Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Killed Dead

I heard this the other day and have been laughing since!! I thought that once something was killed that is it. They are dead!! But killed dead must be worse than just being killed!! Hee hee. I heard someone say that on the radio. I think it is funny. Here is Little Cowpoke playing "killed dead". It looks like he might have gotten hit by a bus. Nope he seems to be alright. He was just laying there so still.
"Cheeeeese!" Such a tuff cookie. Now this next one is defiantly killed dead. Bear, the lab, got run over by the couch. He is defiantly killed dead. This is what happens when you are in the living room and the couch just runs you over. You have to watch out for those couches. They are wanted in six different states and they don't show mercy to anyone. Poor Bear. We loved him so. Well, next time you go hunting make sure you get that dear, killed dead. Until next time, y'all come back now ya hear!


Squatly said...

Ha! Killed Dead is such a fun phrase! i love it. And the pictures are oh so cute!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures!! I have heard killed dead before, and it makes me laugh too. I think its a southern thing,

Wendy said...

I think this deserves a scrapbook page!