis impression. I love it when he does that. He has done that since he was little. And Mr. Cowboy took my camera from me and got a picture of me. I think I only have a handful of pictures of myself. I am normally behind the camera. I surely don't mind sharing the spotlight with my Cowpokette. Oh I could just squish her everyday. Well, I do, but not too much. But that is how it's done down here. Well, the crawfish boil and family stuff that is.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, you and your baby girl look so sweet together...and with Paw Paw on the 4 wheeler..and with Daddy, too. Heck that little muffin could make anyone look great! hehe

You do look pretty, though. That shirt is your color :)

Ya wann know what's ironic about your post? Val and I did some letterboxing on Sunday down in Corrales and I placed my letterbox, called Corrales Crawdad in the Bosque Nature Preserve. We used to go crawdad fishing and catch them in the ditches with a pole, string and hotdogs.

Once we caught a huge crawdad and the kids wanted to keep him as a pet. So they named it Lobster Mobster and we kept him for a year in a fishtank and fed him minnows, goldfish and scraps.

After a year, we gave him back his freedom and took him back to the same place we captured him.

So I decided to place a letterbox as a tribute to Lobster Mobster. Silly, huh? lol!

But I included this poem along with the letterbox clues on the Atlas Quest and letterbox.org websites. I figure you and your crawdad eating Cowboy will get a kick out of it. lol!

Lobsters and Crawfish
By: James De Gaugh
A plate of lobster's said to be
A very tasty treat.
But it is one, I guarantee,
That I shall never eat.

A crawfish is the same old beast,
With just a smaller shell.
There is no difference in the least,
As far as I can tell.

They eat the refuse left by fish,
And garbage folks have sunk,
Which ought to make them quite a dish -
If you like eating junk.

And then they're served upon a plate,
To people everywhere,
Who do not know the trash it ate,
And never seem to care.

To cook them, they are boiled alive -
Which seems quite cruel to me.
And so I think that I'll survive,
And leave these creatures be.

But there's a better reason why
You shouldn't eat these things.
Its' truth is clear - you can't deny
The images it brings.

Just turn these creatures upside down,
And check their legs and frame.
Then turn a cockroach all aroun' -
You'll see they're both the same.

See what I mean? LOL!!


gwen said...

OH that poem is too funny but seriously, those crawfish pictures made my mouth water!!! I'm not even kidding. I always liked the crawfish boils in the muddy barn, SO GOOD! Haven't found crawfish in Saudi yet, haha

Mrs Mom said...

They have Low Country Boils here Andrea, that you would love. Taters, corn on the cob, sausage, Old Bay Seasoning, and shrimp. The Mens cook it all in this huge pot outside, boiling away, add in the shrimp at the last moment, and then dump it out on clean towels across the table and folks just Dig In. They all love it!

(Being a Yankee who is allergic to anything that lives in the water, I don't partake...)

Your babies are getting so big!! So neat to watch them grow like this! Cowpokette is too darn cute!!

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

Such a cute family!

I <3 Mud Bugs! maybe I'll have some this week. Yum!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Crawfish gives people a real taste of Louisiana. Isn't it nice to have someone take a picture of you every once in a while? I always have to ask someone to take a picture of me, because otherwise no one would even think of it. They just get used to me being the picture taker. I have no idea what I looked like over the past 20 years, because there are very few pictures of me. Thank goodness for LCDs that twist and turn so you can take pictures of yourself and know that you are actually in frame.

Danielle Michelle said...

OMG Andrea you crack me up! You made me jonesin' for a crawfish boil! I dug some up last summer and we ate ourselves sick! Nothin' like a true cajun boil though!

Was the info I sent you alright? I seriously have been researching since I bred Rum to a Grulla.

Margaret Cloud said...

I always like to come by and see what is up, you have such a lovely family and I like your dogs.I think cowpokette resembles Grandma. Thanks for sharing the pictures, have a Happy Earth Day.

Melanie said...

Yummy!!! Looks like you all had a great time, and your little Cowpokette does resemble her grandma.

Your man does look quite dashing on that quad with his little one, and it is nice to see some pictures of you as well. :)

Melanie said...

PS-I just looked at your previous post, and Pearl's little "Legz" is quite delicate and beautiful looking.

Anonymous said...

These are great...When I went back through my photo albums, I saw that I don't exist as I always took the photos...Wahh..I want photos back from when I was thinner and cuter..LOL

Pony Girl said...

Oh, I've never had crawfish! Is that the same as a crawdad? We had those in the creek where I grew up!
Say, you should post a picture of yourself at Cowpokette's age, I bet she looks just like you? ;)
What a fun Easter boil you all had! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your southern life with us!

kdwhorses said...

Great pics! Thanks I'm now wanting some crawfish! We have a friend that has crawfish boils every once in a while~crawfish, taters, corn on the cob~yummy!

Great pic of you! I know I have to make hubby or someone else take my picture or I would never have one! I don't like having mine taken!

Carolina girl said...

Crawfish....YUM! We haven't even had a boil yet this year. We soooo need to! Cute picture of you and your sweet little girl. Looks like a fun and tasty day.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

That's great that we get to see your smiley face too. Tell Mr Cowboy he needs to do that more often.;)

One year for my birthday Chris had some of his Louisiana hands cook up gumbo, tater salad and tons of crawfish for my birthday. There we were hanging out in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn Express, in Colorado cooking up a monstrous southern feast. It was awesome. I got such a kick out of all the hands standing around discussing the "correct" way to make rouge(sp?) for the gumbo.

Mrs Mom said...

Hey BECG- Thats a "roue". Dear Husband (who is a classically trained chef, too,) makes them all the time and let me tell ya.... DUUUUDE!! A good roue is PRIMO property around here for sauces!!

The Wades said...

Belle has gotten HUGE! WOW. Time sure flies.

We have had many crawfish boils with Max's cousin and family who are from Mississippi. Good stuff, I tell ya. Would you believe Max and our children just go and fish them out of the river?

Broken Y said...

Okay - I am a land lover! I don't know if I can eat crawfish. Does it taste like chicken?

The pictures are awesome. What a sweet family. Just wait on the motor bike though, my big cowpoke scares the daylights out of me on a regular basis!